CyberGeek, TSMM, and Smart Kid

The second episode.

The first three commenters of the first episode get their 15 seconds of fame. :D

Minotaur – HEY EVERYBODY! Welcome to PWH, the newest and funniest fake interview
User TV Show on The PHF!
Ryku – And I’m Ryku, you’re bestest frienddd.
Minotaur – You have no friends.
Ryku – .
Minotaur – ._. – Now on with our show!! :D
Ryku – We’re gonna play a game called “HOLE TIEMZ!”, featuring the first three commenters on the first episode : TheSeventhMuffinMan, SmartKid, and CyberGeek.
SK – OH MY GAWD! Haiii, everyone! Eek! I’m on PWH!
TSMM – Shush, like now!
CG – Like whatever. -_-
Minotaur – I am going to interrogate these little kiddos and tie them
to chairs, and if they don’t catch my interest, a hole will open
under their chair and they’ll fall. But we’re not gonna
be responsible for any injuries or whatever.
Minotaur – That’s why I’m gonna question you first. ;3
CG – D:
*catchy giggle briefly plays*
Minotaur – So, Cyber. Tell me about your love for science and stuff.
CG – Umm..I don’t know.
Minotaur – You’re alright….you’re alright.
So, Muffy, I hear you like Cartooning, eh?
How did that all start off?
TSMM – Well,..
Minotaur – *presses red button to activate opening of hole*
Minotaur – ROFLMFAO.
So, Smart Kid. You really like stuff, huh?
SK – Can you be more specific, plz?
Minotaur – No. *red button press*
Minotaur – You won, Cyber!
CG – Great!! What do I win?
Minotaur – An experience of where the eliminated goes. *red button push*

CG – ..….*sigh* GREAT.

Down in The Hole…

CG – *lands violently ’cause I saidz so* Oof!
*gets off brushing dust off shirt*
*stares* @_@

TSMM – I should’ve got eliminated a LONGGGGG time ago. ^^
SK – You were the first one eliminated..
TSMM – Zip it, or I’ll use my negative sarcasm on you!

.Munkii Inc.
All conversations in this show is entirely fictional. (:

Guests are PHF members impersonated. ;D


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

4 responses to “CyberGeek, TSMM, and Smart Kid”

  1. taniathepuertoricancommunistgirl says :

    I luv zis epicsode

  2. Smart Kid says :

    somehow I get the feeling that you didn’t know me very well at the time…. the later episodes are better. :thumb:

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