Not Another Thanksgiving Special

Most of you have already guessed about the major loss of the PWH episodes, well I’m going to make some new episodes or replacements of old ones with the same exact plot. If you want to see a certain one remade, check out the Episodes page and comment. ;) For now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the very first Party With Hobos holiday special, Not Another Thanksgiving Special!


Ryku – *stalks people through window* COMEEEEE ON!
Minotaur – ..Why are you stalking our guests? :l
Ryku – Because they walk too slow.
*door busts down*
SK – YEAHHH! Time to eattt! :D
SockLicker – YES!
Assistant – MHM!
Dr. Hare – TOTALLY.
Dasr – SI!
Mr. Kazoo – YEP!
Secretary – BONJOUR!
Goofy – ..Yep.
Bloo – YAY!
Minotaur – Hey, look, Ryku! They came! :D
Ryku – DERRR. Welcome to my house everyone..
Goofy – Why is it so huge? *yolk*
Ryku – Because I get paid good.. :D
Goofy – Yeah, sure whatever..
Ryku – Hahaha, just a thought – WHO INVITED YOU? >:|
Kyan – *peeks out kitchen door* I did! :D
SockLicker – Aaaand I’m leaving..
Assistant – *jabs SL in the shoulder*
SockLicker – Dude. D:<
Kyan – Why do you hate me, SL? :C
SockLicker – You’re not interesting, and I dislike being around you.
Kyan – Que?
SockLicker – Let me explain it in a way you’ll understand..SINGING TIME!
Zey – *sigh* Yeah, that’s just great.
SockLicker – I’ve never been interested in you,
I never thought that you were actually important,
All you want is attention,
and you seriously need some deodorant.
I hate you!
I hate you, Kyan!
Leave the show now!
Call me a hater,
I’ll deal with that later.
Actually, I don’t care,
and then I whip my hairrrr.
*awkward silence*
Bloo – *claps* :D
Everyone – *WTF stares Bloo*
Bloo – <.<
Kyan – *rolls eyes* Whatever, SockLicker. I thought we established a friendship..
SockLicker – Never in your life, buck-o. :]
Kyan – *goes back into kitchen*
Ryku – Sooo, everyone! Dinner’s going to be prepared in about –
Kyan – *yells from kitchen* 15 minutes!
Ryku – 15 minutes. So get settled up..
Dr. Hare – *attempts to sit* EW!
Dr. Hare – This seat is so like, lavender.
Dr. Hare – I want wood. Wood chairs. And I want them pink and hard.
Zey II – Gee, you’re unusual..
Dr. Hare – Actually, I am. Real men don’t wear pink.
Author’s Note: Correct! :D
Secretary – Is it almost time to eat?
Dasr – Secretary, quit being fat. It’s going to be done soon.
Secretary – ..I would punch you, but as you could see, I amam gaining weight. So, it’s  no secret. *cries forever*
Mr. Kazoo – What a womanizer.. *chuckles*
Kyan – *brings out plates* Here you go. :D So, does everyone have a plate?
SockLicker – Actually, Kyan. I’m missing a plat –
Kyan – Everyone has one! That’s good! :D
SockLicker – *grabs chunk of Mac + Cheese from Goofy’s plate, throws at Kyan*
Kyan – OOH, IT’S ON NOW!
Goofy – MY MAC + CHEESE! *tackles SL to the ground*
SockLicker – *falls roughly*
Kyan – *grabs Goofy, throws through window* RAHHH! *punches SL repeatedly*
SockLicker – *kicks off*
SK – *turns to Bloo* And I’m still mad at you for throwing me off that mountain! D:<
Bloo – First of all, I didn’t throw yo –
SK – *smashes mashed potatoes in Bloo’s face*
Bloo – GRRR. *kicks in the face*
SK – OW! *slaps Bloo*
Bloo – *pushes SK to the ground*
Mr. Kazoo – GO SK! :D
Dasr – *gasp* GO SK?! YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN WOMEN!! *falcon punches*
Mr. Kazoo – *falls through wall*
Dasr – YEAH!!
Secretary – *shows up behind Dasr, picks him up* I’M NOT FAT! *throws Dasr through wall as well*
Zey – *shrugs, punches Zey II*
Zey II – DUDE, NOT COOL. *kicks Zey in the stomach*
Minotaur – *looks at Goofy*
Goofy – *looks at Mino*
Minotaur – I DON’T LIKE YOUR ACCENT VERY MUCH. *pimp slaps Goofy to the ground*
Goofy – *wildly attacks Mino*
Minotaur – *turns horns into giant shield*
Goofy – *slams against it*
Author’s Note: LOL FAIL.
Ryku – *walks out of kitchen with Kyan* OHMYCRAP.
*everyone dead*
Kyan – Sucks for you.
Ryku – :|.. *stabs Kyan in the back*
Kyan – *falls dead*

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

9 responses to “Not Another Thanksgiving Special”

  1. Blueshield says :

    *door busts down*
    Sk:YEAHHH! Time to eattttt!


    0 o

  2. DizzyDee says :

    it has been AGES since a new episode
    not complaining…
    just wondering…did you get the old ones back or are you rewriting?

    • *MT. says :

      Sorry for the late comment!
      I’m currently writing Season 8 and it has a part two to Season 2’s Sharpie Broccoli if that’s good. :D

      I also got Season One and the first few episodes of Season Two out of the way. Unfortunately the forum it was posted at got hacked, so I never got all of the episodes. I could rewrite them if you’d like as fillers if I remember them.

  3. Amirite says :

    I made something similar to PartyWithHobos… and I just started it. Only have one comment and in dire need of criticism. Click on my name for the website. PLEASE CLICK!!! Am planning to do something outrageous in school for more criticism.


  4. Annabeth says :

    I HAVE THE POWERRR!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  5. LEWIS says :

    I just realizied something…..How did Dr. Hare die???????? ^.^

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