It’s Twilight Time!

Yes, this episode involves Twilight, but they’re DOLLS! :D

And this is one of those episodes with epic battles.

After Bradley discovers bloody cuts on his wrists, he gets suspicious about the Twilight toys Ryku gave him as a gift.


Kyan – *comes in the studio* WHAT’S UP, KIDDIES! :D *sits down*
Ryku – Meow.
Minotaur – Kyan, why are you wearing a green, plaid skirt..
Kyan – It’s not a skirt! It’s called *mumbles* from Ireland. All the manliest of men wear them there.
Minotaur – That looks pretty G + Ay, Kyan.
Kyan – There’s nothing wrong with being happy. :)
Ryku – Err..we’ll be right back with Rihanna talking about her brutal assaults on Chris Brown.
*cameras turn off*
Bradley – *runs in the studio* DAD! DAD!
Ryku – Oh great, it’s this irritating *beep* again.
Bradley – *tugs on Minotaur’s sleeves*
Minotaur – *moves arm away* What is it, Bradley? D:<
Bradley – *shows wrists* I woke up and there were cuts on it, and it was bleeding and everything..
Minotaur – Bradley, are you emo?
Bradley – No..
Minotaur – Good. Then I care more. Why are you getting all these cuts?
Bradley – I don’t know, but it kinda all started after Ryku gave me those Twilight dolls..
*everyone looks at Ryku*
Ryku – Uhh, it was for my girlfriend.
Minotaur – You told me you were asexual..
Ryku – Fine, I’m not asexual and I don’t have a girlfriend yet.
Minotaur – *moves closer to Ryku* ;D
Ryku – Please go away.
Kyan – What happened, Bradley?
It all started off with Ryku giving me these Twilight action figures I never even said I wanted.
Ryku – *hands Bradley toys* Oh, and Jacob has a shirt you could pull off.
Bradley – *takes* Yeah, thanks.. *starts walking away*
Ryku – Wait, wait!
Bradley – *stops*
Ryku – Give me Alice.
Bradley – No, she’s like the hottest one! D:<
Ryku – ..Fine, give me Bella.
Bradley – *hands Bella to Ryku*
Ryku – *takes* I don’t like you, Bella. You’re not that attractive, you got pregnant, and your facial expression never changes. And you’re attracted to vampires. You’re a freak. *puts Bella in pocket*
Bradley – Okay then..
Ryku – WellOkayThenGoodNight! :D *kicks Bradley in to his room and locks the door* MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Then I went to sleep with them to protect me from the Boogeyman. And when I woke up 10 minutes ago, my wrists were covered in blood.
Kyan – Maybe it has something to do with the toys..
Minotaur – You’re more stupid than me saying that sentence.
Kyan – Shut up. It could be possible.
Bradley – It IS possible! Toy Story taught me that.
Minotaur – You’re more stupid than me saying that sentence.
Bradley – Shut up. It could be possible.
Ryku – We could set up video cameras in your room.
Minotaur – You’re more stupid than me saying that sentence.
Ryku – Shut up. It could be possible.
*in Minotaur’s house*
Bradley – *waits outside room*
Minotaur – *walks out of Bradley’s room* Finished.
Bradley – *hugs Mino* Thanks, Daddy! :3
Minotaur – G + Ay.
Bradley – *stops hugging* There’s nothing wrong with being happy.
Minotaur – Well, good night, son! :D
Bradley – But it’s 11 A.M. …
Minotaur – Yeah, whatever. *walks away*
Bradley – *walks in room* The camera IS installed! :D
Edward – *hits Bradley in the leg with a bat*
Bradley – OUCH! *falls on the floor*
Edward – *throws bat to Jacob*
Jacob – *catches, hits Bradley in the back repeatedly in the back with the bat*
Alice – *throws duct tape to Edward*
Bradley – *cries for help* DADDY! D;
Edward – *duct tapes Bradley’s mouth shut*
*in the living room*
Minotaur – *on the couch, channel surfs* Boring. Boring. Oprah Winfrey Network? Triple boring. The Bradley Getting Beat Up By Twilight Dolls Channel.. Oooh! :D Ryku, bring me some popcorn!
Ryku – *walks in living room with popcorn* OH MY GOD! *drops*
Minotaur – *facepalms* You notice that you’ve dropped the popcorn?
Ryku – *runs to Bradley’s room, opens door*
Jacob – *strikes Ryku in the leg with the bat*
Ryku – MOTHER FUU – *kicks Jacob to the wall*
*Jacob breaks in to pieces*
Alice – *runs towards Ryku*
Ryku – *steps on Alice*
*Bella jumps out of Ryku’s pocket and runs away*
Edward – *jumps on Ryku’s face*
Ryku – *sneezes Edward off*
Bradley – *puts arms on bed to try to get up*
*every other toy rages towards Ryku*
Ryku – *kicks them all to the wall*
Bradley – *gets up, notices Bella behind Ryku with a knife*
Ryku – I did a pretty awesome job, huh? :D
Bradley – *waves hands in the air wildly*
Bella – *jumps up and rages knife towards Ryku’s back*
Bradley – *moves Ryku out of the way, and blows Bella to the wall*
*Bella breaks to pieces*
Bradley – *mumbles*
Ryku – *rips off duct tape*
Bradley – MOTHER FUU – Thanks, Ryku. I owe you my life.
*Ryku and Bradley hug*
*in the living room*
Minotaur – This ending is so heartwarming, but they have NO idea how to fight.
Ryku – *walks in* You are a horrible parent.



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  1. Max says :

    Sweet. I was a little nervous about hate comments, but I can’t see any comments yet so… that’s all I have to say in the morning.

  2. Barefoot Raptor says :


  3. annabethfan1269 says :

    Ah, I love things that involve Twilight Hating.

  4. Strange Clown says :

    I like Twilight O-o

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