Last Episode Ever! 2/2

Part Two out of Two of the Season Finale.

Every guest featured on the PWH race up a mountain to obtain the jellybeans on it’s summit.


CG – We HAVE to climb up THERE?
TSMM – No, we’re gonna prance around in skirts singing
Lady Gaga songs.
CG – Someone’s gonna punch you soon. -_-
MD – Can we just go?
Minotaur – DANG. I’m SO tired of you.
You always have attitudes with everything.
MD – I didn’t have an atti-
Minotaur – So now you’re BACKTALKING?
You’re a terrible guest. You know we haven’t
been making plans to have you come back for
Season Two. IT’S A GOOD THING.
MD – -_- ‘ Exactly why I didn’t want to come here.
Minotaur – *follows around nagging* And you wear yellow
Converses?! Seriously? YOU LOOK LIKE A FRIGGIN’
MD – >.> ._.
Ryku – Let’s just climb already. o_o
MF – This seems SUPER fun. I knew
there was gonna be some awesome
event to take place on the finale.
SK – Why are you talking to me?
MF – o_o
MD – This mountain is so narrow.
CG – I don’t see any jellybeans. I think he’s lying.
TSMM – It’s so uncomfortable up here.
CK – This mountain is SO not green. GREEN IS MAH
SK – Don’t lose it, control yourself. Just ignore the complants and junk and move on..
Bloo – AFSHMSD;@!?! I gots rocks in my shoe. D:
Bloo – >:C *paints wings on SK’s back*
SK – I have wings!! I CAN FLY! I CAN FLY!! *jumps*
Bloo – Mwahaha.
MD – That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.
Minotaur – *pelts MD with rocks for no reason* ololol
MF – Mai hero. *hugs Mino*
TSMM – You seem to switch crushes more than I brush my teeth.
MF – *picks up TSMM, throws*
TSMM – *lands in trashcan* DANGIT!
Bloo – *jumps to the top* YESH. I made…uhh.. o.o
Flamez – OMNOMNOM *turns around*
Oh, HAY BLOO! What’s down, fo’ shizzle? :D
Bloo – You ate ALL the jellybeans?!
We were suppose to get intoxicated with those!
Flamez – I’m sorry! :C
I saved all the white jellybeans!
Bloo – *stares* =_= How DARE you?
Ryku – Hey, peeps! Oh, what’s happenin’ here?
Bloo – Flamez ate all the jellybeans.
Ryku – I hired her to do that.
Bloo – That’s so ironic…O_O WHAT?!
Ryku – I thought you put on a few pounds,
so I made you guys climb a huge mountain
which you THINK you’re gonna obtain jellybeans
from which is why you agreed to climb the mountain
in the first place. Y’ know? ‘Cause you’re fat.
*Everyone rushes to summit during that speech*
MF – We’re FAT?
MD – I’m skinny!
MF – Sureeeeee.
MD – Reasons I don’t like you,
Part One…
MF – -_- ‘
CG – He did not just call us fat!
TSMM – Apparently, he did.
CG – *punches TSMM’s stomach*
CG – See! I told you someone was gonna do that!
CK – What should we do with him?
Everyone – ….
*Location – Beach In The Hole*
SK – This is SO relaxing.
CG – Hey, look! He IS getting eaten by sharks!
Everyone – NEVER! ( lawl )
See you everyday starting June 21st!! :D

.Munkii Inc.
All conversations in this show is entirely fictional. (:

Guests are PHF members impersonated. ;D


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