Looks like some people need some tutoring. Just kiddin’! Ryku doesn’t know what gravity is, so the other PWH characters sing about what gravity is. If you don’t know what it means, you HAVE to read this. Because you’re just plain stupid. You can see this episode on the PWH here:



Ryku – C’mon! It’s for Hijuyo only. :3

Kyan – *sigh* Okayyyy.

Ryku – Now stop being lazy and get your butt on the spaceship!!

Author’s Note – By now, you’re wondering : Spaceship? O: Are you wondering SPACESHIP?!*BLAST OFF IN 3, 2 , 1!!*

Kyan – Hey, everyone! Welcome to Party with Hobos! A show not really about partying with hobos! WE’RE IN SPACEEEE! ;3

Minotaur – Floating in teh air is FUNNNN! :O

Ryku – DERRR. GEE, I DID NOT KNOW THA – Of course!! :DSK – Weeeeeeeee!

Zey – BAWWWW! I can’t throw whales!! It’ll just float! :(

Ryku – Why?

Zey – Gravity.

Ryku – What’s that?

Zey, SK, Minotaur, Kyan – WHAT IS GRAVITY?! *musical number startoff O:*

SK – I see you don’t know what gravity is..

Zey – You must be really young or stupid. :D HEY!

Minotaur – It’s the thing that helps you go to the bathroom

Kyan – And keeps you from floating awayyyyyyy!

Zey – It’s actually a good thing..

Minotaur – You’ll float into space and die..

SK – But ignorant people like you..

Kyan – ..don’t find the point. I’m like WHYYYYYYYYY?!

Zey – You have to thank God for this..

Minotaur – I mean it’s all due to him and stuff..

SK – I don’t want this to turn into a religous song..

Kyan – But I can’t get enoughhhhhhh!!! Yeah! 

Minotaur – Now you know what gravity is?

Ryku – Yeah, but what does ignorant mean?

Zey, SK, Minotaur, Kyan – WHAT DOES IGNORANT MEAN?! *here we go again*

Zey – It basically means not smart..

SK – And it totally not okay..

Minotaur – Because you need intelligence and brains in your life..

Kyan – To find your wayyyyyyyy!!!

Ryku – I know what you mean, but what does intelligence mean?

Zey, SK, Minotaur, Ryku – WHAT DOES INTELLIGENCE MEAN? *again…..*

Zey – It’s the opposite of stupid..

SK – It means your really smart!

Minotaur – It what people have who have common sense..

Kyan – It means you don’t think it’s okay to farttttttttttt into someone’s face.

Ryku – I know what you mean, but what does..

Kyan – I’M DONE! We’ve sang three songs!! Do you know how hard it is for the author to come up with a bunch of lyrics? You think it looks EASY?

Author’s Note – It is not easy at all. :D

Ryku – SORRY! >.< Geez, OOO! There’s Jupiter!!

Minotaur – What is Jupiter? *looks around excited*

Everyone – *looks at Mino irritated*

Minotaur – WUT? I wanna know what things are too! D;*CrAsHhHhHhHh!!1!*

SK – What was that?! 

Zey – *looks at window* OHMAIGAWSH. It’s Darth Vader’s ship!

DV’s Minion – Uhh..sir, why have we crashed into those losers’ ship?

DV – I was bored, so I crashed into those losers’ ship.

DV’s Minion – Okay then. ;D


Ryku – ZEY, DON – On second thought, that’s not a bad idea..

Minotaur – Didn’t you forget about GRAVITY? 

SK – Hey, look! Randomly conveienent laser beam controls!

Minotaur – That is conveienent! :D

SK – *shoots*

Kyan –’re not shooting at their ship you know..

SK – I know, I’m playing astroids. :)

Kyan – *shoves SK*  I’m in control now.

DV’s Minion – OHSNAPZSIR! Our ship is on fire!


DV’s Minion – -_- ‘*DV’s ship blows up*

Kyan – That’s nice. :) *looks around* Where’d SK go?

Ryku – You pushed her off the ship..

Kyan – Oooh. *puts on earphones* :) 

Teh Endddddddd.


3 responses to “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT GRAVITY IS?!”

  1. Nightsouled says :

    xD I wonder where SK’ll end up? I wants episode bouts eet. LOLJK.

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