After Party in France

Basically a Part Two to the episode Journey To The Center To The Earth. So, this is about Zey’s experience at the party he was suppose to take the PWH crew. Some epic celebrity names listed in this, plus a secret hobby revealed of Zey. :D


*at France*
Zey – Muahahahaha. I just ditched everyone. :D
Ryku – O RLY?!?!
Zey – wtf. How’d you guys get here?
Zey – *gets in Limo and drives away* BYEEEEEE!!!! >:D
Kyan – You can’t escape us ! We’re your friends ! :C
Zey – Sure, but, I’m going to an all actors party, which I forgot to tell you about, that’s why I ditched you. :D
Ryku – You said we could come. D:<
Dasr – Who’s this guy again? :\
Zey – A person. DUH.
Dasr – Alright. :D
Ryku – DART! He drove away. -.-
Zey – *goes to party*
Oprah Winfrey – Oh, Zey! Hello! Glad you came ! :D
George Clooney – Yeah, we were wondering when you’d come. :P
Fangirls – EEEEE! ZEY! :DD
Zey – *runs away* SECURITY!!!
Security – RAHHHHHH! Get away from da Zey you fangirls >:O
Fangirls – Foine. -.- *walks away* Why do the fat security guards always have to ruin the fun?
*after the party*
Zey – Ahhh, that was a loooooooooooong party.
Minotaur – *dressed as a bush* There’s Zey ! :D LET’S KICK HIS A –
Kyan – *punches Mino* Kids’ show ! D:<
Zey – You know, I have a orchestra I got to go to. I’M PLAYING VIOLIN. :D
Ryku – He plays violin?
Kyan – What a geek. D:<
Zey – *whacks Kyan with whale and shoots with bazooka* You’re the geek!
Minotaur – Aww, I was going to do that. :(
Ryku – How’d you hear us? D:<
Zey – Mah whale told meh. :D
Paris Hilton – OHEMGEE! What a cute whale ! :D
Zey – Oh crap! *runs away so she doesn’t steal anything* Gotta go the orchestra!
Oprah – OH GOSH! Who attacked this young boy? D;
Kyan – *thinks to self* My only chance to kill Zey’s reputation *stops* ZEY DID IT ! >:D
Oprah – You’re such a liar. >.>
Kyan – It’s true ! D:
*after the Orchestra*
Oprah – ZEY! Did you hurt this child? D:<
Zey – Nope. *cough*
Oprah – OH YEAH? Then would you mind explaining why you’re on FAILBLOG shooting this child with bazookas and hitting him with whales? D:<
Zey – Because he called me a geek just because I play violin. :|
Zey – *hypnotizes Oprah* Kyan is evil, you will hate him forever….
Hypnotized Oprah – Kyan is evil, I will hate him forever! HEY KYAN!
Kyan – wat.
Hypnotized Oprah – *throws saw at Kyan’s forehead*
Kyan – OHGOSH! D; *ducks*
Minotaur – *gets hit* GRRRRR. D:< *zaps Oprah, she disappears*
Zey – *drives to mansion and puts a forcefield around it* Yaaaaaay…peace and quiet.
Minotaur – *enters through floor* I’M GOING TO KEEEEL YOU ! D:<
Zey – *puts a teleporter in front of Mino that teleports him to the PWHobos studio* :D
*at PWH studio*
Minotaur – I forgot what I was doing. :\ *looks around* Quiet here.
SK – I barely got out of the shark alive :I
Minotaur – Ew, a spider! *zaps SK* That was creepy looking. o3o
*at France*
Ryku – Where’s Zey?
Kyan – Well, on line 50 it says he’s at his mansion, but there’s a forcefield. :\
Ryku – Well, what’s the point of trying to get in if there’s a forcefield around it? Hahahahaha
Kyan –’re hilarious.. :]
Zey – *throws teleporter to both of them* :P BYEEEEE!!!
*at the PWH studio*
Ryku – How’d we get here? <.<
Kyan – *shrugs*
Minotaur – EH! THERE YOU GUYS ARE! You should’ve seen this hideous bug I killed earlier..

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