Ending This 2/3

PART TWO! I know this is shorter than all the others, but I’ve always expected what happens at the end starts off part three.

After the Party with Hats crew discovers that it’ll be the end of the world if the mortals stayed any longer, The Joker invades Dreamitourium to convince everyone to get them out.

*Party with Hats crew fall out of sky on a brown grassy hill*
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – OUCH! Darn it.
Kian – Why would you want to wish us here?
Ryka – We keep falling violently. I can’t even feel my back anymore. D:
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – *gets up, starts dusting off shirt* I just had to get away from all of that happiness.
Kian – *gets up* Like the scenery here is any better.
Ryka – *gets up and looks around*
Kian – There’s dead patches of grass everywhere. There’s garbage on fire over there. Crushed buildings. Demon monsters walking around.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Just the way I like it! :D
Ryka – Depressing and terrible? o_O
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Well, sort of. Yeah.
Kian – Is there anyone to talk to? Hello?
*Kian’s hello echoes, catches the attention of everyone there*
Kian – Hey there! I’m, uh, Kian. This is my lovely best friend, Ryka. And my marvelous friend, MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur.
Ryka – Why do you have to sound like we’re on Family Fued?
Kian – Sshhhh. They’re giving us dirty looks.
*someone pokes on MTDWT’s shoulder*
MTDWT – *turns around*
The Joker – Hello.
*Ryka and Kian turn around*
Kian – Hey! You’re from the movie!
The Joker – And the best-selling comic.
Kian – And the TV show.
The Joker – And the posters..
Kian – And the –
The Joker – OKAY! I’M FAMOUS! I GET IT! So your name is – Kian?
Kian – *nods*
The Joker – That’s a very interesting and ugly name..
Kian – I have to disagree. All the girls are in love with my name.
Ryka – That explains why you’re single. *giggles*
Kian – *punches Ryka in the shoulder*
Ryka – I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Haha –
The Joker – How’d you all get here?
MTDWT – Snow White granted our wish.
Ryka – YOUR wish.
The Joker – From Dreamitourium?
Ryka – Yep!
The Joker – Wait. Oh my goodness! Are you guys mortals?
MTDWT – Yeah. Is that a bad thing?
The Joker – Mortals aren’t supposed to know about this place! It’s a state of mind!
Kian – We’re dreaming?
The Joker – No. You’re alive. How’d you get here?
Kian – Snow White granted his wi –
The Joker – NO, NO, NO! I mean, how did you even get to this state of mind?
Ryka – The Minotaur drank something with an ingredient he’s allergic to and threw up rainbows which led to a portal to this place.
The Joker – Acacia Gum?
Ryka – Yeah..
The Joker – This is not good. Definitely not good.
Kian – For the viewers, what’s this place called?
The Joker – Land of Nightmares.
Kian – Cool.
Ryka – What’s the big deal?
The Joker – What’s the big deal? If the mortal world knows about this, they’ll spend all of their time trying to enter this place. Which is basically a fail. They’ll get so distracted. Because these are MYTHS.
Ryka – This awkwardly reminds me of Percy Jackson..
The Joker – How?
Ryka – Because the Greek Myths turn out to be real and –
Kian – What do we have to do to keep the mortal world from knowing?
The Joker – Since Dreamitourium is basically like a Heaven with anything you could ever wish for, the mortals on the other side will spread the news around. The only option is to invade Dreamitourium and kidnap the PWH crew until they promise not to say a word.
MTDWT – But there’s the Great Wall of China seperating you from getting inside.
The Joker – Pssh. Do you know your history? The Great Wall didn’t stop invaders, because they just went around it to get to the other side.
Ryka – Well, that’s dumb.
The Joker – Tell me about it. *rolls eyes* I WISH EVERYBODY HAD DEATHLY WEAPONS!
*weapons appear in everyone’s hands*
Kian – Coooooool.
*everyone follows The Joker in a “follow the leader” fashion*
Kian – *looks at Ryka*
*Ryka and Kian both shrug*
Ryka – Meh. *follows The Joker*
Kian – *follows behind Ryka*
MTDWT – *gets behind Kian* Let the action begin..
*at Dreamitourium*
Zey I – I wish for blueberry-covered pretzels. :D
Giving Tree – *gives Zey I what he wished for* Who has that for breakfast?
Zey I – I do! Mind your own business, you stupid tree, before I make your home into a Wal-Mart! D:<
Giving Tree – *becomes sad*
*loud clinging noises are heard*
Zey I – What’s that, Woody? :O
Giving Tree – Could you just call me Giving Tre –
Minotaur – *gets out of cabin* Good mornin’, Zey I, Giving Tree, and random mob! :D
Zey I – *looks at Minotaur with a raised up eyebrow*
Minotaur – *smiles hard*
Zey I – *facepalms* No, this is DEFINITELY normal for you.
Minotaur – I’ve been alive for like 18,000 years. I practically saw everything.
*the mob stops in front of the Giving Tree*
Minotaur – HEY, IT’S THE JOKER!
The Joker – Where is Snow White?
Minotaur – I dunno. I haven’t seen her since last night.
The Joker – Curse you idiotic mortals.
Minotaur – Wait, aren’t you that guy that died?
The Joker – Never mind that now. Where are all the other magical creatures? You are the only idiots in sight.
Minotaur – HEY! We are not idiots!
Zey I – Well, you are.
Minotaur – HA!
Zey I – Actually, I was talking to you, Mino.
Pinocchio – *walks up to The Joker* What are YOU doing here?
The Joker – We’re just looking for Snow White. Isn’t she the leader here or whatever?
Pinocchio – There is no leader. This is a free land of happiness with no dictators! :)
The Joker – So, I could talk to you?
Pinocchio – Yep.
The Joker – Well, we’re going to have to get these random mortals out of here or else the world will end.
Pinocchio – The world will end when Rebecca Black debuts her album.
Pinocchio – I don’t believe you at all.
The Joker – You better believe it or else we’re going to have to destroy your fantasy, la-la world and destroy ours.
Pinocchio – *in sarcastic tone* OOOH! I’M SO SCARED! *nose grows longer*
The Joker – Go warn the others now!
Pinocchio – MAKE ME! D:<
Prince Charming – *runs up to Joker from behind Zey II’s cabin* Don’t threaten Pinocchio! D:<
The Joker – Listen to me this ONE time! It’s ALL I ask!
Prince Charming – You’re just going to lie.
The Joker – I know that I have a bad reputation, but just listen to me for the sake of this fantasy world! D:
Prince Charming – I’m not going to take the chances..
The Joker – If these mortals don’t get out of here, the world will be in dange –
Prince Charming – BLAHBLAHBLAH! These “mortals” are our friends. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you to leave.
The Joker – Is this what you really want me to do. Risking everything in sight.
Prince Charming – *rolls eyes* Nothing’s wrong, so yes.
The Joker – Then you leave me no other choice. Men, prepare yourselves and DESTROY THIS LAND!

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One response to “Ending This 2/3”

  1. Max says :

    Noooo! I want Percy Jackson references. D:
    …Or something even more aweshume.

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