Lately, I’ve been having quite a taste for dramatic, serious episodes.

A murder episode, finally.  Bradley and Zey are apparently camping unaware of the presence of a serial killer outside of their tent.


*in woods, tent*
Bradley – Thanks for camping with me, Zey! :D
Zey – Whatever, man. Let’s go on the computer and watch YouTube videos!
Bradley – It’s kind of past my bedtime..
Zey – Who goes to sleep at 2 A.M. ? Come on, you could skip a night. Now, let’s look at some keyboard kitty! :D
Bradley – YAY! :D
*hears stabbing noises outside tent*
Bradley – *clings to Zey*
Zey – *sighs* Yes, Bradley?
Bradley – Do you hear that noise? It sounds like stabbing. D:
Zey – It’s probably ju – *pushes Bradley off* It’s probably just the wind.
Bradley – The wind does NOT make stabbing noises! D:
*woman screaming noise is heard*
Zey – The wind makes noises like that too. ;D
*dead female body lands in tent*
Bradley – OH MY GOD! D:
Zey – Oh, that’s not the wind.
Bradley – We have to get out of here FAST! D:
Zey – DUHH! D:
Bradley – *starts stuffing bag*
Serial Killer – *pulls Zey out of tent by his mouth*
Bradley – The sleeping bags won’t fit, Zey! *turns to where Zey was* Zey? Zey, wherever you are, this is no time to be playing hide and seek!
Serial Killer – *drags Zey to the swamp to be killed*
Serial Killer – *throws big rock at back of Zey’s head*
Zey – *unconscious*
Serial Killer – *throws Zey in the swamp*
Zey – *drowns in the water*
Serial Killer – *walks off*
*somewhere else in the woods*
Bradley – *walking with huge backpack* Zey? ZEY? WHERE ARE YOU, MAN?
Serial Killer – *stares at Bradley from a distance*
Bradley – *stops, looks at Serial Killer* Where’s Zey? D:<
Serial Killer – Oh, he’s long gone..
Bradley – What do you mean? Did you – KILL him? D:
Serial Killer – *walks towards Bradley slowly* Kill is such a strong word.
Bradley – Look, I know that you killed him! And I’m telling my mom on you! D:<
Serial Killer – YOU BETTER NOT! *runs after Bradley*
Bradley – AAHHHHH! *runs away, pulls out cellphone* Hello? Squiggles II ? Yeah, there’s like a serial killer chasing me and you need to like come here. Okay? Thanks, bye! :D *closes cellphone, looks behind Bradley*
*no one in sight*
Bradley – I’m scared. I don’t want to die. *walks up to puddle*
Zey – *in puddle* Bradley!
Bradley – *looks at puddle* Zey? Is that really you?
Zey – Yes, it’s me.
Bradley – I’m so scared. Help me! D:
Zey – I’m dead, Bradley. I can’t help you.
Bradley – I don’t want to die, Zey. *starts tearing*
Zey – Why? Death is your friend. Ever think how the world is all messed up?
Bradley – *wipes tears, nods head*
Zey – How it’s hard to live in it. How it’s so unfair to you and you can’t do anything about it. Death will help you escape this madness. He’ll help you get in to an internal place of happiness and joy; being forever in peace. Does that make you feel better?
Bradley – *sniffs* Thanks, Zey. You’re my best friend.
Bradley – *turns around*
Serial Killer – *holding huge rock*
Bradley – *kicks Serial Killer in the private area*
Serial Killer – *falls to the ground*
Squiggles II – *picks up rock, smashes it against Serial Killer’s face multiple times*
Bradley – Mission accomplished. :D



About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

7 responses to “Loud”

  1. DizzyDee says :

    Nyce. A bit short, but nyce. I use punctuation.

  2. CyberTron says :

    Hey MT, I was wondering if you wanting to join my EvilPineapples blog! Y’ know, you could help with the episodes to make them, well, plain awesome, since you are awesome. Just reply on this comment, okay? Thanks! :D

  3. Brave Tomato says :

    Aw… poor Zey, but is this episode canon?

  4. Zey-shomi says :

    :P I don’t really care if Zey dies in an episode. People die in episodes and just randomly come back in the next episode. LOL. Anyways, I feel like in the Ending This, that Zey should have suicidal thoughts :O.

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