Only In L.A.

A walk in the woods turn dangerous when CELEBRITIES ARRIVE?!! ;D Yes, like Celebrity Chaos. Except musical numbers and it’s actually in Los Angeles. EEEEEE.


Ryku – This walk in the graveyard was a GREAT idea, Mino!
Kyan – Yeah, but why at night? .____. And where’s Zey?
Minotaur – He’s only here when he helps make an episode. :T
Kyan – Ooh yeah.
Michael Jackson – This is Thriller! Thriller night!
Minotaur – Haha, you NEVER know what happens at night, I guess. :D
Ryku – *nods rapidly*
Kyan – Uhh..this is starting to creep me out. And some idiot girl just ran inside a zombie-invaded house.
Flavor Flav – YEAAAAA BOIIII!!!
Kyan – Ooh, heck no! :l Not this fool. You’re just one of those VH1 celebrities that are on a fake reality show finding your “love” which will only last for like five seconds after the finale shooting. -_- ‘
Flavor Flav – Whateva, dawg. I’m outta here.
Minotaur – Why are all these celebrities in the middle of the woods anyway? o.o
*Lady Gaga and Beyonce drive through carelessly*
Beyonce – You promise we’ll never come back?
Lady Gaga – I promise.
Kyan – This is CRAZY! I mean, what the?
Paris Hilton – Hay, where’s that Zey person? I wanna steal his stuff again like Season Three.
Kyan – *writes Zey’s home address down* There you go. Break in while you can!
Paris Hilton – ‘Kay, thanks. *steals Lady Gaga’s car and drives away*
Ryku – Like, why is this all happening?
Kyan – I don’t know.
Justin Bieber – Hey, all my fans!
Ryku – I thought YOU were Justin Bieber!
Kyan – Noo. I just look like him, except different hair and hat.
Kyan – That was a wig and so was the Justin Bieber hair. This is my real hair.
Minotaur – You PRANKED us?
Justin Bieber – I’m just gonna leave.. o_o
Demi Lovato – Who is this “@xCatchMeDemi” who always replies to me on Twitter? :T
Ryku – Maroonfire23.
Demi Lovato – Can you tell her to stop? I ignore my fans’ tweets to me anyway. :D
Everyone – o____o
Ryku – Why are THESE PEOPLE in the middle of the woods?
Demi Lovato – This is Los Angeles, derr.
Minotaur – Haha, it looks like a forest. :P
Come on, hurry up, we’re going to L.A.
Yeah, yeah, we’re going there. Hey, hey!
We’re about to meet some new friends and foes.
Or run into the terrible Jonas Bros! ( Hehe! )
On our trip to L.A..
We’re gonna do stuff that’ll make our day.
The most yummy stuff, we’re gonna eat.
The most comfortable bed, in which we’re gonna sleep.
Here we come, Sweet L.A.!
Minotaur – Why does everyone live in Los Angeles?
Ryku – It’s because, or else I’d hit you with my fists!
Kyan – Guys! Let SockLicker finish his song!
SockLicker – Oh, it’s all right, Kyan! EVERYONE’S WELCOME TO SING ALONG!
Everyone – Sweet, Sweet L.A.! Hey, hey!
You’ll meet a celebrity on the streets!
And that is quite obviously! Baby!
Welcome to Sweet, Sweet L.A.!
Flavor Flav – YEAAA BOI!
Kyan – LOLOLOL. That song was TIGHT, dawg! :P
Ryku – Yes, yes it was.
Kyan – Anyway, how are we gonna end this show?
SockLicker – ANOTHER SONG?! :D
Kyan – NOOO! ):< We’re gonna end it like thi – !

endddddd. (:


/just stalk the PHF User TV shows forum if you wanna read on the forums. ;]


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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

2 responses to “Only In L.A.”

  1. hland7 says :

    nice ending……..XD

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