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Forever 18

Does this mean – wait, what.

Okay, so this is finally an interesting episode that’s not dramatic. References, spoofs, and random things just like you like it.

After Ryku gets a 2 week-late surprise party, he recieves a shocking secret about his family history.


Ryku – *opens door to the studio*
Everyone – SURPRISE!
Ryku – What is all of these decorative muticolored balloons, banners that say “Happy 18th, Ryku!”, and happy faces in party hats?
Minotaur – It’s your birthday, man! :D
Ryku – My birthday was on the 14th. You’re like 2 weeks late.
Kyan – Well, this was a waste of time.
Ryku – We don’t have to just cancel the party after how much effort you put into it. :D
Bradley – Does this mean we’re going to party? :O
Dasr – Unless you’re deaf, he said NOT to cancel the party.
Bradley – *kicks Dasr in the chin*
Dasr – MY JAW asdfghjkl; *falls*
Bradley – Err..No one listens to that anymore.
Dasr – Am I too late?
Bradley – Duh. You’re like one of those people that think Just The Way You Are is the new hit single.
Minotaur – *peeks outside* Come onnnnnnn !
Kyan – *pokes Mino*
Minotaur – What, Kyan? D:<
Kyan – What are you doing?
Minotaur – Waiting for some certain people. They haven’t come yet.
Kyan – Oh, that’s cool. *starts walking away*
Minotaur – WAIT!
Kyan – *stops* WHAT
Minotaur – Is that them?
Kyan – *peeks outside with Mino*
Minotaur – No, they don’t wear ninja suits. *walks away from door*
Ninjas – *smashes door down*
Ninja – *grabs Ryku*
Ryku – *smacks Ninja’s arm away* Get off me, freak! D:<
*gang of ninjas all attack Ryku to the ground all at once, holds Ryku down*
Ryku – *struggles getting up* May I help you, gentlemen?
Ninjas – YES! Come with us.
Ryku – But it’s my birthday party! D:
Ninjas – *steals Ryku and runs out door*
*awkward silence*
Bradley – What just happened?
Dasr – WHO CARES! :D
Bradley – YOU’RE RIGHT!
Dasr – *dances*
*inside secret temple*
Ryku – *tied up to a wall* What do you guys want with me?
Ninja – Settle down, Ryku. You’re going to be fine.
Ninja – *plays interactive holograph*
Grandfather Kiyoson – *in holograph* Rykuson..
Ryku – Grandfather?
Grandfather Kiyoson – Yes.
Ryku – I thought you died. Wait, what. Why did these guys capture me?
Grandfather Kiyoson – Like that new Nickelodeon show, your whole family are ninjas.
Ryku – That still doesn’t answer my question, Grandfather.
Grandfather Kiyoson – We always tell our 18 year-olds our family secret so they would carry on the tradition.
Ryku – What if I don’t want to?
Grandfather Kiyoson – YOU BETTER WANT TO!
Ryku – OKAY OKAY I DO! ;___;
Grandfather Kiyoson – You have ninja in your blood. Remember how you beat up a kid in Kindergarten for trying to take your Lunchable using Tae-Jitsu EVEN THOUGH we never taught you it?
Ryku – *nods head*
Grandfather Kiyoson – Good. Now wake up. We have a surprise for you.
Ryku – I’m not asleep.
Grandfather Kiyoson – Yes, you are.
Ryku – I am awake, Grandfather.
Grandfather Kiyoson – Yo, Minotaur. Let’s put peanut butter on his face.
Ryku – … *wakes up* Get that peanut butter out of my face.
Everyone – SURPRISE!
Ryku – *falls out of bed*
Kyan – It’s yer birthday! :D
Ryku – My birthday was two weeks ago.
Kyan – No, it isn’t. It’s today.
Zey – Sup? :3
Ryku – What the – ?
Minotaur – You’ve been asleep for like 2 days, so we thought we’d rather try to wake you up on your birthday to make sure you’re not dead.
Ryku – Deja Vu?


Lately, I’ve been having quite a taste for dramatic, serious episodes.

A murder episode, finally.  Bradley and Zey are apparently camping unaware of the presence of a serial killer outside of their tent.


*in woods, tent*
Bradley – Thanks for camping with me, Zey! :D
Zey – Whatever, man. Let’s go on the computer and watch YouTube videos!
Bradley – It’s kind of past my bedtime..
Zey – Who goes to sleep at 2 A.M. ? Come on, you could skip a night. Now, let’s look at some keyboard kitty! :D
Bradley – YAY! :D
*hears stabbing noises outside tent*
Bradley – *clings to Zey*
Zey – *sighs* Yes, Bradley?
Bradley – Do you hear that noise? It sounds like stabbing. D:
Zey – It’s probably ju – *pushes Bradley off* It’s probably just the wind.
Bradley – The wind does NOT make stabbing noises! D:
*woman screaming noise is heard*
Zey – The wind makes noises like that too. ;D
*dead female body lands in tent*
Bradley – OH MY GOD! D:
Zey – Oh, that’s not the wind.
Bradley – We have to get out of here FAST! D:
Zey – DUHH! D:
Bradley – *starts stuffing bag*
Serial Killer – *pulls Zey out of tent by his mouth*
Bradley – The sleeping bags won’t fit, Zey! *turns to where Zey was* Zey? Zey, wherever you are, this is no time to be playing hide and seek!
Serial Killer – *drags Zey to the swamp to be killed*
Serial Killer – *throws big rock at back of Zey’s head*
Zey – *unconscious*
Serial Killer – *throws Zey in the swamp*
Zey – *drowns in the water*
Serial Killer – *walks off*
*somewhere else in the woods*
Bradley – *walking with huge backpack* Zey? ZEY? WHERE ARE YOU, MAN?
Serial Killer – *stares at Bradley from a distance*
Bradley – *stops, looks at Serial Killer* Where’s Zey? D:<
Serial Killer – Oh, he’s long gone..
Bradley – What do you mean? Did you – KILL him? D:
Serial Killer – *walks towards Bradley slowly* Kill is such a strong word.
Bradley – Look, I know that you killed him! And I’m telling my mom on you! D:<
Serial Killer – YOU BETTER NOT! *runs after Bradley*
Bradley – AAHHHHH! *runs away, pulls out cellphone* Hello? Squiggles II ? Yeah, there’s like a serial killer chasing me and you need to like come here. Okay? Thanks, bye! :D *closes cellphone, looks behind Bradley*
*no one in sight*
Bradley – I’m scared. I don’t want to die. *walks up to puddle*
Zey – *in puddle* Bradley!
Bradley – *looks at puddle* Zey? Is that really you?
Zey – Yes, it’s me.
Bradley – I’m so scared. Help me! D:
Zey – I’m dead, Bradley. I can’t help you.
Bradley – I don’t want to die, Zey. *starts tearing*
Zey – Why? Death is your friend. Ever think how the world is all messed up?
Bradley – *wipes tears, nods head*
Zey – How it’s hard to live in it. How it’s so unfair to you and you can’t do anything about it. Death will help you escape this madness. He’ll help you get in to an internal place of happiness and joy; being forever in peace. Does that make you feel better?
Bradley – *sniffs* Thanks, Zey. You’re my best friend.
Bradley – *turns around*
Serial Killer – *holding huge rock*
Bradley – *kicks Serial Killer in the private area*
Serial Killer – *falls to the ground*
Squiggles II – *picks up rock, smashes it against Serial Killer’s face multiple times*
Bradley – Mission accomplished. :D


The Last Party

school’z liek all takin up muh tiem

Dramatic Episode! :D

If you guys haven’t read Party in Taco Bell in the Season Five section on the Episodes page, I recommend reading that before this.

When Cashier finds out that you could restrict certain people from entering a business’ property, he chooses Minotaur, Ryku, and Kyan.


It’s Bradley! Hey, I’m narrating again; this is SO Batman! This story is about the parties of Taco Bell. Unfortunately what they didn’t know, that last Friday would be their last.
*at the PWH Studio*
Kyan – Got the party hats, Zey?
Zey – *holds up bag* You owe me $2.95. -_-
Kyan – What about the cups?
Ryku – I think they’d have cups..
Kyan – Percy doesn’t let us in the backroom, Ryku.
Ryku – Oh, then no we don’t.
Minotaur – YES, SIR?
Kyan – You’re going to go in the backroom and get cups.
Minotaur – …Oh okay.
Kyan – We ready everyone?
Zey – No.
Kyan – *sigh* Yes, Zey?
Zey – I do not want to go..
*everyone except Zey nods their heads*
Kyan – Let’s do this! *kicks door down and heads to Taco Bell*
*at Taco Bell*
Cashier – I’m telling you! These parties are getting out of control! Each week they get more obnoxious and destructive towards our property!
Manager – What am I suppose to do about it?
Cashier – *facepalm*
Manager – Don’t facepalm me! I’m your boss!
The Lonely Island – LIKE A BOSS.
Cashier – Well, I found this thing on the internet saying that you could restrict certain people from coming in.
Manager – And we need to take pictures and fingerprints?
Cashier – Exactly.
Manager – Do you know their names? *gets out notebook and pen*
Cashier – Minotaur, Ryku, and Kyan.
Manager – ..I need LAST NAMES.
*loud noises come from the backroom*
Cashier – What the? *walks to the backroom*
Manager – *follows*
Cashier – MINOTAUR!
Minotaur – I GOT THE CUPS! PARTY’S ON! *runs to the front room*
Ryku – Awesome and I just finished putting up the banner. :D
Cashier – *comes back* WHEN DID YOU GUYS GET HERE?
Kyan – *throws balloons to the ceiling* We’ve been here for like 30 minutes..
Ryku – PARTY’S ON!
Manager – Actually, party’s OFF! We’re restricting you from coming here FOR LIFE!
Minotaur – THAT’S NOT FAIR! Where are we suppose to throw our parties?
Cashier – Who cares? Burger King?
Ryku – Err…No. We don’t own copyrights to that.
Cashier – *shrugs*
Ryku – Let’s go, guys.. -__-
Manager – But we haven’t taken your fingerprints and pictures yet.
Kyan – ..No. *leaves with the rest of the crew*
Cashier – *sigh* Now it’s boring.
Manager – So, you’d rather be irritated and angry than peaceful and bored?
Cashier – Duh.
Minotaur – We have nothing to do now on a Friday night. They can’t just kick us out like that! D:
Ryku – You can’t throw a party at a restaurant without consultant of the restaurant itself.
Minotaur – Stupid laws. :(
Ryku – Let’s just go home, guys. *starts walking*
Minotaur – Yeah.. *walks aside Ryku*
Kyan – WAIT!
*Ryku and Minotaur turn around*
Kyan – I can’t believe you guys would just give up like that? You’ll just give up hope? Well, you aren’t the kind of people I’m proud to be friends with.
Ryku – Kyan’s right! We can’t let them push us around! Let’s bust through that door! We have a party to go to!
Minotaur – YEAH! *kicks door open*
*dogs attack Minotaur to the ground*
Kyan – *looks around* GUYS, LOOK! :D
Ryku – *looks in Kyan’s direction* It’s – It’s —
Minotaur – *kicks dogs in the sky* ANOTHER TACO BELL! :D
Unlike the other Taco Bell, the workers there enjoyed their company. The customers did too. One of the customers was a record producer that offered them a record contract. But they turned it down, because they still have 3 episodes left and a whole ‘nother season to make. And it has nothing to do with the story.
*after the party*
Minotaur – *sleeping on the table*
Ryku – *draws on balloons* Yeee….
*in the backroom*
Kyan – *nomming on burritos* And then I said, ‘That’s impossible! I’m a good girl!’ BWAHAHAHA
And that was the journey of getting kicked out of their favorite restaurant and be welcomed with open arms in the other one. This was a heartwarming dramatic episode, because we barely have any.


This is dedicated those readers out there that read for their minds! :)

After Zey discovers that Kyan never heard of a library, or even books for that matter, Zey takes him to one to read his first books.


*awkward silence in the PWH studio*
Minotaur – Why is it SO quiet? D:<
Zey – Maybe because Ryku went to library for the day to study for his college course test..
Minotaur – He’s 17..
Zey – He turned 18 on January 14th..
Kyan – Wait, what’s a library?
Minotaur – Yeah, I was wondering that too.
Zey – Are you kidding me? *facepalm*
Kyan – Kidding about what? I don’t know what that is.
Zey – It’s like a building with a bunch of books in it.
Kyan – Books?
Minotaur – Oh, I know what books are..
Zey – I’m surprised Minotaur is smarter than you.
Kyan – I don’t know everything in the world like you do, Zey! You former hobo. I shouldn’t even let you sleep in my backyard!
Zey – Hey, you said NEVER to mention that! D:<
Kyan – Just did. ;D
Zey – ..I’ll take you to a library so you WILL know everything in the world.
*at local library*
Zey – *whispers* Look at all the nerds in here!
Everyone – SSHHHHH!
Kyan – MEAN, MUCH?
Librarian – I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave if you don’t lower your voice.
Kyan – Leave me alone you old hag! D:
Zey – *pinches Kyan*
Kyan – Ow! What was that for?
Zey – *whispers* Most people like to read in silence so they could focus better. In a library, you’re filled with readers. So, you’ll have to whisper. Like this..
Librarian Р*punches Kyan hard  in the face unconscious, breaks his neck*
*Many surguries later*
Kyan – *opens library doors, whispers* I’m back..
Zey – ..Unfortunately. Time for you to learn what books are. :D
Kyan – Awesome! :D
Zey – *throws books at Kyan*
Kyan – *falls to the ground* GAH! Why are they so heavy? D:
Zey – Not all of them are. But I picked you out a few Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Captain Underpants, Christian Bibles, and a whole series of Encyclopedias. Hopefully, you’ll like them! :D
Kyan – Err..How do you read a book?
Minotaur – *getting chased by a goat, runs outside*
*a few days later, at the PWH studio*
Minotaur – How was your college course test?
Ryku – I got a perfect grade! :D
Zey – Cool story, bro.
Ryku – ..At least, Minotaur cares.
Minotaur – *asleep*
Ryku – *slaps Minotaur*
Minotaur – *wakes* GAH!
Ryku – Don’t you want to know what I learned?
Minotaur – I thought when you took tests, you study, take the test, and forget everything you learned..
Kyan – *kicks open door, wearing glasses; polo shirt; and skinny jeans* Hey guys!
Zey – GET AWAY FROM ME!!! *gets out Pepper Spray, sprays Kyan in the eyes*
Minotaur – *slaps Spray out of Zey’s hand* What’s with the new makeover, Kyan?
Kyan – I changed my style to go with my personality: BOOK NERD!
Zey – Wait, you read all the books?
Kyan – Yep.
Zey – You did not read a whole series of Encyclopedias in a few days. D:<
Kyan – Yes I did! D:
Zey – Tell me something you learned. D:<
Kyan – Did you know that Nazis are bad?
Zey – *gasp* Really? :O
Ryku – What about your music, Kyan?
Kyan – I’m going to give it all up for books. :D
Minotaur – You should teach CW your secrets.
Zey – This is going to be awkward for now on. With a nerd on the show.
Minotaur – What do you mean? Ryku’s right there!
Ryku – HEY! That’s not funny! D:<

Straight A’s

Bradley may not have been as smart as he makes himself seems.

In this episode, he gets straight F’s on his report card and changes them to A’s. Let’s see what Minotaur’s overreaction this time! ;)


*in Mino’s house*
Minotaur – *chills on the couch, watching TV* Ah, Laverne and Shirley. The best show of the 70’s.
Laverne – Shirl, you can’t win that obstacle course! You’re not athletic.
Shirley – At least I don’t drink Milk and Pepsi, which is a weird combination of a beverage.
Bradley – *opens door silently* Dad, I’ll just be upstairs..
Minotaur – *turns to Bradley* FREEZE!
Bradley – *sweats* What? :C
Minotaur – Where’s that report card with the perfect straight A’s? :3
Bradley – Err..We don’t get them until a minute after you turn around.
Minotaur – *turns around* 60, 59, 58..
Bradley – *gets out pen and changes F’s into A’s*
Minotaur – 42, 41, 40, 30, 20, 10, 3, 2, 1! *turns back around* Okayy! :D
Bradley – *shoves report card in Mino’s face*
Minotaur – I SEE A’s! :D
Bradley – Yeaaaah.. *sweats nervously*
Minotaur – Why does your teacher write A’s like that. It looks like an F with another line on it’s right side.
Bradley – Yeah, he’s a creeper anyway. He’s one of those people that walk outside late at night.
Bradley – Dad, lots of kids get straight A’s..
Minotaur – But they all don’t have that big head of yours. :D
Bradley – D:
*in Oprah’s office*
Oprah – No.
Minotaur – Come on, Winfrey!
Oprah – Minotaur, lots of kids get straight A’s..
Bradley – ..Told you.
Minotaur – But this head is full of knowledge!
Oprah – Wait, what exactly do you want me to do?
Minotaur – Get him in Harvard University. :D
Oprah – I’m not sure Bradley has the potentials to register for –
*at Harvard University*
Bradley – *lost in the hallway*
Professor – *bumps in to Bradley, falls down and dies*
Other Professor – *bumps in to Bradley* Could I help, fat head.
Bradley – I need help fi – ..Fathead? *chokes Other Professor with rope*
Other Professor – *dies*
Bradley – This was fun. :D
Another Professor – *trips over dead bodies, looks around* OH GOSH! I’M TELLING YOUR MOM!
Bradley – NO, YOU CAN’T TELL JESSICA ALBA ABOUT THIS! *throws knife*
Another Professor – *head falls off body, dies*
*at PWH studio*
Kyan – And then I was like, girl pleeeease.
Ryku – Mhm. Girl, I get you.
Minotaur – Got that right, sistah.
Zey – ..I’m not going to contribute to this conversation.
*audience claps*
Oprah – *kicks open the door* MINOTAUR, YOUR SON IS SICK MINDED!
Minotaur – You found those magazines? :O
Oprah – Wait, no..ew. He’s commiting a various amount of murders at Harvard!
Minotaur – Just like his father. *turns away*
Oprah – You’re not going to do anything about this? -_-
Minotaur – Nope.
Oprah – Oh. Well, what could we do now?
Minotaur – I brought the complete season of Laverne and Shirley VHS tapes! :D
Everyone – YAY! :D
*on the monitor, theme song plays*
Zey – ..I don’t know what this show is.
Ryku – No one does..

PWH Forever Contest! :D

Note: The results has been posted!

The last season of Party with Hobos? Oh no! With your help, there could be another season that could be written by YOU!

Read More…


Just to let you know, Zey’s back! :D

Haven’t seen him in a while. He needs more spotlight.

Zey realizes that he doesn’t have any American dollars, which makes him poor in America.


*in Germany*
Director – Aaand action!
Announcer – Do you ever vant beautiful hair like this guy?
Zey – *walks in scene with beautiful wig*
Announcer – Vell, you’re not getting it. Go get sandvich. I’m hungry.
Director – That’s a wrap!
Zey – *walks to Director* Sooooo..
Director – Vhat. D:<
Zey – I didn’t hear the first time. Uh, how big is my paycheck for this brief commercial is again?
Director – *sigh* 32,000,000 dollars.
Zey – AWESOME. Where is it?
Director – *gives Zey suitcase* There.
Zey – *takes, opens up* Err, what is all this?
Director – $32,000,000, duh.
Zey – This isn’t U.S. dollars. D:<
Director – Vhat’d you expect?
Zey – Hmm.. I got an idea. *zoops away*
A commercial I did in Germany.
No lines, good pay equals harmony.
There’s no place I’d rather be
than with thirty million G’s.
I’m not afraid to rub it in your face.
To this society, you’re a disgrace.
You’re so ignorant; can’t figure out makin’ easy money,
I’m surprised you’re not givin’ up, honey.
Zey, that’s me. I’m rich.
Be jealous. Be jealous.
I’m rich. Don’t cry.
Wonder why.
Pity me.
You’ll never be me.
*in the PWH studio*
Kyan – ..and Colorz by New Boyz. And that is my list of songs that need a music video, as of January 21st, 2011. :D
Minotaur – I know that I usually don’t agree with everything you say, but I like that song. I think everyone should check that song out. *looks at you* :)
Kyan – ..Yeah, you usually don’t agree with anything I say. D:
Minotaur – You’re killin’ me, Smalls.
Ryku – Time for my list! :D *lists a bunch of Japanese songs*
Minotaur – Yeah, no one ever heard of those.
Ryku – *rolls eyes* I’ll just tell Flamez.
Zey – *kicks door down* I’M RICH, BABY! *sits down*
Kyan – Expensive clothes, Zey.
Minotaur – Yeah..
Kyan – There you go again!
Minotaur – Kyan, be quiet. This isn’t the time for that.
Ryku – How’d you make that kind of money? D:
Zey – A commercial in Germany. Their clothes are spectactular.
Kyan – Wait, you went shopping in Germany?
Zey – Yep.
Kyan – You went shopping in Germany – with American dollars?
Zey – No. Germany dollars.
*everyone starts laughing hard*
Zey – What’s so funny? D:
Minotaur – *tries to catch breath* Notice how all your movies aren’t in America?
Zey – What does that have to do with anything? D:
Ryku – What does that have to do? Uhh, think of this. You’re not a host, therefore you do not get paid.
Zey – I have a mansion in America I had for 2 years! D:<
Ryku – But you paid for it in non-American dollars. That’s why it’s getting smashed down by that wrecking ball machine.
Zey – WHAT?! D:
Kyan – Oh yeah, I saw that in the Starbucks across from your mansion this morning.
Kyan – *sips coffee at table, looks out window* Oh, a wrecking ball is smashing Zey’s mansion. :) *sips drink*
Zey – So, I’m not rich? D:
Kyan – What do you think we’re telling you? *rolls eyes*
Zey – I’m poor in America? D:
Kyan – Exactly.
Zey – Then maybe I’ll just go back to Germany.
Ryku – But you’re going to be on an American airport, and the closest one is cash only. :)
Zey – FINE! I’m a jobless hobo. This is the very thing I never wanted to be. They’re the worst at parties. :(
Minotaur – That’s sort of another reason we don’t like you on this show..
Zey – *sitting down on sidewalk, holding cardboard sign*
*people walk by*
Zey – Excuse me, sir! Can you spare a penny for a hobo like me?
Sir – Well with those sort of clothes, I doubt you’re a hobo.
Zey – You’re right! :O *cuts a hole in pants with fingernail* Now gimme money.
Sir – *walks away*
Zey – This is sad. :( *gets up, looks at window in the PWH studio*
Ryku – *hits Mino’s shoulder* You’re silly. :D
Minotaur – *gets out chainsaw* lol not rly.
*everyone laughs*
Zey – *walks inside* Hey, guys.
Zey – Hold up! Hold up! I want to ask you guys something.
Minotaur – What, Zey..
Zey – *sighs* Do you guys want me on the show?
Everyone – No.
Zey – I’m staying then! :D
Minotaur – Welcome back to the show, Zey. Now go make me a sandvich. :3
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