Forever 18

Does this mean – wait, what.

Okay, so this is finally an interesting episode that’s not dramatic. References, spoofs, and random things just like you like it.

After Ryku gets a 2 week-late surprise party, he recieves a shocking secret about his family history.


Ryku – *opens door to the studio*
Everyone – SURPRISE!
Ryku – What is all of these decorative muticolored balloons, banners that say “Happy 18th, Ryku!”, and happy faces in party hats?
Minotaur – It’s your birthday, man! :D
Ryku – My birthday was on the 14th. You’re like 2 weeks late.
Kyan – Well, this was a waste of time.
Ryku – We don’t have to just cancel the party after how much effort you put into it. :D
Bradley – Does this mean we’re going to party? :O
Dasr – Unless you’re deaf, he said NOT to cancel the party.
Bradley – *kicks Dasr in the chin*
Dasr – MY JAW asdfghjkl; *falls*
Bradley – Err..No one listens to that anymore.
Dasr – Am I too late?
Bradley – Duh. You’re like one of those people that think Just The Way You Are is the new hit single.
Minotaur – *peeks outside* Come onnnnnnn !
Kyan – *pokes Mino*
Minotaur – What, Kyan? D:<
Kyan – What are you doing?
Minotaur – Waiting for some certain people. They haven’t come yet.
Kyan – Oh, that’s cool. *starts walking away*
Minotaur – WAIT!
Kyan – *stops* WHAT
Minotaur – Is that them?
Kyan – *peeks outside with Mino*
Minotaur – No, they don’t wear ninja suits. *walks away from door*
Ninjas – *smashes door down*
Ninja – *grabs Ryku*
Ryku – *smacks Ninja’s arm away* Get off me, freak! D:<
*gang of ninjas all attack Ryku to the ground all at once, holds Ryku down*
Ryku – *struggles getting up* May I help you, gentlemen?
Ninjas – YES! Come with us.
Ryku – But it’s my birthday party! D:
Ninjas – *steals Ryku and runs out door*
*awkward silence*
Bradley – What just happened?
Dasr – WHO CARES! :D
Bradley – YOU’RE RIGHT!
Dasr – *dances*
*inside secret temple*
Ryku – *tied up to a wall* What do you guys want with me?
Ninja – Settle down, Ryku. You’re going to be fine.
Ninja – *plays interactive holograph*
Grandfather Kiyoson – *in holograph* Rykuson..
Ryku – Grandfather?
Grandfather Kiyoson – Yes.
Ryku – I thought you died. Wait, what. Why did these guys capture me?
Grandfather Kiyoson – Like that new Nickelodeon show, your whole family are ninjas.
Ryku – That still doesn’t answer my question, Grandfather.
Grandfather Kiyoson – We always tell our 18 year-olds our family secret so they would carry on the tradition.
Ryku – What if I don’t want to?
Grandfather Kiyoson – YOU BETTER WANT TO!
Ryku – OKAY OKAY I DO! ;___;
Grandfather Kiyoson – You have ninja in your blood. Remember how you beat up a kid in Kindergarten for trying to take your Lunchable using Tae-Jitsu EVEN THOUGH we never taught you it?
Ryku – *nods head*
Grandfather Kiyoson – Good. Now wake up. We have a surprise for you.
Ryku – I’m not asleep.
Grandfather Kiyoson – Yes, you are.
Ryku – I am awake, Grandfather.
Grandfather Kiyoson – Yo, Minotaur. Let’s put peanut butter on his face.
Ryku – … *wakes up* Get that peanut butter out of my face.
Everyone – SURPRISE!
Ryku – *falls out of bed*
Kyan – It’s yer birthday! :D
Ryku – My birthday was two weeks ago.
Kyan – No, it isn’t. It’s today.
Zey – Sup? :3
Ryku – What the – ?
Minotaur – You’ve been asleep for like 2 days, so we thought we’d rather try to wake you up on your birthday to make sure you’re not dead.
Ryku – Deja Vu?

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

4 responses to “Forever 18”

  1. hland7 says :

    Dasr is back? Or is he only back in Ryku’s dreams?

  2. DizzyDee says :


  3. happyfishblog says :

    What about Hipsterism?
    When will that be out

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