I know I said this like five million times, but this is legit.

Thanks for the memories, you guys. I really appreciate it. I never knew something I could be writing in the Summer after 5th grade I could still be writing in my last year of middle school. Basically, I graduate from school in 4 years. I pretty much grew up writing these crazy stories with you guys turning from a kid to a teenager. It’s weird how a little show you could create on a Poptropica forum could spawn off to its own blog, make over 100 episodes and have 20,000 hits. Minotaur, Ryku, Kyan, Bradley, Wolfgang, Zey, SK, SockLicker, Whaley and everyone else has become an odd part of my life and it’s going to be weird letting them go, but I think I ended this just well. No abrupt stops. No excuses. Just me typing away my fingers to give my readers what they want and deserve to read – some weird stories about a gang of characters I made in my head. And I can’t write this forever. No one could write it forever. No one could create another PWH legacy because they’ll get busy with other things or they just hit a writing block – like I did. But I just want to say thank you all for reading this small project of mine. Thank you, Juyo, Zey, Flamez, Star, Codien, and all my Hobos (you guys reading this) for taking the time to rely on this to entertain you, to make you laugh or to make you smile. And I’ll always keep this blog up just in case you wanna reminisce about these stories you liked to read. Hey, if you’re gonna read, at least make the reading funny, right? Thanks for giving me a chance, I’ll never forget you all.

Signing off,


Revenge of Directioners

The final episode of Unreleased, unfortunately. :(

I have to get something off of my chest. In the Summer, I turned into a directioner on my personal Twitter. I basically tweeted about wanting a Harry or Zayn follow and whatever and all of that. I only did that because all I followed at the time were directioners. But luckily, that horrid phase ended for me and I’m back to Nicki Minaj. But now, they’re spreading like a wild fire. I can’t walk to class without seeing a girl with a 1D sweatshirt on. I can’t sit at lunch without someone singing ‘Little Things’. I can’t go on Instagram without something posting pictures fangirling over Niall. It became too much to handle. Then the impossible happened – Haylor, also known as the relationship between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Now, we know every dude and their cousin dated Taylor, but it made me realize how protective they are over their British boyfriends. And that’s the inspiration of this..

When Wolfgang signs a contract to be in a relationship with a boy from One Direction, she soon regrets it after his fans violently break into her house.

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Angry Whales

Tomorrow’s the last day of Unreleased :'(

Have you ever been obsessed with something to the point where you write/draw about it all over your notebook at school? Don’t lie, we all did it. But my obsession was Party with Hobos. I remember in 6th grade when I constantly wrote about PWH and my plans and ideas for future episodes. I even planned in seasons! And when I got home I was so ahead in episodes, I was probably writing about the 3rd season after what’s premiering at the blog at that moment. But I lost all of that one time and long story short, Season 8 would be waaay different. It had this new girl named Kai and all I remember is her and this one episode about the PWH performing in a prison full of zombies or something. So I’m glad I lost those and Season 8 turned out the way it did. It’s way better, trust me.

Fed up with Whaley’s laziness, Zey threatens away Whaley’s privileges until he works for them.

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Bradley’s Vocals

The third unreleased episode, dawg.

All of this is making me nostalgic. I went from posting on the PHF, to staying up all night writing crazy episodes with Slanted Fish, Zey and Star, to writing this solo, to collaborating with Codien, to being solo again, and to trying to post five episodes in forgiveness of not being able to finish a season. It’s so weird looking at old episodes of the PWH because it looked like, in all honesty, a kid with a permanent sugar high wrote it (I would say crackhead, but that’s nah). The grammar and all the smilies and the memes are just too much to handle. If you ever read PWH from start to finish one day, you’d definitely be like “DAAAANG MT’S WRITING GREW UP LIKE BAAAM” (if you’re a ratchet of course). Anyway, enough of this ranting.

After hearing Bradley singing  in the shower, Wolfgang and Minotaur decide to audition him for a singing competition show.

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Reality Checked

The second of the Unreleased series!

This was definitely a creative episode. I was thinking of something unique to write about and SockLicker’s assistant came to mind. His assistant, Ryan, seems to do nothing except try to convince SL to stop watching SpongeBob reruns and actually save the PWH gang. But there’s not much to write about Ryan, so I added a personality to him. And some of his traits, I’m guilty to admit, I could kinda relate to. In fact, I tried to put a piece of me into every character I wrote about. Minotaur’s got the craziness, Ryku’s got the smarts, Kyan’s got the music loving (or is it book loving now?), Wolf’s got the parental-type figure thing going on and Zey’s got the – sarcasm I guess (except I didn’t even create him). Oh well, time for the show.

When Ryan’s indecency becomes too much to handle, SockLicker decides to call in a TV show who could help him.

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Desperate White Boy

The first of the five unreleased episodes!

Writing this, I kinda rediscovered why I continued making this thing in the first place. It’s so strange how something with such odd plots could entertain people so much. Maybe because it’s just something unique, not the same old stories you see every day where a girl falls in love with a boy but the boy never notices her. Instead, you all want to read stories about green haired monsters singing in Taco Bell. Whatever you read this for, I still wanna thank you for it. And I’m glad I get to share these for four more days.

After learning about Kyan’s loneliness, Zey decides to put him on a blind date with one of the hottest stars in music.

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Your Late Christmas Gift


Get ready for it.

Filler: Last Paychecks

Hey, hobos! The creator of this crazy show here.

I just wanted to check in and post a well deserved filler. Hey, this could be somewhat of a belated Christmas present! Although, I got something else in mind that’ll top this, for sure. Check back December 31st for the details, but until then, enjoy this!

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I just feel like I never know what to write anymore. And it pains me to say this .. but I think I’m ending Party with Hobos. This is definitely not what I expected, but it’s just .. when I have a great idea, I go along with it and then I just hit a brick wall. Then I ponder and think of how I just feel pressured. I know I’m supposed to just go with what I promised.. but I just don’t know. I’m sorry. I feel like I owe you guys somehow…

I’m sorry a million kajillion times. I’m sorry, Codien. I’m sorry, Hijuyo. Sorry, Zey, Flamez, our readers & everybody. I’m just.. sorry.

Belieb Me

How does Kyan Styles sound?

Words cannot express this episode. Kyan gets mistaken for Justin Bieber all the time, but this has to just cross the line. Does anyone remember when Justin got claims about being the baby daddy to this one chick? That just so happens to be the same chick who kidnaps Kyan, oblivious to the fact that it is not Justin Bieber. I mean, really. Kyan needs to get a makeover or something. And by the way, the Wolfgang smelling Ryku running gag is back! Enjoy this strange episode I made with the help of good friend and PWH reader, Alice Juliet.

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