Just to let you know, Zey’s back! :D

Haven’t seen him in a while. He needs more spotlight.

Zey realizes that he doesn’t have any American dollars, which makes him poor in America.


*in Germany*
Director – Aaand action!
Announcer – Do you ever vant beautiful hair like this guy?
Zey – *walks in scene with beautiful wig*
Announcer – Vell, you’re not getting it. Go get sandvich. I’m hungry.
Director – That’s a wrap!
Zey – *walks to Director* Sooooo..
Director – Vhat. D:<
Zey – I didn’t hear the first time. Uh, how big is my paycheck for this brief commercial is again?
Director – *sigh* 32,000,000 dollars.
Zey – AWESOME. Where is it?
Director – *gives Zey suitcase* There.
Zey – *takes, opens up* Err, what is all this?
Director – $32,000,000, duh.
Zey – This isn’t U.S. dollars. D:<
Director – Vhat’d you expect?
Zey – Hmm.. I got an idea. *zoops away*
A commercial I did in Germany.
No lines, good pay equals harmony.
There’s no place I’d rather be
than with thirty million G’s.
I’m not afraid to rub it in your face.
To this society, you’re a disgrace.
You’re so ignorant; can’t figure out makin’ easy money,
I’m surprised you’re not givin’ up, honey.
Zey, that’s me. I’m rich.
Be jealous. Be jealous.
I’m rich. Don’t cry.
Wonder why.
Pity me.
You’ll never be me.
*in the PWH studio*
Kyan – ..and Colorz by New Boyz. And that is my list of songs that need a music video, as of January 21st, 2011. :D
Minotaur – I know that I usually don’t agree with everything you say, but I like that song. I think everyone should check that song out. *looks at you* :)
Kyan – ..Yeah, you usually don’t agree with anything I say. D:
Minotaur – You’re killin’ me, Smalls.
Ryku – Time for my list! :D *lists a bunch of Japanese songs*
Minotaur – Yeah, no one ever heard of those.
Ryku – *rolls eyes* I’ll just tell Flamez.
Zey – *kicks door down* I’M RICH, BABY! *sits down*
Kyan – Expensive clothes, Zey.
Minotaur – Yeah..
Kyan – There you go again!
Minotaur – Kyan, be quiet. This isn’t the time for that.
Ryku – How’d you make that kind of money? D:
Zey – A commercial in Germany. Their clothes are spectactular.
Kyan – Wait, you went shopping in Germany?
Zey – Yep.
Kyan – You went shopping in Germany – with American dollars?
Zey – No. Germany dollars.
*everyone starts laughing hard*
Zey – What’s so funny? D:
Minotaur – *tries to catch breath* Notice how all your movies aren’t in America?
Zey – What does that have to do with anything? D:
Ryku – What does that have to do? Uhh, think of this. You’re not a host, therefore you do not get paid.
Zey – I have a mansion in America I had for 2 years! D:<
Ryku – But you paid for it in non-American dollars. That’s why it’s getting smashed down by that wrecking ball machine.
Zey – WHAT?! D:
Kyan – Oh yeah, I saw that in the Starbucks across from your mansion this morning.
Kyan – *sips coffee at table, looks out window* Oh, a wrecking ball is smashing Zey’s mansion. :) *sips drink*
Zey – So, I’m not rich? D:
Kyan – What do you think we’re telling you? *rolls eyes*
Zey – I’m poor in America? D:
Kyan – Exactly.
Zey – Then maybe I’ll just go back to Germany.
Ryku – But you’re going to be on an American airport, and the closest one is cash only. :)
Zey – FINE! I’m a jobless hobo. This is the very thing I never wanted to be. They’re the worst at parties. :(
Minotaur – That’s sort of another reason we don’t like you on this show..
Zey – *sitting down on sidewalk, holding cardboard sign*
*people walk by*
Zey – Excuse me, sir! Can you spare a penny for a hobo like me?
Sir – Well with those sort of clothes, I doubt you’re a hobo.
Zey – You’re right! :O *cuts a hole in pants with fingernail* Now gimme money.
Sir – *walks away*
Zey – This is sad. :( *gets up, looks at window in the PWH studio*
Ryku – *hits Mino’s shoulder* You’re silly. :D
Minotaur – *gets out chainsaw* lol not rly.
*everyone laughs*
Zey – *walks inside* Hey, guys.
Zey – Hold up! Hold up! I want to ask you guys something.
Minotaur – What, Zey..
Zey – *sighs* Do you guys want me on the show?
Everyone – No.
Zey – I’m staying then! :D
Minotaur – Welcome back to the show, Zey. Now go make me a sandvich. :3

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

3 responses to “Sandviches”

  1. annabethfan1269 says :

    I would like to have a sandvich :D


    nice anna nice
    heres your sandwitch

  3. Evo says :

    Couldn’t Zey just go to an exchange place? o_O

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