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Ending This 3/3 FINALE!

First off, happy Earth Day/Good Friday! :)

The final part is HERE! :D

After the Dreamers don’t believe The Joker’s telling the truth, he tries to get the PWH out of there any way possible.

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Ending This 2/3

PART TWO! I know this is shorter than all the others, but I’ve always expected what happens at the end starts off part three.

After the Party with Hats crew discovers that it’ll be the end of the world if the mortals stayed any longer, The Joker invades Dreamitourium to convince everyone to get them out.

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Ending This 1/3

The Ending This Saga is FINALLY HERE! YAY!

Description please?

When Minotaur drinks a soda on a cruise including an ingredient he’s allergic to, he throws up a portal to a magical fantasy world that’s too good to be perfect.

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Sneak Peeks, anyone?

If you’re very aware of Disney princesses, myths, movie villains, and childrens’ books, chances are you’ll get a lot of these references.

This one exposes that they’ll be a reference to a book called The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Which was a successful book in the ’60s in which a boy befriends a tree that gives him free things.

Honestly, Zey was kind of against the idea that his character was so mean in this scene, but I thought it was funny and fit his character. But to Zey, he’s crazy but not mean if you count out his sarcasm in earlier episodes.

Zey I – I wish for blueberry-covered pretzels. :D
Giving Tree – *gives Zey I what he wished for* Who has that for breakfast?
Zey I – I do! Mind your own business, you stupid tree, before I make your home into a Wal-Mart! D:<
Giving Tree – *becomes sad*
*loud clinging noises are heard*
Zey I – What’s that, Woody? :O
Giving Tree – Could you just call me Giving Tre –
Minotaur – *gets out of cabin* Good mornin’, Zey I, Giving Tree, and random mob! :D
Zey I – *looks at Minotaur with a raised up eyebrow*
Minotaur – *smiles hard*
Zey I – *facepalms* No, this is DEFINITELY normal for you.
Minotaur – I’ve been alive for like 18,000 years. I practically saw everything.
Ending This 1/3 premieres tomorrow at 3:30 P.M. ( UTC -8, PTC ) :D

“Ending This” Plot REVEALED!

The plot was CHANGED just for something a little MORE than exciting, EPIC! That means the quote may or may not show up in the special necessarily.

Remember, the premiere is only 2 weeks away! So check for updates often!

During a last episode party on a cruise ship, everyone is invited on the party. But a certain beverage causes Minotaur’s insides to act up, which creates a portal to a fantasy world that drags everybody in. Everything looks nice, sweet, and peaceful, but they don’t know what’s on the other side.

Look forward to it, April 20th! :D

~ MT

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