The Last Party

school’z liek all takin up muh tiem

Dramatic Episode! :D

If you guys haven’t read Party in Taco Bell in the Season Five section on the Episodes page, I recommend reading that before this.

When Cashier finds out that you could restrict certain people from entering a business’ property, he chooses Minotaur, Ryku, and Kyan.


It’s Bradley! Hey, I’m narrating again; this is SO Batman! This story is about the parties of Taco Bell. Unfortunately what they didn’t know, that last Friday would be their last.
*at the PWH Studio*
Kyan – Got the party hats, Zey?
Zey – *holds up bag* You owe me $2.95. -_-
Kyan – What about the cups?
Ryku – I think they’d have cups..
Kyan – Percy doesn’t let us in the backroom, Ryku.
Ryku – Oh, then no we don’t.
Minotaur – YES, SIR?
Kyan – You’re going to go in the backroom and get cups.
Minotaur – …Oh okay.
Kyan – We ready everyone?
Zey – No.
Kyan – *sigh* Yes, Zey?
Zey – I do not want to go..
*everyone except Zey nods their heads*
Kyan – Let’s do this! *kicks door down and heads to Taco Bell*
*at Taco Bell*
Cashier – I’m telling you! These parties are getting out of control! Each week they get more obnoxious and destructive towards our property!
Manager – What am I suppose to do about it?
Cashier – *facepalm*
Manager – Don’t facepalm me! I’m your boss!
The Lonely Island – LIKE A BOSS.
Cashier – Well, I found this thing on the internet saying that you could restrict certain people from coming in.
Manager – And we need to take pictures and fingerprints?
Cashier – Exactly.
Manager – Do you know their names? *gets out notebook and pen*
Cashier – Minotaur, Ryku, and Kyan.
Manager – ..I need LAST NAMES.
*loud noises come from the backroom*
Cashier – What the? *walks to the backroom*
Manager – *follows*
Cashier – MINOTAUR!
Minotaur – I GOT THE CUPS! PARTY’S ON! *runs to the front room*
Ryku – Awesome and I just finished putting up the banner. :D
Cashier – *comes back* WHEN DID YOU GUYS GET HERE?
Kyan – *throws balloons to the ceiling* We’ve been here for like 30 minutes..
Ryku – PARTY’S ON!
Manager – Actually, party’s OFF! We’re restricting you from coming here FOR LIFE!
Minotaur – THAT’S NOT FAIR! Where are we suppose to throw our parties?
Cashier – Who cares? Burger King?
Ryku – Err…No. We don’t own copyrights to that.
Cashier – *shrugs*
Ryku – Let’s go, guys.. -__-
Manager – But we haven’t taken your fingerprints and pictures yet.
Kyan – ..No. *leaves with the rest of the crew*
Cashier – *sigh* Now it’s boring.
Manager – So, you’d rather be irritated and angry than peaceful and bored?
Cashier – Duh.
Minotaur – We have nothing to do now on a Friday night. They can’t just kick us out like that! D:
Ryku – You can’t throw a party at a restaurant without consultant of the restaurant itself.
Minotaur – Stupid laws. :(
Ryku – Let’s just go home, guys. *starts walking*
Minotaur – Yeah.. *walks aside Ryku*
Kyan – WAIT!
*Ryku and Minotaur turn around*
Kyan – I can’t believe you guys would just give up like that? You’ll just give up hope? Well, you aren’t the kind of people I’m proud to be friends with.
Ryku – Kyan’s right! We can’t let them push us around! Let’s bust through that door! We have a party to go to!
Minotaur – YEAH! *kicks door open*
*dogs attack Minotaur to the ground*
Kyan – *looks around* GUYS, LOOK! :D
Ryku – *looks in Kyan’s direction* It’s – It’s —
Minotaur – *kicks dogs in the sky* ANOTHER TACO BELL! :D
Unlike the other Taco Bell, the workers there enjoyed their company. The customers did too. One of the customers was a record producer that offered them a record contract. But they turned it down, because they still have 3 episodes left and a whole ‘nother season to make. And it has nothing to do with the story.
*after the party*
Minotaur – *sleeping on the table*
Ryku – *draws on balloons* Yeee….
*in the backroom*
Kyan – *nomming on burritos* And then I said, ‘That’s impossible! I’m a good girl!’ BWAHAHAHA
And that was the journey of getting kicked out of their favorite restaurant and be welcomed with open arms in the other one. This was a heartwarming dramatic episode, because we barely have any.

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  1. DizzyDee says :

    How Wowsome! One of your best!

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