New Season, New Things

The Season Two Premiere.

There’s been some obvious changes. A new host named Kyan appears with a brand new assistant, Smart Kid!


Minotaur – Season Two! YEEEE.
Ryku – And as usual, it’s gonna be DAILY.
Minotaur – And guess what? MD’s not invited! HA.
Ryku – Why do we hate him so?
Minotaur – I dunno.
Ryku – And we have a new co-host that’ll
be sticking with us for a few episodes –
SK – Yep. I’m gonna be introducing guests and EVERYTHING!
What do I do now, Ryku?! WHATS?!!
Ryku – You can bring me toast. LOTS’A TOAST!
SK – ‘Cause you’re cool like that?
Ryku – Exactly.
Minotaur – And lets not forgot our new host – KYAN! ( Ki – en )!
Kyan – Hey. *plays on iPod*
Ryku – e_e
Kyan – What? I NEEDS MAI MUSIC!!
Minotaur – And we have a guest too, like always.
Obviously no surprise there. ._.
Ryku – And here’s OBIWAN!
Obiwan – YAY. I like this show. >.>
Ryku – I see, I see. TELL ME, PLEASE.
Where’d you get the name “Obiwan”?
Obiwan – I basically stole it from Star Wa-
SK – Here’s your toast!!
SK – :D
Obiwan – o.o
Kyan –
Minotaur – You know what time it is?! QUESTION-U!
Obiwan – What’s that?
Minotaur – A game show I just made up.
Obiwan – Umm Okay.
Minotaur – FIRST QUESTION : What was the song
in the Kia Super Sweet Summer Sales commercial?
Obiwan – I never bothered to –
Obiwan – THAT’S NOT MY FAUL-!!
Minotaur – What color are MaroonFire’s teeth?
Obiwan – I never seen..
Minotaur – WHITE! I mean, you could’ve GUESSED that.
Obiwan – Well I DON’T KNOW WHA-
Minotaur – What’s the BBCode for ?
Obiwan – :lol_he –
Minotaur – ;lol_head; ! You talk too slow, so you got it wrong!
Obiwan – o_< I DIDN’T KNOW –
Minotaur – Smart Kid!
SK – Yes, sir?
Minotaur – Please escort this woman away.
SK – Immediately and proudly, sir.
*picks up Obiwan*
Ryku – HEY!

This toast has crust on it!
SK – *sigh* Coming right up, sir.
Ryku – That’s moar like it.
Minotaur – And here’s Super Grape with the weather..
( Since when the heck did we have this.. )
SG – Thanks, Tom!
Minotaur – D:<
SG – It’s going to be sunny outside, since it’s Summer.
Back to you, Tom!
Minotaur – Back to you, Tom! That’s what YOU sound like.
Kyan – Well, it’s the end of the show.
I’m gonna talk more next time, so look forward to that..
Ryku – … See you, June 21st…I think?
Is it June 21st – yeah, I think it’s June 21st.

(c) Munkii Inc.
Real PHF members. Fake interviews and interviewers.


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