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Escape From The North Pole


Second off, check out the new series premiere of Buh-Lay!

This episode is basically out of Christmas cheer to brighten up your day!(:

It’s the night Santa comes to Burbank, California, the official setting of the PWH series. Unfortunately when he suffers an injury, the PWH crew takes over his place.


Sup, I’m Bradley. You might know me, unfortunately, as the son of Minotaur. Well, you are correct. Today, I will be telling the story of the day Santa Claus came to Burbank, California on Christmas. It goes like this. Santa was flying over the sky with his sleigh delivering his presents.
Santa – Where are we now, Rudolf?
Rudolf – Burbank, California. Sir.
Santa – Ah, good. Hey, there’s Kyan’s mansion! Oh wait, that’s Zey-Shomi’s. Doesn’t Kyan live in a cardboard box?
Rudolf – Yes, he does.
Santa – Heheh, street knowledge. Let’s go to Zey’s mansion. Ho! Ho! Ho!
Reindeer – *land on Zey’s ceilings with sparks flying around*
Santa – *gets off with sack in hand* Wait a second, I’ve got a feeling.
Blitzen – A feeling about what, Santa?
Santa – Those of who are AWAKE!
And indeed, Kyan, Ryku, Dasr, and my dad were having a sleepover with Zey at his house playing M.A.S.H.
Ryku – Six, Seven, Eight. OH HO! DASR! This is your last episode part of the PWH staff. The reason will forever be unknown. :D
Dasr – That sucks. :(
*on the roof*
Santa – Awakeners are so irritating, and they get on my nerves. I guess I’ll just come back. *tries to lift sack of presents on to the sleigh*
Donner – Santa, that sack is incredibly heavy.
Santa – YOU DON’T SAY. *tries some more, sack falls on him* Ouch!
Dancer – It’s a good thing his roof can support your weight.. :D
Santa – *falls through roof, falls in the middle of the PWH crew’s game*
Dasr – I don’t think that’s just any tub of lard. T – That’s SANTA CLAUS!
Minotaur – No, it’s not. :D
Santa – *gets up, brushes off dust* I am Santa Claus. True story.
Minotaur – No way! *super-tugs on Santa’s beard*
Santa – OH MY – !!
Minotaur – Boy, that’s some glue you got there.
Zey – *attacks Minotaur with a whale* HE SAID HE’S SANTA!
Santa – Thanks for contributing to my ever-so joyless pain.
Ryku – What’s wrong, Santa?
Santa – Well, to explain, I think I fractured my back falling through your ceiling.
Zey – *looks up* YOU MAD?!
Santa – I’m not angry with the fact. I’m just very sad that it happened.
Zey – No, it’s a mem – never mind, it doesn’t really matter. Then who will deliver the gifts?
Dasr – How come the reindeer can’t do it?
Santa – Sure, they could talk in complete sentences. But to tell the truth, they’re so ignorant that they can’t even handle a simple task.
*everyone laughs*
Santa – AND ZEY!
Zey – wut.
Zey – I just got pwned by Santa..
Minotaur – *gets up, sighs* It’s about time.
Ryku – So, we’re going to have to do all of this for you?
Dasr – Musical number?
Ryku – We all know you suck at singing, Dasr.
Dasr – Negative comments trying to bring you down,
trying to create a permanent frown.
But it is Christmas and you met Santa,
so why not turn it upside down?
Down let anyone get you down,
smile with that beautiful face.
Smile, it’s Christmas time!
Roaming the sleigh,
with Rudolf and all.
Smile, it’s Christmas time!
Breaking in houses late at night,
with special permission worldwide.
You drop presents under the tree and look around,
somewhere you’ll a present for you inside.
Cookies and milk,
a great get-back for you.
Smile, it’s Christmas time!
Eat it, drink it,
It’s proof that you came.
Smile, it’s Christmas!
It’s Christmas time!
It’s Christmas time!
What do you do?
*imaginary audience claps*
Dasr – *copes with the real world* Wait, where are we?
Zey – While you were singing to a song that no one was paying attention to, we went to the North Pole and Mrs. Claus held us hostage.
Mrs. Claus – I certainly did.
Kyan – B-But I thought fat women were to be jolly and happy?
Mrs. Claus – FAT WOMEN? Kyan, I’ll kill you. KILL YOU RIGHT NOWWWW!
Dasr – Why are you doing this?
Mrs. Claus – *turns around* I’m jealous of my husband, he gets all of the attention. Sure, I get mentioned in a few Christmas specials. The Billy and Mandy one made me too fat. But oh well, that doesn’t matter. But it’s the same thing every Christmas! While I cook and clean around the workshop, you know woman stuff, he’s delivering presents to every girl and boy. While I get no credit, even though I don’t really do anything. I’m ashamed of admitting that I am jealous of my own hubby-doo, it’s the truth. But one thing that I learned in this world, was to tell the truth, no matter what anyone’s reaction is. I also hate your show, because it sucks. And that is why I captured and tied you all up in my basement. You children understand? *turns back around*
*everyone disappeared, note on a chair*
Mrs. Claus – UGH. *reads note* It says..”Cool Story, Bro!”. asdfghjkl; I’M GOING TO RUIN YOUUUUUU!
While Mrs. Claus was nagging around about something, like most wives do, Santa bust through the ceiling, untied everyone, wrote that note, and rushed everyone in the sleigh. Lives were saved.
Santa – She is a pain in the gluteus maximus.
Minotaur – You speak of the truth.
Ryku – Thank you for saving us, Santa. Despite your back pains, you were willing to save us?
Santa – Actually, I got kinda lazy. But you guys did a really good job delivering presents all over the world.
Dasr – ..I didn’t realize my song was THAT long.
Santa – In fact, *grabs some presents out of the sack* here you go. You were the only houses I didn’t go to.
Minotaur – *opens present* A FLARE GUN!
Kyan – *opens* A – *sigh* Another iPod. Thanks, Santa.. -.-
Zey – *opens* ANOTHER WHALE! :D
Ryku – *opens* A PERSONALITY!
Santa – MERRY CHRISTMAS, KIDS! *shoves everyone through the ceiling hole in Zey’s mansion*
*everyone falls violently*
And that is the night Santa Claus met the PWH crew accidently. Just out of curiousity, what is the point of that song? I mean seriously? Was that to make the episode longer? Like, what’s up with that?

Expectations for the PWH’s future.

  • Escape From The North Pole – 12/24
  • Season 7 begins – 1/12

Just want you to know. The PWH isn’t dead. ;D

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