Being a Nerd

Season 5, Episode Two is about the PWH crew getting splashed by NERD POTIONZ! Now it’s time for them to find a cure by asking the nerdiest people they know. :]

Minotaur – WOAHHHH! We’re back in teh studio! (:
Ryku – For a brand new episode ! :D
Kyan – Time to pick out a guest. *digs in hat filled with multiple papers of possible guests*
Kyan – It says..gA! :D
Ryku – *looks in hat* ALL the papers say gA on them.
Kyan – That’s because we scheduled him to be on here. DERRRR. :\ COME OUT, GA!
gA – :D Hai, guys!
Everyone – :D Hai, gA!
Kyan – TIME FOR QUESTIONS FOR gA! Any audience member got a question?
Minotaur – *holds up hand*
Kyan – Any AUDIENCE MEMBER got a question?
Mad Scientist – YESH. >:D Can I come up and meet gA? I’m his – uh – biggest fan. (:<
gA – Of course you can ! :D
Mad Scientist – Oh so THIS is what being on the stage seems like. It feels so coo – *throws potion on the crew* MWAHAHAHAHA! *runs*
Kyan – BLEH! What IS this stuff? *transforms into a nerd*
Minotaur – AAH! You look NERDY! D;
Ryku – You do too! D;
Minotaur – You too! D;
Kyan – Why doesn’t it have an effect on gA?
gA – I’m sorta – already a nerd..
Minotaur – Let’s stab that muffer fuffer who did this to us ! >:O
Ryku – You’ll just get arrested again ! Who can we trust to help us? :C
*Green Boa’s house*
GB – So, you guys turned into nerds and I’m suppose to come up with a cure?
Minotaur – YES! D;
GB – Okay. :D I’m a nerd as well, so I could find one easily. :3 All it takes is – FOUND IT. Just drink this.
Kyan – It’s THAT easy to find a cure for you?
GB – Mhm. (:
Minotaur – *drinks cure* I feel dizzy. :C *transforms into a monster*
Kyan – WTF?! You turned him into a monster! D:<
GB – Well I tried the best I coul – *PUNCHED*
Ryku – Great, let’s run while GB’s still unconcious. *runs*
Kyan – Now we have to find a cure for MINOTAUR. Two cures, that’ll be easy to find.
Ryku – Not unless we ask another nerd ! (:
*at CoderKid’s house*
CoderKid – I don’t know cures! I just do CSS and HTML and stuffz! O:<
Minotaur – B-But I NEEEEEED it. :C
CoderKid – Got any green jellybeans?
Kyan – Sorry, I sold it all to Flamez.
CoderKid – >:\ *closes door*
Minotaur – I don’t like being a monster.
Ryku – I don’t like being a nerd.
SockLicker – *comes in out of nowhere* Oh you kids, be proud of what you are! (:
You may be a nerd or a freak.
You may have a tail or a beak.
But that all makes you UNIQUE!
Be proud, be proud, be proud of what you are.
It might just makes you a movie star!
Kyan – We’re just internet sensations. :\
SockLicker – More like not-so internet sensations.
Your creation ain’t so famous. You’re just a not-so internet sensation! (:
Minotaur – That song didn’t help at all..and it went off subject. So, there’s no point. I should just leaaaave.
Ryku – Where will you go?
Minotaur – Japan.
Ryku – Why, Japan?
Minotaur – Japan has hideous monsters too. I won’t be alone. (:
Ryku – Oh..bye.
Minotaur – Bye. (: *zooms off*
Kyan – :\ Whatever happened to the idea of finding a cure?
Ryku – What’s the point. Everything will just be normal again the next episode.
Kyan – You got a point.
Ryku – Hey, where’s SK?
*back in the studio*
SK – *stuck under a meteor* ARE YOU SERIOUS? O:<

About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

6 responses to “Being a Nerd”

  1. hi.Juyo says :

    But nerdyness is awesomeness! ;D

  2. Green Boa says :

    Ouch. I got punched. xD

  3. super typhoon says :

    lol i punch u alllll!!!!!!!

  4. Smart Kid says :

    ow…………. :( meteor cliche

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