Very Silly Episode

I made this exactly 114 days ago. I don’t even think this episode was originally suppose to be aired, but oh well. :D Anyway, this is when the PWH gets interviewed on a talk show and things get crazy.


*TalkerTime theme song plays*
Linda – HelloHello! I’m Linda. :3
Kyan – Are you gonna interview us? |:<
Minotaur – I be lovin’ yer bootay. ;]
Linda – FINEFINE! What’s your favorite type of keys, Ryku?
Ryku – Whaa-? Keys? There’s different kinds?
Linda – DUHH! Car keys, house keys, monkeys, Alicia Keys..
Ryku – I want to slap you. :)
Linda – >.> SHUT UP! *punches in teh face*
Ryku – OH CRAP! D:
Kyan – Ooh no she didn’t! ;D
Ryku – *hits Linda with a trashcan* LOLOLOL.
Linda – Heheheh..*hits Ryku with a chalkboard*
Ryku – *gets out a knife and stabs Linda* Heheheh ^-^
Linda – Hahaha! *throws a cow at Ryku*
Ryku – Ooh heck no..Hahaha..
Minotaur – JUST STOP! |:<
Ryku – SHUT UP. :D *throws a rabid cat on Mino*
Minotaur – WHAT THE – ! AHHGH! *throws bag of cat food*
Kyan – Do you have any questions for meh, Linda?
Linda – I don’t really like you, so no. :] What I really want a piece of is the Minotaur cake. (hello)
Minotaur – You better eat me quickly, I’m a pimp. ;D
Linda – Ooh, teehee.
Ryku – *strikes Linda with a chair from behind* HEHEHEHE!
Linda – *gets up* Heheheh *hits Ryku with a toilet*
Kyan – *facepalm*
SK – *enters the studio* HEY GUYZ! WHAT’S GOING –
Security – *sends attack dogs after SK*
SK – AAAHHHHHHH! D; *exits studio*
Ryku – Ooh, you guys. ;D
Linda – SHUT UP! *smacks Ryku*
Ryku – *sticks mucus up Linda’s ear* HEHEHEH. :D
Linda – EWWW! D:< That takes it TOO FAR. Just – Just go back to your own stupid show. l:<
Kyan – FINE. l:<
*@ the PWH studio*
Minotaur – :C I wanted some of that Linda chick.
Ryku – Too bad. She’s a girl. She overreacts at our manly actions. -_-
Minotaur – IDC. :|
Kyan – Didn’t you say you were a pimp? o_o
Minotaur – FREAK YES. Check it out. *opens laptop* 200 all-female friends on FaceBook. ;D And look at ALL their profiles. *hands over computer*
Kyan – Alisha Kampbell: Married to Minotaur, Latisha Owens: Married to Minotaur, Taylor Lautner: Married to Min –
Minotaur – *closes laptop* Oh heheh, that one is no one you should be concerned about.. ._.
Kyan – >.>
Minotaur – <.<
Kyan – Anyways, are we gonna have a show? o.O
Ryku – Yeah, I invited MD. :D
Kyan – This show has gotten so predictable. D:
MD – What’s that suppose to mean?
Kyan – SHUT UP! *slaps MD in his face* HEHEHEH.
MD – *aggressively attacks Kyan, smack, kick, punch, kick, smack, punch* |:<
Minotaur – Daaaang. o.o
Ryku – That is very, very aggressive. :\ Here’s Brenda from the Scary Movie series to help me express it too.
Brenda – DAT IS VURY, VURY AGGRESSIVE. But wait? You brought me over for THIS? Uh Uh! You guys wouldn’t stop if it was a black gurl gettin’ beat up, will you? NUH UH.
Minotaur – :T ..okay..
MD – I’m leaving nao. -_-
Kyan – OOH NO YOU DON’T! *aggressively attacks MD back, punch, kick, smack, kick, kick, gab, punch, elbow punch, kick*
Minotaur – *pulls out video camera* I’m getting this on YouTube. :]
Kyan – <.<
Ryku – ..This episode was silleh. :D

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

One response to “Very Silly Episode”

  1. Maximum Ride says :

    “…Taylor Lautner: Married to Min -” XDDDDD That was so funneh I had to read it over and over. =3

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