Tooth Fairies Aren’t Real

it feels so weird posting here again MORE HIATUS LOLOLO

It’s finally the second episode of Season Six. Both Zey, Flamez, and I worked on this. It’s one of those episodes we made while we were hyper, so if it doesn’t make any sense ~ Dasr faces his fear of dentists by being forced to the Dentist’s office due to a coincidentally scheduled appointment.


Dasr – I’m nervous. :C I DON’T LIEK DENTISTS! D:
Minotaur – *smacks* SCAREDY CATTT! >:D
Kyan – ZEY, YOU QUIT THE PWH!! Are you in it or not? D:<
Zey – Am I in it or am I not? THAT’S FOR YOU TO DECIDE!!! PWNED!
Kyan – If I say no will you kill me? o3o
Zey – Will I kill you? Idk >:D
Dr. Hamburgah – Mr. Dasr Rivn – some strange last name, meet me in mai office ! :D
Dasr – Meep. D:> *clings to Zey’s head*
Zey – Uh, that’s mah twin. ZEY DA SECOND!!!!
Dasr – *facepalm combo x2*
Dr. Hamburgah – *violently grabs Dasr and drags him into his office* :3 Sit down plz.
Dasr – HRRHGKK *loses blood*
Zey II – U iz stoopid, *hits Dasr with train*
Dasr – Ohffuurrycreatures. D8<
Dr. Hamburgah – *forces Dasr in chair, blasts Nitric oxide* Now, you’ll be loopy. :D
Dasr- *mind tripping phase.* Q___Q *smacks hand on the nearest platform*
Dr. Hamburgah – Yes, be VERY loopy. >:D *gets huge drill* Open wide, now. :D
Dasr – *gets a sabre from nowhere and jabs everywhere* BLARHG Q_____Q
Dr. Hamburgah – *throws sabre at the wall* OPEN WIDE! D:<
Dasr – BLARGHH. ~_~
Zey II – *tazes Dasr to get his mouth open*
Dasr – BLURG- *mouth wide open*
Dr. Hamburgah – Thank you, young man. ;D *gets big drill and drills in Dasr’s teeth*
Zey II – Well, I am the Number 1 doctor in da world. :D
Dr. Hamburgah – Shut up! *smacks Dasr*
Dasr – Mommeh..? D8>
Dr. Hamburgah – You got that right, Zey II. :3
Dasr – NO MOMMY DON’T KILL ME D8< *stabs Dr.Hamburgah*
Dr. Hamburgah – lol i feel loopy. :3 *faints*
Dasr – WEEEEEEEE *runs out the door dragging along the entire chair thing*
Kyan – Hai, Dasr. :D
Dasr – BLARGJGGAJHK;::!!?!!
Kyan – Oh shiz, they oxided him. ARE YOU READY, ZEY? GET YO POWAHS! >:D
Zey – *knocks out Dasr with whale*
Zey II – *hits Dasr with train after*
Zey and Zey II- WE PWN!
Minotaur – If Kyan asked me, I would’ve killed him. But I guess Zey and Zey II’s powers are more healthy and appropriate. :3
Dasr – *is unconscious on the ground, bleeding like crazy. :D *
Ryku – Ohgeez. o3o Should we help him?
Dasr – Bluh.
Minotaur – Geez his bones are TOO sensitive. O:
Dasr – *regains consciousness just to tweet* Lol Zey apparently has a twin. *goes back to unconsciousness*
Zey and Zey II – Twitter is for stalkers >.>
Minotaur – *bites nails* I have a Twitter. :T
Zey – STALKAH!!!
Zey II – IKR.
Minotaur – @MinoEatsKids ;D
Dasr – *regains consciousness for realz this time.* :V
Minotaur – Meh, what do you want? D:< *busts lamp over Dasr’s head*
Zey – Bleh…so bored. I’ll whack everyone with something! :D
Dasr – *slides in Mino’s direction then raises leg at the right moment :V*
Zey – *smacks everyone with a whale*
Zey II – *hits everyone with a train*
i smell a new character. :D

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

4 responses to “Tooth Fairies Aren’t Real”

  1. DizzyDee says :

    AWESOME!!! Didn’t Zey II already appear in an episode before?

  2. Strange Clown says :


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