PWH Exclusive: Treasure Hunt!


“MT, are you cereal that you want to do this? You already spoiled them enough.”

They choose to read it. And that’s my argument, silly imaginary friend.

Until Tuesday, May 17th, Party with Hobos will expose a super epic, challenging treasure hunt in order to find the first twenty-one lines of upcoming special, The Golden Ticket.

Also, Zey will be guiding you to closer and closer to the sneak peek by giving you the clues at the bottom of each page/post. Are you game? Awesome, here’s your first hint.

Zey – I’m forced to do this.


Zey – *grumbles, pulls out piece of paper, reads* Search up “butts” in the sidebar. Tell those around you to go away, so they won’t question why you’re searching that up.

MT – Good, good. By the way, comment on the last page you arrived on saying “Found it!”. ;)


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

2 responses to “PWH Exclusive: Treasure Hunt!”

  1. Codien says :

    It’s a lot easier when you’ve read all the episodes and you know which season their all in :P
    Read the sneak peak and its making me really agitated to read the final product!

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