Animino Control

This episode never turned out the way I expected it to. ;_;

I hope you like Kyan. Like the vague description on the Episodes page says, this is about Kyan realizing he could call Animal Control on Minotaur since, well, he isn’t human.


Ryku – I’m even more interested in the Twilight section..
Minotaur – *turns to Ryku* What?
Ryku – Nothing.. *quietly sneaks away to Twilight aisle*
Kyan – Minotaur, look! It’s one of those large carts with the multiple balls inside! Give me a boost.
Minotaur – *puts hands out*
Kyan – *jumps into Minotaur’s hands*
Minotaur – WHOA! Overweight, much?
Kyan – Shut up! D:< *jumps in cart* Oh my god, a Dora ball!
Minotaur – CAN I SEE? :D
Kyan – No.
Minotaur – Why?
Kyan – Because you called me overweight. -____-
Minotaur – *throws cart out a window in gang of rabid dogs outside*
Kyan – *gets out of cart* IT’S HARD TO BREATHE D: *looks around* Oh fu –
*dogs attack Kyan’s face*
Minotaur – *grunts* Stupid Kyan.
Ryku – *walks to Minotaur holding Edward and Bella dolls* Where’s Kyan?
Minotaur – Getting eaten by dogs outside.
Ryku – Ah..Wait, why?
Minotaur – He wouldn’t show me a totally batman Dora doll he found.
Ryku – You hurt people for stupid reasons.
Minotaur – I am aware of that. ;D
Kyan – *crawls inside through the window*
Ryku – Kyan! :D
Kyan – D:<
Ryku – o__o Oh, I guess you don’t feel like talking.
Kyan – I’m going to kill you Mi – Oh wait. :D Awesome idea time. *dials number on cellphone*
Ryku – Who ya callin’?
Kyan – Animal control.
Minotaur – Animal Control? D:<
Kyan – Well, you aren’t human. I could tell, because you don’t know how to read Captchas. *on phone* A wild rhino attacked me at Toys ‘R’ Us. *hangs up* They’re going to be here any minute. :)
Minotaur – No way! D: *hides in a pile of teddy bears*
Police – *comes through the door* HOLD UP!
Kyan – Wait, I called Animal Control.
Police – Actually, you silly idiot, you called the police.
Kyan – Animal control! D:<
Police – THE NUMBER FOR ANIMAL CONTROL ISN’T 9-1-1! Anyways, where is he?
Kyan – His head is sticking out in that pile of teddy bears.
Minotaur – *sweats nervously*
Police – That’s not a rhino. That’s a teddy bear!
Kyan – The one with the green hair! D:<
Police – That’s brown.
Police – Those are ears. And sir, I don’t appreciate your tone and attitude. I think I should know what a rhino looks like.
Kyan – Fine. It’s a weird looking human.
Police – LIAR!
Ryku – *gets out camera* lolz This is funny.
Kyan – Don’t make me angry, officer. You won’t like me when I’m angry.
Police – Dang, you’re fat.
Kyan – *turns huge, muscly, and green*
Kyan – *grabs Police and rips his head off*
Police’s Servered Head – And assaulting a police officer! Oh, this is totally going to be held against you.
Kyan – Stop it. D:< *kicks head out window with the dogs*
*dogs chew up head*
Kyan – *turns back to normal* I’m happy nao. :D
Ryku – *comes back from checkout line*
Kyan – What’d you buy?
Ryku – Kyan, I love Twilight.

About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

6 responses to “Animino Control”

  1. Krazi says :

    Epic :O

    B-but did Mino turn into a bear? OOOOH WATCH THE NEXT STORY TO FND OUT~

  2. rawrmeansiloveyouindinoaur says :

    Kyan, I love twilight<—LMAO!

  3. hland7 doesn't feel like logging on, still. says :

    If Mino isn’t human, and he eats humans, then he shouldn’t be a cannibal, rite?

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