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One More Left..

Randomness. Suspense. Revenge.

Minotaur – I never knew my Japanese best friend could be so evil.
Ryku – How ironic my true colors are being exposed on the last episode.


Buh-Lay is the next new thing!

Thank you for making PWH what it is today!

I know it ended and this site is pretty much dead, but I have another User TV show I’m writing COMPLETELY BY MYSELF ! It recently revamped and is currently in it’s first season! Of course, I’m talking about Buh-Lay!

Buh-Lay is about a fourteen year-old named Bly that lives with his African-American uncle and aunt in San Francisco, California. He has a chinchilla named Batman that talks, and his best friend Hunter that hates getting in to trouble appears to get involved in Bly’s stupid situation at any chance he recieves!

It’s really great and I’m currently writing the fourth episode which premieres on Tuesday. And by the way, new episodes every Tuesday so you could keep up!

You could visit the blog here for more info or read them on DigiTalk in the Writing/Literature section!

Also if you haven’t heard, iPrepKid/Alpha’s new spin-off series, PWH Forever, premiered lately! It’s so epic!

Yes, it still includes your favorite characters, Minotaur, Ryku, Kyan, Bradley, etc., but with some new ones as well! Like JTX and Steamee!

You could read the crazy adventures here!

Again, thank you all for your support and hopefully you’ll find the two blogs I listed as funny as Party with Hobos!

Thanks for reading and you’re all awesome!

Stay epic,


Finally, the winner of the PWH Forever contest!

The winner of the PWH Forever contest is:




Thank you for all of your entries!

It’s the winner’s choice whether of not she wants to write PWH Forever, and it probably will be premiering soon!


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