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It’s Almost Here!

Codien and I have finished the first half of the season already with episodes including what you love: randomness, drama, and ACTION! Grab your popcorn with a side of 7-UP, because Golden Ticket is premiering this Friday! Can you believe that? THIS Friday! We all knew this day would come and it’s almost here ( lol just like the title huh )! :D

We’ve uncovered a sneak peek of a mysterious episode this season on a Post-It note. We used the keenest of eyes to read it. This episode will make your epic Summer worth it, although who knows what it’s called?

*at Mino’s mansion*
Minotaur – *eating cereal, sitting on couch, watching Family Fued*
Host – It’s time to play Fast Money! I’m going to ask you a series of questions and you’ll have to answer them before time runs out. Ready?
Bob – Gotcha.
Minotaur – I love this section of the show! The only thing that irritates me about it is that they always have at least one stupid answer. I could get it due to the pressure and everything, but you could do better.
Host – What’s a favorite holiday?
Bob – Birthday.
Minotaur – Your birthday’s not a holiday, you overweight doof! Unless Google made you your own logo on their homepage, don’t try to consider it a holiday, hun.
Host – What’s a common screenname for a random Austrailian teenager that loves online games for kids?
Bob – Codien Flame.
Minotaur – Ooh! That’s a best answer right there!
Get prepared for the best Summer of your life!
-MT + the PWH crew
P.S. PWH is going to be a year-old June 14th. ;)
P.P.S. I’m pretty sure we had a post titled this before.
P.P.P.S. You know PWH Forever, written by Alpha? Check out its brand new special, Computer Start-Up!

Pokékon (ポケット昆虫)

A season premier? No.

A ‘B-Side’ episode (with the classification of episode 0)? Yes!

Welcome back to the party fans with the beginnings of Season 8. Start your popcorn poppin’ and grab your calendar because with a line up of episodes being released every week, you won’t want to miss out on the fun.

To kick start the adventure into overdrive we have sparks flying and tempers rising as Ryku tricks Minotaur into believing insects are ‘Pokémon’, helping him journey their broad suburban street to “Collect em’ all!” in this new ‘B-side’ series called “Pokékon (ポケット昆虫)”.


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Under Every Rock, a New Star(fish) is Born.

Roll up, roll up, and come witness the birth of something new, something fresh.
Once this rock is turned over who knows what might happen.
You never know your luck. You might even witness the birth of a new star…fish.

I’ve been a secret fan of Party With Hobos for quite some time now, and I’ve watched as it’s aged, progressed and slowly changed. Like an obscure father I have found comfort reading episode after episode till I drift off to sleep, and I’ve constantly wanted to help guide and change the series into blooming popularity. And now I can.

I am proud to announce, that I am, a new contributing writer in the PWH series. I hope I will provide as much insanity and curiosity as the series already demands. We have a grand line-up of episodes coming your way in Season 8.  And maybe after that you might start to see something a little more animated from MT and I. *wink*

Thank-you, and happy reading.


Just bein’ silly editing Codien’s post. You should check out this awesome game I found in which the creator wants it to be advertised! Knight Chrome is the name, epic is the game. – MT


It’s funny how there’s no new episodes, but this blog is somewhat active. We just discovered some news on a low-quality Post-It note. This could be leading somewhere hopefully.

Starting up June 6th 2011, Party with Hobos will be renewed for an eighth season following the season premiere of The Golden Ticket. There will be approximately 15-20 episodes in the season, therefore making it the longest season in PWH history. It will be based off current events and random thoughts. It will either be posted on weekdays or the weekends. There’s idiotic, indecisive children writing the series. Also, about PWH Forever, it will either be continued written or not depending on the lone writer’s decision. Good day and happy holidays.

T-T-That’s all folks! That’s the epic news! Now if only I could bury up Zey-Shomi wherever he is. Zey? Zey, are you there? Codien? Oh, that’s real manly. Just walk away. Mhm, I see how it is. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MT? GO TO SLEEP ASFGHJKL;

By the way, Buh-Lay’s not going to be written anymore. Don’t ask questions.

PWH Exclusive: Treasure Hunt!


“MT, are you cereal that you want to do this? You already spoiled them enough.”

They choose to read it. And that’s my argument, silly imaginary friend.

Until Tuesday, May 17th, Party with Hobos will expose a super epic, challenging treasure hunt in order to find the first twenty-one lines of upcoming special, The Golden Ticket.

Also, Zey will be guiding you to closer and closer to the sneak peek by giving you the clues at the bottom of each page/post. Are you game? Awesome, here’s your first hint.

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The Golden Ticket Advertisement EDIT! ;)

The crew is back just for once more, but they have no idea what’s waiting in store for them.

Ryku – Guys, we all need to calm down.

? – *comes closer to Ryku, swings knife towards his back*

Ryku – *looks down* Ooh! A penny! *crouches over to grab*

? – *trips over Ryku*

No one is left out of the danger.

Medusa – It’s too late, Bradley! Now, if you’d be a good boy and take off your sunglasses..

Bradley – NEVER!

Medusa – *small gathering of snakes pull off Bradley’s sunglasses*

Bradley – *eyes shut tight*

Medusa – Sneak a peek, Bradley. You know you want to.

There’s no way to escape.

Zey I – *pulls on handle nervously* The doors are locked!

Minotaur – What? *shoots laser beams towards door*

*nothing happens*

Dasr – Oh man! It’s laser-beam proof!

It’ll make you excited and scared at the same time.

 Whaley – *rolls his eyes, sips drink*


june 3rd, 2011

It’s coming..

Ending This was lacking some things.

*golden gates swing open*

Charm – Welcome to Prince Willer’s Magical, Mythology Factory!



Minotaur – *looks up*

*Fury flies directly towards Mino*


Kyan – *walks up behind Zey I* Oh my gosh – *starts to tear*

Zey I – *cries* Who did this..


? – *hides behind shelf*

Ryku – You guys need to calm down..

? – *sneaks up behind Ryku with a knife*

the golden ticket

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