Dyed It P!nk

While Kyan tries to find someone to take to the P!nk concert, a random dude with fennic cat ears and powers appears. Introducing, created by Flamez, DA-



Minotaur – Diarrhea? :\

Kyan – WTF? noo. I got 3 tickets to a P!nk concert ! :D
Ryku – Cool. Who are you taking there?
Kyan – :\ You guys!
Minotaur – Meh ! I don’t wanna go. >.<
Kyan – But P!nk is teh best singer EVER!
Ryku – Funhouse was a good song..
Kyan – SEE? :D C’mon, Ryku !
Ryku – Still no.
*a loud meep is heard.*
Ryku – What was that? o.o
Dasr- Oh darnit.
Kyan – IT’S TEH ANSWER TO ALL MEH PROBLEMS!1 Wanna go to a P!nk concert with me? :D
Dasr- No thank you.. oAo;
Kyan – Darnit. >.<
Ryku – WAAAAIT! We’re looking for a new host, wanna join? O:
Dasr- Um..sur- HOLY CARP. >:O
Minotaur – Wat? o.o
Dasr- *takes out a crossbow from nowhere and shoots down the holy carp*
Ryku – She’s weird. :D YOU’RE IN! What’s yer name anyway? o3o
Dasr- I’m a he. e_o
Ryku – Sureeeee. What’s yer name? o3o
Dasr- It’s Dasr. Pronounced as Daz-rah.
Minotaur – That’s hawt. :D
Dasr- I have fennic fox ears and cat parts. U MAD?
Ryku – Yeah, I see that. Anyway, welcome to the –
Kyan – *puts everyone in a sack* I’M NOT GOING ALONE*
Dasr- And then, Mino’s horns ripped holes in the sack.
Minotaur – It did? Hm, great idea ! :D *rips hole in sack* I’MA BEAT CHU U – whaa?
Kyan – Welcome to the P!nk concert. :D
Dasr- *flees in 5 seconds and is now at some random mall* HARHAHRHAR
Ryku – Where’d Dasr go? o.o Oh wells, P!nk isn’t that bad I guess.
P!nk – blahblahblahFunhouseblahblahblahSoberblahblah..
Minotaur – She makes my ears bleed. T.T *disappears with Ryku at a random mall*
Ryku – Hai, Dasr. :D
Dasr- Ohai. :D
*back at the concert*
Kyan – Great they left. Oh well, foine. I’m perfectly foine with staying here by mysel – OHCRAPSHETURNEDINTOAMONSTERRAHHHH! o3o
P!nk – I’m going to eat yer face KYAN! >:D ..and sing songs. :D
Kyan – o3o
P!nk – *eats Kyan*
*back at the mall*
Minotaur – So, you’re a fox man person? :\
Ryku – How do you know that? :7 And oh.
Dasr- Sensitive hearing. oAo
Minotaur – We never do anything when Kyan gets hurt. :D He gets hurt all the time.
Dasr- Uh, who are you.
Ryku – He’s a singing superhero. :\ He usually sings before the show ends about something pointless. :\
SockLicker – Pointless? My songs have GREAT morals ! :)
Don’t make fun of me.
I’m not to be made fun of.
I’m a singing superhero.
And I saved all your BUTTS in –
Trapped in The Dungeon! Remember that?
Great now shut yer mouth,
or I’ll pumble you with cats. -_-
Minotaur – I love his songs. :D
Dasr- *is on the floor, twitching and ears bleeding*
SockLicker – Your opinion. Don’t care. *zooms off*
Dasr- Huh? What’d he say- WAIT I CAN’T EVEN HEAR MYSELF.
Ryku – ..lol. Welcome to teh show. (:

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