She’s Mine!

What every TV series needs : A FALL IN LOVE EPISODE! :D When Kyan is trapped in a hole, he finds a frozen girl in need of thawing out. But someone is secretly keeping to themselves that they love the frozen girl too. D:

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Kyan – GUYS! Come down here!
Ryku – Why are you in a hole, you weirdo?
Zey – LOL…I wonder if he can come back up.
Kyan – No, no I can’t. But I found a frozen girl in here. She looks pretty. :D
Zey – Oooh…Kyan’s got a crush on this frozen girl, eh?
Kyan – We’re gonna thaw her out! Not playing around!
Zey – So thaw her out, and you’re going to date her? !!!!
Kyan – to Zey? She doesn’t know who I am. But once I nurse her back to health, she’s gonna be ALL MINE!! :D
Ryku – Uhhh….okay…? *in mind* NO SHE’S GOING TO BE MINE!!!!
Kyan – Are you gonna help me up or what?
Ryku – Yeah, just throw the frozen girl up here first.
Kyan – Why?
Ryku – JUST DO IT!!
*theme song plays*
Minotaur – Mino is a cannibal.
Ryku – Ryku’s just plain normal.
Zey – Hitting peeps with whales and bazookas is what Zey does.
Kyan – Kyan’s always listening to his iPod – uh!
Everyone – Party with Hobos! YEE!
Kyan – I don’t see why we have to throw her up first! D;
Zey – *thinking* Uh oh…
Minotaur – Why the “thinking ‘Uh-Oh!'” look, Zey?
Zey – *whispers to Minotaur* I know that look on Ryku! It’s the jealous look >:O! Ryku just wants the girl to himself
Minotaur – Ryku told Kyan to throw the girl up first so he could have her all to herself?! Oops, I forgot to whisper. :D
Kyan – What?! NUUUUU! D:<
Zey – Good job >.>
Ryku – Yeah, I want her. So, GIVE HER TO ME! ):<
Kyan – NUUU!
Zey – *gets popcorn* LOL THIS IS FUNNEI
Kyan – No it’s not! He wants my girl!
Ryku – You’re not gonna get out unless you GIVE HER TO ME!
Kyan – Nuh-uh! You’re just gonna run away!
Ryku – Noo. Trust me.
Kyan – Okay! :D *throws frozen girl up to Ryku*
Ryku – *runs*
Kyan – NUUUUUU! D;
Zey – Hey Minotaur! Want some popcorn?
Minotaur – I feel like eating human right nao. :l So, no thanks.
Zey – *sigh* Where will I get a human?! XD
SK – *falls on the ground* OOF! *gets up* Ouchy.
Zey – OMG SK!
SK – Hai, Zey! *hugs*
Zey – *hugs* XD I thought you were gone because I heard Kyan pushed you out of a spaceship o.o
SK – Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me. WHERE IS THAT…err…BATHTUB?!
Kyan – *does “Shh” hand gesture to Mino*
Minotaur – He’s in that hole..
Zey – You are so evil Mino…XD
SK – THERE HE IS!! *jumps in hole*
Minotaur – *facepalm* -_-
Zey – That was stupid, now they’re BOTH stuck. Hey! Where’d Ryku go?
*Under a random heat lamp
Ryku – HeeHee. Soon you will be thawed out, and you’ll be ALL MINE!! :D
Zey – *in Kyan’s voice* YOU BETTER GIVE THAT GIRL TO ME!!!! *snickers*
Ryku – *turns around* NEVER!!! *runs without looking while carrying the frozen girl still thawed…and lands into the hole*
Zey – LOLZ!!!
Everyone – O.o WHAAA-?!!
Zey – …WHAT THE FUDGE?!!?!?!
SK – We were playing Hide and Seek in 2005. I guess she hid in this hole. I was gonna go find her, but then I smelled pie, so I went over where the pie was instead..
Minotaur – How’d she get frozen?
SK – I dunno. o.O
Zey – Got too cold?
SK – I guess. XD She’s ALWAYS been a good hider, and never gave up.
Zey – Uhhh….okay?
Frozen Girl – Brrr.. I feel cold. Was I frozen?
Kyan and Ryku – SHE’S MINE!!!!!
Frozen Girl – BACK OFF! *sprays pepper spray in their eyes*
Zey – When’d you get that? o.o
Kyan and Ryku – IT BURNS!!!
Frozen Girl – Well in cartoons, random stuff is pulled out from behind their back. See? *pulls out toaster, car, Paris Hilton, etc.
Zey – Ohhh…. *jumps in hole*
Minotaur – Well, that explains it. :D
Paris Hilton – Yeah, totally. :D
Zey – Hm…let’s see if this works *pulls out a zillion dollars* YEY!!! I’M RICH!
Paris Hilton – *takes and attempts to climb hole* (:<
Zey – *hits with whale, gets money, and jumps outta hole* BYE!!!


teh end. (c) Munkii, Zey, Juyo


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