Teen Dad

Have you ever seen those teen pregnancy shows on MTV? Parodies of that ftw.

Those MTV corporate guys are up to something. Find out Minotaur’s dramatic experience being a teen dad on MTV. Plus Bradley!


*7 months earlier*
Minotaur – *sits in big office* Did you want me for something?
Mr. MTV – Yes! :D In 7 months we’re airing a new series called Teen Dad. And we want YOU to be on it!
Minotaur – How’d you find me?
Mr. MTV – Err.. Uh.. We have our ways.
Minotaur – You stalk me..?
Mr. MTV – Yep.
Minotaur – I’LL DO IT! What will I have to do though?
Mr. MTV – We’re going to be following you every where you go with your son, Bradley.
Minotaur – I don’t like Bradley. He’s a twerp. D:
Mr. MTV – We’ll see about that. Sign that contract, boy. :D
Minotaur – Okay, okay. *takes out pen* …
Mr. MTV – ….Are you going to sign it?
Minotaur – How to spell Minotaur?
*the next day*
Minotaur – *sleeping in bed*
Bradley – *kicks Minotaur violently in the stomach*
Minotaur – *wakes up* WHOA!
Bradley – Dad, what are these annoying people with cameras doing here?
Minotaur – I signed a contract, and they’ll be filming us for 6 months.
Bradley – YOU IDIOT. Take me to school.
Minotaur – I don’t feel like it. -__-
Bradley – I’m going to get Squiggles..
Minotaur – I killed Squiggles.
Bradley – I have another Squiggles. D:< *leaves room*
*camera men follow Bradley out*
Mr. MTV – Uh, Mino?
Minotaur – What?
Mr. MTV – Here’s your storyline. :D *hands Mino a piece of paper*
Minotaur – *takes, reads* You are living in a house with your son, but are unable to pay the rent. You move in with your best friend Ryku. But things don’t work out. You have a job as a waiter at a fancy restaurant and Ryku is forced to watch over Bradley. Blah, blah, arguments, blah, blah, money problems, blah, blah, abusements. *stops* Wait, this is all fake?
Mr. MTV – Uh, duh.
Minotaur – I think I could do this. :D
*3 weeks later*
Minotaur – *on couch sleeping*
Ryku – AHEM!
Minotaur – *wakes up*
Ryku – Guess who I had to take to school?
Minotaur – ..Gordon.
Ryku – *punches Minotaur in the face multiple times*
Minotaur – *stabs Ryku in the stomach with convienent knife*
*2 weeks later*
Bradley – We’re homeless.
Minotaur – Ikr. This is not fun.
*someone walks by*
Bradley – Excuse me, sir. Spare some change?
Someone – Ew, no. You’re dirty. *walks away*
Bradley – *gets bat, chases someone, and breaks their legs*
*4 weeks later*
Minotaur – It sucks being in jail.
Bradley – It sucks that I have to be in jail with you the rest of the filming.
Minotaur – This is sad. :(
*on the reunion, today*
Pablos – And it was just so sad. Y’know?
Dr. Drew – Thank you, Pablos. Now, no one could deny who been through the WORST journey of all. Minotaur, would you use this as an experience?
Minotaur – *wears expensive clothing and a gold necklace* It was an experience. It was just so sad seeing that I had to go through all that with a child by my side as well.
Dr. Drew – You and your son were very ABUSIVE, I should say. What do you think of that?
Minotaur – I personally think we were born this way, little monster.
Author’s Note: Lady Gaga references. :D
Dr. Drew – Ah. You know the weird thing is, your birthday was last month, and you’re still 17. Why is that?
Minotaur – Yeah, Dr. Drew. That’s none of your business.
Dr. Drew – I’m curious like your fa –

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