This is dedicated those readers out there that read for their minds! :)

After Zey discovers that Kyan never heard of a library, or even books for that matter, Zey takes him to one to read his first books.


*awkward silence in the PWH studio*
Minotaur – Why is it SO quiet? D:<
Zey – Maybe because Ryku went to library for the day to study for his college course test..
Minotaur – He’s 17..
Zey – He turned 18 on January 14th..
Kyan – Wait, what’s a library?
Minotaur – Yeah, I was wondering that too.
Zey – Are you kidding me? *facepalm*
Kyan – Kidding about what? I don’t know what that is.
Zey – It’s like a building with a bunch of books in it.
Kyan – Books?
Minotaur – Oh, I know what books are..
Zey – I’m surprised Minotaur is smarter than you.
Kyan – I don’t know everything in the world like you do, Zey! You former hobo. I shouldn’t even let you sleep in my backyard!
Zey – Hey, you said NEVER to mention that! D:<
Kyan – Just did. ;D
Zey – ..I’ll take you to a library so you WILL know everything in the world.
*at local library*
Zey – *whispers* Look at all the nerds in here!
Everyone – SSHHHHH!
Kyan – MEAN, MUCH?
Librarian – I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave if you don’t lower your voice.
Kyan – Leave me alone you old hag! D:
Zey – *pinches Kyan*
Kyan – Ow! What was that for?
Zey – *whispers* Most people like to read in silence so they could focus better. In a library, you’re filled with readers. So, you’ll have to whisper. Like this..
Librarian – *punches Kyan hard  in the face unconscious, breaks his neck*
*Many surguries later*
Kyan – *opens library doors, whispers* I’m back..
Zey – ..Unfortunately. Time for you to learn what books are. :D
Kyan – Awesome! :D
Zey – *throws books at Kyan*
Kyan – *falls to the ground* GAH! Why are they so heavy? D:
Zey – Not all of them are. But I picked you out a few Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Captain Underpants, Christian Bibles, and a whole series of Encyclopedias. Hopefully, you’ll like them! :D
Kyan – Err..How do you read a book?
Minotaur – *getting chased by a goat, runs outside*
*a few days later, at the PWH studio*
Minotaur – How was your college course test?
Ryku – I got a perfect grade! :D
Zey – Cool story, bro.
Ryku – ..At least, Minotaur cares.
Minotaur – *asleep*
Ryku – *slaps Minotaur*
Minotaur – *wakes* GAH!
Ryku – Don’t you want to know what I learned?
Minotaur – I thought when you took tests, you study, take the test, and forget everything you learned..
Kyan – *kicks open door, wearing glasses; polo shirt; and skinny jeans* Hey guys!
Zey – GET AWAY FROM ME!!! *gets out Pepper Spray, sprays Kyan in the eyes*
Minotaur – *slaps Spray out of Zey’s hand* What’s with the new makeover, Kyan?
Kyan – I changed my style to go with my personality: BOOK NERD!
Zey – Wait, you read all the books?
Kyan – Yep.
Zey – You did not read a whole series of Encyclopedias in a few days. D:<
Kyan – Yes I did! D:
Zey – Tell me something you learned. D:<
Kyan – Did you know that Nazis are bad?
Zey – *gasp* Really? :O
Ryku – What about your music, Kyan?
Kyan – I’m going to give it all up for books. :D
Minotaur – You should teach CW your secrets.
Zey – This is going to be awkward for now on. With a nerd on the show.
Minotaur – What do you mean? Ryku’s right there!
Ryku – HEY! That’s not funny! D:<

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

2 responses to “Bookface”

  1. Zey-shomi says :

    Hm. What happened to Zey being all crazy? He’s all calm now… :O. That’s not the Zey that I created. XD

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