Wake UP!

Aaah, the episode with the scene that Zey is disturbed with. It’s edited, so if you wanna see the scene, look for me on the PHC, I guess( MonkeyTacoz ). Anyway, everybody goes camping and it turns violenttt. ;D Enjoi.


Kyan – Zey’s tired today. :P Can you stay AWAKEEEE?
Zey – IDK!!! :O
Kyan – Alright then..read the rest of this episode to find out..
*theme song plays*
Minotaur – Mino is a cannibal!
Ryku – Ryku’s just plain normal!
Zey – Hitting people with bazookas and whales is what Zey does!
Kyan – Kyan’s always listenin’ to his iPod – uh!
Everyone – PARTY WITH HOBOS! FTW! >.<
Ryku – I’m feeling tired too..uhhhh..
Minotaur – You guys are such SLEEPYHEADS! I could stay up all da – *falls asleep*
Zey – Fail.
Kyan – Whatever, Zey. You know you’re tired too. How could you NOT feel sleepy in this comfortable tent in the middle of the woods? :T
Zey – I got video games. DUH.
Ryku – How can you have VIDEO GAMES? :T
Zey – Lol….
Ryku – *yawns* I don’t think I can make it guys..
Kyan – NOO, RYKU! :P NOOO!!
Ryku – *falls asleep*
Kyan – So, it’s just YOU AND ME, eh Zey?
Zey – Not really *pours cold water on Ryku and Mino*
Minotaur – OH MY GAWD! D: I’m wet nao! Did I pee on myself again?
Zey – *snickers*
Ryku – Bleh..ZEY. D:< I’m going back to BED. *falls asleep instantly*
Zey – *pinches*
Ryku – OUCH! Darnit, Zey! l:< You’re lucky MT even ALLOWS you on this show!
Author’s Note: LOLOLOL Indeed, indeed. :P
Zey – That’s because I rule ;)
Minotaur – If you wake me up again, I kill you. *falls asleep*
Zey – And you said I’m the sleepyhead *rolls eyes*
Kyan – I haven’t talked in a while. o___o
Ryku – Well, you just did. :P *falls asleep*
Zey – I’m too tired… *falls asleep*
Kyan – GAH. I’m alone! :P *steps on random stick*
Minotaur – DARNIT, KYAN! *destroys Kyan with laser beams* Gahh, what’s a guy gotta do to get some darn sleep.. *falls asleep*
Zey – *snort* MINO!! YOU WOKE ME UP!!!
Minotaur – YOU JUST WOKE ME UP! *slaps Zey* :T *falls asleep*
Zey – Owwie. *kicks*
Ryku – THAT WAS ME!!! :T Darnit, Zey!
Zey – I bring people pain. :3
Minotaur – *wakes up* Ooh yeah, Kyan. *unzaps*
Kyan – I know how it feels to be dead thanks to Mino. Bleh, I feel dizzy. :P
Zey – Poor you.
Ryku – *yawns* Zey, aren’t you tired? *rubs eye*
Zey – Not anymore because of Mino >.>
Minotaur – Hey, SHUT UP! >.<
Zey – Why should I? :O
Minotaur – Whateverrr..*zaps Zey asleep*
Zey – That doesn’t wo – *snores*
SockLicker – *enters tent* DID SOMEBODY SAY “SIN – “?!
Everyone – NOOOO! ):<
SockLicker – Okii. :3 *exits*
Kyan – How come I’M the one who barely talks in the episode.
Creator – *gets in tent* Yeah, I never really liked you that much..
Kyan – O_O!

The End. ;)


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

3 responses to “Wake UP!”

  1. Green Boa says :

    Minotaur – OH MY GAWD! D: I’m wet nao! Did I pee on myself again?

    XDDDDD epic :lol:

  2. super typhoon says :

    my older cousin luved this episode

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