Party In Taco Bell!

IT’S SEASON FIVE! :D Eh, finally. I was starting to get bored. And guess what? PHF LINKSSSS. You could thank CK for that. Yes, the REAL one. Anyway, see what happens when the PWH crew goes to Taco Bell! :D THEY HAS PARTIES.



Cashier – Calm down! -.- ‘ What do you want?
Cashier – You don’t have to tell me what you want to DRINK. I just give you a cup. *gives cup*
Ryku – EEEEEEEEE!! ^^ *runs to soda machine*
Cashier – Pfft. Any food tonight? -______-
Minotaur – DUH. Who just comes here for soda?
Cashier – That girl does. *points*
SK – What? I already ate ! :C
*theme song plays*
Minotaur’s got mythological powers.
Ryku’s betting on the fight.
SK’s the assister with Bieber Fever,
Kyan’s always gettin’ hurt, and that’s not right.
Partyin’ with, Fightin’ with, Laughin’ with them in a PARTY WITH HOBOS!
Ryku – Yeah, 300 bean and cheese burritos ! (:
Cashier – $299, fatty.
Ryku – O.O I only got $15. :(
Kyan – $40. :\
Minotaur $244. :\
Ryku – That ironically equals up to $299. :\ *hands to cashier*
Cashier – Here’s yer number, 420. Listen for it.
Kyan – I know what to do ! D:<
Minotaur – OHMAIGAWD GUYS! SK’s not trapped under the meteor anymoar! O:
SK – It took you TWO episodes to realize that? D:<
Cashier – Hurry up with these losers’ food! They’re irritating me. -.-
Kyan – When we get our food, we’re not leaving yet.
Cashier – *sigh* WHY is that? -.-
Cashier – Great, parody songs. -.-
Kyan –
I stole Mino’s crappy mini-van
without worryin’ about the consequence.
Welcome to the world of Taco Bell.
am I gonna get eaten?
Jumped in the place.
Here I am for the 40 millionth time.
Look in front, the cashier looks like a freakin’ mime.
Everyone here’s so crazyness.
They don’t realize I’m famous.
My stomach hurts and I’m feelin kinda si-sick
Too much food and I’m oblivious
That’s when left and turned on the radio,
and some cr appy song was on.
and some cr appy song was on.
and some cr appy song WAS ONNN.
So I put my fists up.
They ain’t playin’ my song,
My burritos fly awayyy.
Movin’ my head like no.
Turnin’ my hips like no.
And I got my fists up,
They ain’t playin’ my song.
But everything’s gonna be OK. ( Why? )
AYAYAYAYA, It’s a Party in Taco Bell.
AYAYAYAYA, It’s a Party in Taco Bell.
Cashier – PLEASE JUST SHUT UP! >.< 420! 420!
Ryku – Yay, food. (:
Kyan – Where’d the food go? o.o
Minotaur – BURRRRRRRP!
Everyone – DARNIT, MINO! D:

About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

6 responses to “Party In Taco Bell!”

  1. Blueshield says :

    LOL! When am I gonna be in an episode?

  2. Blueshield says :

    I emailed u and asked u if I could be in an episode and u said I am gonna be one but in the future or something like that. About ur reply on my comment it was *COUGH kinda rude COUGH*

  3. Green Boa says :

    Darnit, Mino!
    My fav line…

  4. LEWIS says :

    I want to be in a episode

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