Ending This 1/3

The Ending This Saga is FINALLY HERE! YAY!

Description please?

When Minotaur drinks a soda on a cruise including an ingredient he’s allergic to, he throws up a portal to a magical fantasy world that’s too good to be perfect.

*at a cruise party in France*
Minotaur – OH SNAP! These tuxes are entirely too tight!
Ryku – *smacks Mino* Be appreciative that Zey even created a party for us in the first place.
Zey I – Hey, guys!
Minotaur – I hate your taste in tuxes.
Zey I – *busts out whale*
Zey I – Good. Enjoy the party, dork.
Kyan – *pokes Zey I on the shoulder*
Zey I – *turns to Kyan* What?
Kyan – How’d you manage to get all of your money back in the first place?
Zey I – The producers paid me to stay here for the special.
Kyan – Ah. You’d do anything for money, wouldn’t you?
Zey I – That’s right.
Kyan – *rolls eyes*
SK – *walks up to Kyan* Hey, Kyan! :D
Kyan – *looks at SK* Oh! Hey, SK!
SK – *kicks Kyan in the stomach, punches him in the face*
Kyan – *bleeds through nose* WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?!
SK – Didn’t I tell you I’d get revenge on you one day?
Kyan – I suppose you did.
SK – Good. *walks off*
Kyan – *sigh* I DO get hurt a lot.
Dasr – *walks up to Kyan with cast on left arm* I broke my arm.
Kyan – How?
Dasr – Believe it or not, Sam from iCarly takes her role a little TOO seriously.
*Party with Hats crew walks up on deck*
Minotaur – *rolls eyes* Great. It’s THEM.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – This is an ugly cruise ship.
Kian – You could tell because Zey bought it.
Ryka – He never had style. Bwahaha.
Bradley  – *walks out of bathroom, goes up on deck* Ew, who let some goblins up  in here. Wait a second, it’s the Party with Hats crew.
Zey II – GREAT ONE! *holds up hand for a high five*
Bradley – *rolls eyes, walks off*
Zey II – Jerk.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Looks like your son needs to learn some manners, Mino.
Minotaur – It’s none of your business how I raise my child.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Well, you’re more of a child than a parent. Just saying. :3
Minotaur – You’re lucky this is a social occasion where we have to be polite or else I’d attack and eat you to death.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Inform me. Why do you react negatively to everything I say?
Minotaur – Because you never have anything nice to say. *rolls eyes*
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur  – I’m getting a vibe that I’m somehow unwanted here. Come on, guys.  Let’s go to the bathroom and write on the walls.
Kian – That sounds like fun!
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Oh, it is!
Ryka – I’ll feel young again!
*Party with Hats crew goes off*
Zey I – Let’s all toast to a successful manuscript show and bet that Buh-Lay will never make it as successful. *giggles*
*everyone giggles*
Minotaur – Hehe. That show’s terrible.
Zey I – *picks up glass full of Sun Drop soda*
*everyone does the same*
*clink goes everyone’s glasses, everybody takes a drink*
Ryku – I suddenly feel like I have to dance to old Snoop Dogg songs whereever I go. :D
Kyan – It tastes like Mountain Dew and Sprite mixed together..
Ryku – Why so serious?
Kyan – Movie references aren’t funny, Ryku! D:
Minotaur – *pushes against stomach, queezy expression* Is this real life? Is this going to be foreverrrrr?
Bradley – Guys! I think there’s something wrong with my dad! D:
*everybody turns towards Mino*
Zey I – Are you okay?
Zey II – You’re not a registered doctor.
SK – Says who? You guys never asked me about my personality or what I do for fun! D:
Kyan – All we know is that you have a SUPER HOT cousin!
SK – You want some more? You want to get beat up by a girl some MORE, KYAN?
Kyan – *shivers* No, thanks.
SK  – GOOD. *pulls out stethoscope, holds it against Mino’s chest* His  monster organs seem to be working properly. Are you allergic to  anything?
Minotaur – Acacia Gum..
SK – *goes to table, grabs Sun Drop bottle, looks at Nutrition Facts* Oh boy..
Zey I – What’s the matter?
SK – There’s Acacia Gum in Sun Drop..
Zey I – What’s that going to do?
SK – What do you think? *rolls eyes*
Bradley – His allergies are going to act up.
SK – The question is what he’s going to do.
Minotaur – *throws up rainbow, rainbow glob hovers over the air with beautiful scenery inside it like a portal*
Dasr – What’s that?
Ryku – There’s a tree with candy in it!
Zey II – And that monster from Where The Wild Things Are!
Kyan – I think I see Snow White.
SK – Minotaur, what is this place?
Minotaur – *shrugs*
Zey I – I wonder what’ll happen if you walk inside it..
*glob portal brightens up and starts powerfully sucking*
Ryku – What’s happening? D: *gets sucked in*
Everyone – RYKU! D:
Dasr – *gets sucked in*
Zey II – *gets sucked in*
Zey I – *gets sucked in*
Minotaur – *gets sucked in*
SK – *gets sucked in*
Bradley – *gets sucked in*
Kyan – *gets sucked in*
*Party with Hats crew return to deck from bathroom*
Ryka – SK DOES have crooked teeth!
Kian – *points at glob portal* What’s that?
*they get sucked in*
*inside the magical land*
*everyone falls violently on a soft, grassy hill*
Ryku – *opens eyes* Where are we? *looks up*
Snow White – *death stares at Ryku*
Ryku – Oh god.
Snow White – Hello! I’m Snow White!
Ryku – I’m Ryku..
Snow White – Who are these people?
Ryku – They’re – “friends” of mine.
Snow White – Charming to meet you all! Mr. Claus, we have newcomers!
Santa – *walks over to the hill*
Ryku – SANTA?!
Santa – Ryku! Did you enjoy the Bop-It I bought you for Christmas?
Ryku – Sure. Wasn’t that when I was 8?
Santa – OH YES! I’m old. Excuse my memory.
Kyan – *opens eyes*
Santa – Hey there, Kyan!
Kyan – Hey!
Santa – Wait, why am I greeting you. I always hated you.
Kyan – Why? D:
Santa – You have an odd resemblance to Justin Bieber, which irritates me.
Kyan – Heh.
*everyone else opens their eyes*
Santa – HOLA! :D
Santa – ..No. I just greet people that way. Wait a second, I don’t know your name.
Minotaur – It’s Minotaur.
Santa – I don’t know any Minotaur.
Minotaur – I’m a Greek mythological creature.
Santa – That guy that used to eat people?
Minotaur – Yeah.
Santa – YOU’RE THE REASON PERCY JACKSON’S MOM DISSOLVED INTO DUST! *writes Minotaur on naughty list*
Minotaur – I was mad because that annoying handicapped kid kept groaning! D:
Santa – Gives you no reason. How’s Percy going to eat food now? Being constantly reminded of his mother..
Minotaur – Actually, his mother turns out to be alive later in the boo-
*everybody gets up*
Ryku – Snow White, what is this place?
Snow White – Welcome to the Dreamitourium!
Minotaur – Wow. This place is awesome. You should all be happy I threw this place up.
Snow  White – This is a place mixed with kids’ dreams and wishes. For  instance, if a kid wishes for something, it ends up here. And what kids  dream about, show up here.
Kyan – Isn’t that Neverland?
Zey II – See, that’s why no one likes you Kyan.
Kyan – :(
Minotaur – How do people access this place?
Snow  White – It’s very complicated to explain. Since Minotaur is a  mythological creature containing powers, he’s therefore magical. His  body contains a lot of things a human rarely sees in it’s lifetime. He  threw up a type of magic – a portal, leading you guys to where you are  now.
Kyan – Who else is here?
Snow White – The Easter Bunny, SpongeBob, and others.
Zey I – Can I at least have some candy off of this tree?
Snow White – No.
Zey I – Why?
Snow White – This is the Giving Tree from Shel Silverstein’s book. It’s very sacred.
Zey I – I wish I had a Giving Tree.
*a second Giving Tree appears*
Zey I – Can I eat off of this one?
Snow White – *sighs* Sure, why not.
Zey I – Giving Tree, can I have some candy?
Giving Tree – *hands Zey I some candy by its branch*
Zey I – YAAAY! *snatches* Ew, Tootsie Rolls. Can I have some Skittles?
Giving Tree – *pours Skittles from the leaf on its branch into Zey I’s hand*
Zey I – *takes, eats* Mhm. Thank you, Giving Tree!
Giving Tree – You’re welcome, Zey!
Zey I – *smiles*
Ryku – *points to long, stone wall* What’s that?
Snow  White – *sighs* One day, a little boy’s country was about to be  invaded. He heard about the Great Wall of China that was recently built,  and wished for one. Unfortunately, the little boy’s country did get  invaded and the wall shown up here.
Minotaur – What’s on the other side? :D
Snow  White – The evil things kids wish for and dream about. Goblins killing  them, monsters, and everything. It’s unimaginable and scary. I like  innocent things. :D
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – I hate this place. It’s too happy.
Ryka – And it’s dumb.
Kian – I’d rather be on the other side.
Snow White – If you’re going to wish, I must warn you: it’s VERY dangerous. The monsters there have unimaginable strength..
*everybody gaspes*
Snow White – Your wish is granted.
*the Party with Hats crew disappears*
Minotaur – Are you forced to live here forever?
Snow White – Yes. But being surrounded by such nice people and objects created by the innocent minds of a child makes me glad.
Minotaur – *smiles*
Snow White – I mind as well set you guys up a cabin to sleep in. It’s almost nine o’clock.
Ryku – We don’t really go to sleep that early.
Snow  White – Trust me. You’d love to see how beautiful the sky is in the  morning. It’s like a blue beverage mixed in with purple powder before  they combine together.
SK – That sounds pretty neat! :D
Snow White – Oh, it is!
Bradley – If it’s almost nine, then why is the sky look like it’s the afternoon?
Snow White – Imagine living in Alaska. It’s the same thing. :3
Santa – Wish for your cabins, guys.
SK – Hey! D:
Santa – *rolls eyes* And SK. Does this really matter to girls?
Minotaur – I wish I had a big bubble with a nicely decorated room inside it.
*it appears, bubble sprouts out an escalator*
Minotaur – Cool beans! :O *jumps on escalator*
Zey I – I wish I had a cabin that looks like a cave COVERED IN ENDLESS CANDY!
*it appears*
Zey I – My dentist is going to be SOOOO mad at me. :D *walks to cabin*
Dasr – I wish I had a fluffy room with nothing harmless in it please. D:
*insane asylum fluffy room appears*
Dasr – *sigh* That’ll work. *walks up to cabin*
*the cabin appears*
Bradley – *runs to cabin, hits head on door* Ouch..
Zey II – I wish I had a boring cabin because I’m boring.
*it appears*
Ryku – I wish I had a cabin made of bamboo sticks with an endless supply of Chinese food! :D
*it appears*
Ryku – I love this place.. *walks to cabin*
Kyan – I wish I had a cabin shaped like a soccer ball, but all of the octagons are entrances! :D
*it appears*
Kyan – *opens up octagon door* OMG ARE YOU CEREAL? :D I’M SUPER HAPPY! :D *goes to cabin*
Santa – What about you, SK?
SK – Meh, don’t ask me questions. This episode isn’t about me like it never is.
Snow White – Sleep tight everyone! I’ll see you in the morning! :D

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4 responses to “Ending This 1/3”

  1. hland7 says :

    This reminds me of Imaginationland. You know, the South Park episode?

  2. Max says :

    Yay! Percy Jackson reference! :D

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