MuddyDragon and BlooBerry95

The third episode.

Minotaur hates MuddyDragon, and BlooBerry95 barely gets any time to talk.


Minotaur – Wow, three episodes!!
Ryku – YupYup
Minotaur – Anyway, welcome to Party With Hobos! The only show in The PHF that’s called Party With Hobos! Let’s bring on the guests shall we!
Ryku – Please put your hands together for MUDDY DRAGON!
Minotaur – Who invited him? D:
MD – What do you have against me?
Minotaur – ._. Ummm..errr… do you mind sitting in that chair over there?
MD – *sits*
Minotaur – *presses red button to activate the opening hole under chair*
MD – *falls* >:O
Ryku – ._. .. Anyway – next guests?
Minotaur – There is none.
Ryku – OH.
Minotaur – …What now?
Ryku – *lightbulb appears over head* I’VE GOT AN IDE-
Minotaur – *swings bat hitting the lightbulb* :D GOT ITZ!
Minotaur – Let’s go find some guests.
Ryku – Yeah now.


Ryku – FOUND ONE! *drags CG here*
Minotaur – CYBERGEEK? She’s BEEN here before!!
Ryku – Yeah, but she got bit by a crab on that beach we
sent her to. And apparently, she doesn’t like crabs.
CG – I didn’t want to be dragged here again!
Ryku – Too bad.
CG – > *bites*
Ryku – OWWW! :*(
CG – *runs*
Bloo – That was funny, huh?
Minotaur – =_= Since when were you here?
Bloo – I’ve been here..
Minotaur – ._. Oh. Well, we’re got 15 seconds left on this show.
Bloo – Can I just say something really fast?
Minotaur – Ssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr-
Bloo – Well..

This episode was brought to you in part by..

5 Hour Energy.
Hours of energy nao, no no 5 Hour Energy feeling later.

.Munkii Inc.
All conversations in this show is entirely fictional. (:

Guests are PHF members impersonated. ;D


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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

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