It’s funny how there’s no new episodes, but this blog is somewhat active. We just discovered some news on a low-quality Post-It note. This could be leading somewhere hopefully.

Starting up June 6th 2011, Party with Hobos will be renewed for an eighth season following the season premiere of The Golden Ticket. There will be approximately 15-20 episodes in the season, therefore making it the longest season in PWH history. It will be based off current events and random thoughts. It will either be posted on weekdays or the weekends. There’s idiotic, indecisive children writing the series. Also, about PWH Forever, it will either be continued written or not depending on the lone writer’s decision. Good day and happy holidays.

T-T-That’s all folks! That’s the epic news! Now if only I could bury up Zey-Shomi wherever he is. Zey? Zey, are you there? Codien? Oh, that’s real manly. Just walk away. Mhm, I see how it is. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MT? GO TO SLEEP ASFGHJKL;

By the way, Buh-Lay’s not going to be written anymore. Don’t ask questions.


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

10 responses to “Eight?”

  1. Codien says :

    My face just lit up! An eighth!
    You don’t think i could possibly help write an episode, or help write some, or input a little, or just proof read? :D

    Also here’s a tip for you: Quality over quantity. ;)

    Oh you know what you could do? You could do something similar to a music record: In season eight have the main episodes (10-12 of them) on the ‘A-side’, so they’re published and released every week; but then all the other episodes that are average, not as good, too random it hurts, put them under the ‘B-side’. So they’re not advertised as apart of the collection weekly, but they’re still there if you want to read them. Do you get what I mean?
    This is what I kind of mean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-side_and_B-side

    So, I’m going to draw up all my ideas for our comics/animations from CodingTacoz Inc. and email them to you soon!

    • *MT. says :

      I would love you to write an episode! The only thing I’m concerned about is if you’re even used to the series. Like you know some characters and a little info about them and whatnot. That’s basically Zey-Shomi’s job since he knows the characters. Hijuyo loves the series and commonly proofreads. Flamez helps and develops characters for the show. :D You could the new writer, since there’s going to be a new cast member in there. ;)

      So you mean the episodes I’d prefer are the ones to be advertised, like “Ooh! Read this episode!” unlike the B-Side episode that’s like “Oh, yeah. That one’s alright, you could still read it.” I wouldn’t do that. I know that there are a lot of episodes that I would prefer over others, but if I don’t like the idea of an episode, I’d really just delete the idea before it’s even written. It really runs like that. I try to make them perfect. :D

      E-MAIL ‘EM E-MAIL ‘EM E-MAIL ‘EM! By the way, we should actually chat. This comment conversation throughout the week is getting old. :3 Also, you could also post them on the CodingTacoz development blog ( *cough* blogger is better than wordpress *cough*. I’ll also send you the character designs soon~

    • Alpha says :

      @Codien: That’s a really cool idea!
      @MT: I will write PWH Forever, but do you think we should do a starting special?

  2. Codien says :

    @Alpha: Oh I did, I just did. XD

  3. super typhoon says :

    wth why u stoppin buh-lay MT plz answer meh i liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! squirtle!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. stupidninjas says :

    And so,the countdown begins….

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