Finally, the winner of the PWH Forever contest!

The winner of the PWH Forever contest is:




Thank you for all of your entries!

It’s the winner’s choice whether of not she wants to write PWH Forever, and it probably will be premiering soon!



About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

7 responses to “Finally, the winner of the PWH Forever contest!”

  1. Max says :

    Oh… wow. This is just… I have no idea what to say. Sure, I’ll take a shot at writing PWH Forever, although I probably won’t be any good… Meaning I’d need help.. *cough*.

  2. Enclosed Lightning 5 says :


    • Enclosed Lightning 5 says :

      Ps-Congrats to all who entered. And excuse my self for being a nerd and typing in all caps. :P

  3. -.-Cyclone-.- says :

    There was a lot of confusion about this. No one is writing PWH Forever.


    iPrepKid, my older brother, gave me the job. He was leaving this behind and he had already dumped the forever version. Not the LateNightDances version. >:D

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