My Therapist and Me

Also called CoderKid Helped Me Write This.

Therapist Ryku tries to ease the tension between Minotaur and MuddyDragon.


Kyan – HAI THAR! :D Welcome to PWH! I’m the coolest host EVAH.
MF- No you’re not. I am.
Kyan – You’re not even ON this show today!
MF – Says who?
Kyan – OHMYGAWD! Look there’s PARAMORE!! *points*
MF – OMG!!! *runs off stage*
Kyan – *locks door super quickly* PHEW! Care to say something, RyRy?
Ryku – >.< Not feeling good today. Let’s just welcome the guest…
Minotaur – Who’s the guest? No one told me.. o.o
Ryku – *mumbles* That’s cause no one likes you… *mumbles* AHEM, I mean it’s MuddyDragon.
Minotaur – WHO INVITED HIM?! …and why are you dressed like a therapist? o.O
Minotaur & Ryku – >:O O NO YOU DIDANT
MD – OH SNAP! Thar it is! x)
Kyan – Great, our hob-I mean guest is here.
MD – I didn’t even meet you and you DON’T LIKE ME?!
Kyan – Because Ryku told me STORIES about you that weren’t pleasant at all. >
MD – WHAT stories?!!
Kyan – ._. Ummz.. I said too much. XD
Ryku – Let’s just clear this up with the help of THERAPIST RYKU!! :D
*TV show music plays*
MD – WTF?!
Therapist Ryku – I’m here to clear the tension of these two young men. :D MD, Kyan, and Minotaur!
Minotaur – Don’t you mean three?
Therapist Ryku – You’re a boy?
Minotaur – -_- ‘
MD – *snicker* I’m am soooo not doing this….this is lame. YOU’RE NOT EVEN A THERAPIST!! Show me your degree.
Therapist Ryku – Umm..okay. *pulls out piece of paper and crayon from pocket*
MD – o.O
Therapist Ryku – SEE?! ( Therepizt Ryku Real Therepizt! YES RLY! )
MD – I learned how to do that in Kindergarten to! We’ll both be therapists
Therapist Ryku – Does it LOOK like I care? olololol :D
MD – *sits back* Hard to tell, a face that ugly.
Therapist Ryku – Well – YOU’RE BLONDE!
Random Guy That’s Blonde From Audience – How is that bad? ._.
Ryku – EH HEM, we have a show..? You know, this thing we have to do..? Did you guys forget or something..?
Minotaur – I AM forgetting something..but what?
*Popular Thunder bangs on locked door out of studio* WTF?! LETS ME IN!! D:
MD – Great, who now?
Minotaur – IT’S OUR ER, OTHER GUEST..!
Ryku – Why is he outside, then?
Kyan – It’s time to go, guys! :D
Ryku – BYE! See ya laterr!
PT – WTF I didn’t even get a-
*Ends automatically* XD



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