The Golden Ticket Advertisement EDIT! ;)

The crew is back just for once more, but they have no idea what’s waiting in store for them.

Ryku – Guys, we all need to calm down.

? – *comes closer to Ryku, swings knife towards his back*

Ryku – *looks down* Ooh! A penny! *crouches over to grab*

? – *trips over Ryku*

No one is left out of the danger.

Medusa – It’s too late, Bradley! Now, if you’d be a good boy and take off your sunglasses..

Bradley – NEVER!

Medusa – *small gathering of snakes pull off Bradley’s sunglasses*

Bradley – *eyes shut tight*

Medusa – Sneak a peek, Bradley. You know you want to.

There’s no way to escape.

Zey I – *pulls on handle nervously* The doors are locked!

Minotaur – What? *shoots laser beams towards door*

*nothing happens*

Dasr – Oh man! It’s laser-beam proof!

It’ll make you excited and scared at the same time.

 Whaley – *rolls his eyes, sips drink*


june 3rd, 2011


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

12 responses to “The Golden Ticket Advertisement EDIT! ;)”

  1. Codien says :

    Haha you’re actually pretty good at making me laugh out of just describing a TV show – Similar to a script.

    Hmm…if only someone could animate this…? *looks over shoulder and sees someone in the distance*
    Oh it’s a mirror… Wait? You mean me?! ;)

    Imagine if I could make it come true! :D

    • DizzyDee says :

      YES Codien, please do!!! I’d love to see the combined efforts of Codien and MonkeyTacoz…

      Is it just me or do I sound more and more like Hermione (aka The Granger Girl) every day?

      • *MT. says :

        It’s called CodingTacoz Inc. Haha.

        I’d love to see it animated super badly! I’m so blessed that this was so successful and made kids around the world laugh.

  2. Codien says :

    Well MT,
    You’re going to have to start designing the characters with me because I have no idea what you want them to look like. :)
    But i’ll be honest. This may sound weird but, I designed this loony character a year or 2 ago that had horns and was very erratic and loved to chase ducks wearing turtle shells. I actually tried to write a comic about him…
    I just thought it reminded me of your character Minotaur. I’ll have to show you him soon.

    • *MT. says :

      That sounds so kinky! I could take very low quality pictures and show them to you when I have the chance!

      Fun Fact: Party with Hobos was originally a title of a comic I made. :)

  3. Codien says :

    I’ve come up with some cool ideas in my luxurious head space… They’re driving me wild with anxiety. I thought up an intro and maybe even a pilot. but ill need to discuss with you: future plans, character design, story etc.
    Lots of crazy ideas…!

    • *MT. says :

      Try being online when it’s NOT 5:17 AM for me. lol.
      I’d love to see your ideas. :D

      • Codien says :

        Haha I wonder what time it will be now…?

        Maybe it would be better if I emailed you my thoughts, but that would mean you would have to CHECK your email every once and a while Monkey *glares*. Haha but I must admit I don’t regularly go on too. I think I have 200 emails unopened (mostly spam).

        Or maybe I should move to America and never have to deal with the time difference ever again! :D

        Oh! I also thought of a background story to why their called Party With Hobos. Unless you already have one and I haven’t read it. :/ But…

        Their studio, is in an alley (or in a homeless shelter) and they perform for the homeless every night! :D

      • Codien says :

        Bahaha it’s 11:38 PM!

        So yeah, they always wanted their own show so they create their show at the homeless shelter with its own make-shift stage and audience seats, which is well-loved and enjoyed by the homeless every night.

        Thoughts people, thoughts?

  4. *MT. says :

    PWH never had an origin story, and that’s an epic idea!

    I just thought about Minotaur and Ryku planning a party ( Kyan wasn’t in the show yet ) for the weekend. They realize they don’t have that many friends, and Ryku tells Mino to invite anyone that seems available.

    Minotaur goes out and invites a bunch of hobos to the party and Ryku is surprised, but decides to party with them anyway.

    What about that? :D

  5. Codien says :

    Haha awesome! That makes sense as to how you got the name. I was always curious as to what lured you into calling it such a random name that seemed to have nothing to do with the show.
    Hmm maybe combining the two would create an awesome epic idea! ;)
    I’ll have to write and send you my ideas and drawings; by email *shudder*.

    • *MT. says :

      I was watching iCarly and they mentioned “hobos” and I thought of partying. Then I made a comic COMPLETELY unrelated. It wasn’t the main cast you know now, it was random doodles.

      Then before Summer, I started drawing these comics with new characters named Ryku and Minotaur. Inspired by the User TV section in the PHF, I made a talk show with them interviewing members. Then, it had a loooong hiatus, but that didn’t stop the show. It started having it’s own episodes rather than interviewing members! Wait, why am I talking about the origin..

      Anyways, I just made the title unrelated because the show was random, just like the title! :D SEND THEM, CODY! SEND THEM AT ONCE!

      By the way, you should go on ThePHC that one time when you came back and surprised me AT THAT EXACT TIME. Which is like 3:30 P.M.-ish for me. Just a little tip. ;)

      Whoa this is long. lol Well, I’m off~

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