PWH Forever Contest! :D

Note: The results has been posted!

The last season of Party with Hobos? Oh no! With your help, there could be another season that could be written by YOU!

The long-living comedy series Party with Hobos is deciding to make another season just for the hardcore fans called PWH Forever, which is promised to be perfectly for the fans and by the fans.

In this contest, you’ll have to submit your very own, custom, hilarious, and random Party with Hobos fan episode! The rules are:


  1. English Only.
  2. Use Minotaur, Ryku, and Kyan. You could also use your own characters.
  3. Make it hilarious.
  4. Don’t think too much in to the episode. :)
  5. Have a creative idea.
  6. Make it at least 50 lines long.

Deadline Date: Monday, February 14th

Results Date: Monday, February 21st

Season Premiere Date: Wednesday, February 23rd

How to Submit Your Episode

  1. ( Preferred ) E-Mail episode to MT’s e-mail,
  2. Comment on this post.
  3. Comment on the PHB’s post about the contest.

And in a great contest, there’s always awesome prizes you could win!

What the winners get:

1st Place: Gets to help write the whole season with MT.

2nd Place: Gets their idea of an episode created.

3rd Place: Gets their idea of an episode created.

Time flies, so get writing! :)

-The PWH Crew






About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

31 responses to “PWH Forever Contest! :D”

  1. CyberTron says :

    Can you team up, or will I have to go solo?

  2. Max says :

    Mwuahahahaha. MT, I will be signing up for your contest. I’ll be working on it, and probably am gonna turn it in the day before the 14th. Yus, I will e-mail it. IT HAS BEEN DECIDED!

    P.S. Can we use one of the theme songs? If we can, will it count as lines?

  3. undefined undefined says :

    Btw I posted mine on PHB. Well, it’s awating moderation but it will be there. :)

  4. ExplorerBronze says :

    This is interesting, though I’m not much of a writer. Here’s a question that many others may have, but can you collaborate with other contestants?


    this has been a dream for me!!!

  6. iPrepKid says :

    Here’s my entry. I put it here so that everyone can see it. I want people’s opinions, so, here goes! It’s called Darkieniss:
    Minotaur: *shudders* KYAN! RYKU! HEEEELLLP!
    Steamee: MUAHAHAHA!
    Kyan: It’s soooo…. durk in here.
    Ryku: Who’s laugh was that that echoed and made it sound like we were going to die?
    Mino: Uhhh….. whatttt??
    Ryku: That’s right. You see, we appear to be in a cave. I thought you liked caves?
    Kyan: Lite schmight. The real problem is that any second now one of us is going to pass out.
    Mino: I’m scared of the dark….
    Steamee: MUAHHHAAAA!
    Mino: AHHHHH! *jumps into Kyan’s arms*
    Kyan: *looks down* Oh my… *passes out*
    Mino: RYKU!!!!
    *The light turns on, and it turns out that they were in the amazing University of West Texas A&M Auditorium. Steamee, the crew’s robot, was doing a very funny prank*
    Steamee: You should’ve seen yourselves. :D
    Ryku: (To Minotaur) I’m lucky you didn’t jump in MY arms, and (To Steamee) what the CHEESE were you doing?
    Steamee: I might’ve been working with my teleporter a little….
    Kyan: *wakes up* A LITTLE?
    Mino: I almost wet myself.
    Ryku: Our point exactly. And it’s MIDNIGHT!
    *The doors open, and in comes security.*
    Security Guard: Oh, hey. WHAT THE…
    Ryku: DON’T SAY IT!
    Guard: What? The H Word?
    Mino: Yesthehword.
    Steamee: Still scared are you?
    Guard: *into walkie-talkie* Security to the Auditorium.
    Steamee: wut. was. that?
    Kyan: He called MORE SECURITY!
    Steamee: Oh, right. Everyone huddle!
    *They all huddle*
    Steamee: PORTIMUS!
    *They end up in a spot of barren land in India*
    Kyan: What was that?
    Steamee: I teleported wrong.
    Ryku: Portimus?
    Steamee: That’s the word you say to teleport.
    Mino: ORLY?
    Steamee: Take note that my eyes can shoot lasers.
    Ryku: Don’t even TRY underestimating a ROBOT, Mino.
    Mino: I hate you. You’re so mean. *grabs Teleporter*
    Kyan: NO!
    Mino: You asked for it. PORTIMUS!
    Steamee: *facepalm* YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!
    Ryku: Yeah. Us.
    Steamee: That, and that fact that he had to be thinking of where he was going…
    Kyan: *rolls eyes* Yeah right. So…. Steamee?
    Steamee: wut.
    Kyan: Now what do we do?
    Ryku: Don’t try guessing, Steamee. Take out your pennywhistles and BLOW! It is the signal of the CHEESEBALL ARMY!
    Kyan: Whatever you say.
    *all blow*
    Kyan: Uh… Ry?
    Ryku: It’s RyKU. And look! Here comes the General.
    Yolanda: Ohai guys!
    Everyone Else: O_o
    Yolanda: What? Am I cute or something? I even brought some Pineapples!
    Cybertron’s Pineapple AlterEgo: HEY! I’M THE PINEYKING!
    Kyan: Uhhh…. er….
    Yolanda: Oh, yeah, they’re antsy too.
    Steamee: Oh my effing gosh. Let me count my inventory: 1 Cute Cheeseball, 1 Yodeling Blues Singer, 1 Random Guy, and a Desperate Pineapple. Yikes.
    *In The Middle of Time and Space…*
    Ghosts: Minoooooo……..
    Mino: *shudders and whispers* I’m going to wet myself.
    *thunder cackles in the distance*
    Mino: I guess I should sing…. I wanna be the guy! I so do! I dun’t wanna wet meeeeeself! Nuh-uh-uh!
    Mino: Roger, help me. In fact, Lordy, save me.
    Mino: OH GIZE!
    *Steamee, Kyan, Ryku, Yolanda, and Mara appear*
    Mino: THANKS! I’m sorry.
    Kyan: Alright, now, I’ll grab him. Hold on! *grabs Mino*
    Steamee: PORTIMUS!
    They appear in the PWH Studio, where it is 3:00 AM.
    Mino: I love you gize.
    Kyan: ORLY? I thought you hated us.
    Mino: I dun’t anymore. :D In fact, I’ve had enough Darkieniss for a day.
    Yolanda and Mara: Two days, actually. Remember, it was midnight in the Auditorium.
    Ryku: Oh yeah. I ‘member.
    Steamee: You owe us though, MYTH MINO!
    Mino: If I were a myth, I wouldn’t be here.
    Mara: Toodoloo TRUEEEE!
    Ryku: Lordy, I’m scared.
    Steamee: Oh and guys?
    Everyone else: wut.
    Steamee: I’m resigning.
    Everyone: WUT?
    Steamee: They’re offering a job for mental robots in Chicago to kill gangs! Everyone knows I’M capable of that!
    Mara: Orly?
    Steamee: Yarly.
    Mino: Is it dark there?
    Kyan: Always Mino. ;)
    Mino: :O *passes out*
    Steamee: Well, I’m off!
    Ryku: Uh, bai robot dude.
    Steamee: *grabs teleporter* PORTIMUS!
    zap. theendofthisstory.

    ^^I even ended it like MT would end it.^^

    Hope I win, and good luck to others! Tell me if you liked it!

  7. happyfishblog says :

    My submission:

    Mino:You guys ready for a party in Taco Bell?
    Mino:Good,let’s go!It’s also karaoke night!Kyan will be singing!
    Ryku:Which is why I have 2 pairs of earmuffs!
    (at Taco Bell)
    Kyan:Here I go!
    Ryku:(whispers)Get the earmuffs ready…
    Mino:(punches Ryku repeatedly)
    (Percy walks in)
    Percy:Yeah,we need some more…Oh,god!Can I see your meat processor for a sec?
    Percy:(jams head in meat processor,pushes on button)
    Kyan:(singing)YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAH,it's a party in Taco Bell!
    (in Heaven)
    Percy:Thank God,I got away from those three.
    God:(gives Percy a super-wegdie)
    (back at Taco Bell)
    Mino:Alright,Time to go!What's with all the blood?
    Ryku:Hey,Mino,what was Bradley doing all this time?
    (in Antarctica)
    Bradley:Why did Dad sennd me here?There's no albino moose here.
    (Albino moose runs by)
    Bradley:I stand corrected.Get 'im,Squiggles!

  8. happyfishblog says :

    I was typing my submission,but my computer shut off.Here;s a summary.Please let me be in the contest!

    Minotaur,Ryku and Kyan are trying to get tickets to Super Bowl XLV,but the Onling ticket place is out.So they have to drive to California to get tickets.Meanwhile,Bradley gets tickets to the Super Bowl,but is stuck on a crappy plane.

    (NOTE:This is a 2-part episode.)

    • happyfishblog says :

      here it is:

      Ryku-SUPAH BOWL!
      Kyan-Calm down!We have to order the tickets first!
      (5 milliseconds later)
      Ryku-They’re out.We have to drive to the stadium to get tickets!
      (Bradley walks in)
      Bradley-Which is why I bought mine in advance.
      (all dog-pile on Bradley)
      Bradley-GET OFF MEH!
      Mino-*sighs*I’ll drive.
      (in car)
      Ryku-Could we pick up someone on our way?
      (2 minutes later)
      Edward-Why did you tie me up,put tape over my eyes,and break a bottle over my head?
      Ryku-SHUT UP!(shoots him with sleep dart)
      Edward-Oh fu-(passes out)
      (in Texas)
      Ryku-Wow,I love this guy!
      (flat tire noise)

      (part 2)

      Mino-Stranded…No food..No water…Tired…
      Kyan:Mino,we’ve only been out here for 10 minutes.
      Mino:Don’t care…Shut up…Argyle socks…(passes out)
      Kyan-It can’t be!
      Minotaur-THE STADIUM!
      Brdley-(crashes into Minotaur)
      Ryku-How did you wind up falling out of the sky?
      Bradley-Are you sure this plane is safe?
      Drunk Pilot-Yep,Safest thing ever!(bangs on wall)
      (wall breaks)
      Bradley-OHMAIGOWD!We’re gonna effin’ die!
      (Bradley gets sucked out of plane)
      (flashback ends)
      (all run to stadium)
      Ryku-gimme 3 tickets!
      (runs through door)
      Announcer-And the Colts win!
      MINO-Darn,the game’s over!

      (end credits)
      (in car)
      Edward-(wakes up)Huh?Hello?Anybody?Oh look,the Colts won!

  9. Zey says :

    Over half of these entries are plain cheesy. Oh well, I guess it’s pretty mediocre for an internet story site. Don’t take this personally.

  10. hland7 says :

    Is the title copying Hannah Montana Forever?

  11. DizzyDee says :

    So this starts tomorrow?

  12. happyfishblog says :

    Who won?

  13. Alpha says :

    Ummmm… MT? We need the results, you know. Some of us want to know who won…. :D

  14. Enclosed Lightning 5 says :

    Who won?!

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