Under Every Rock, a New Star(fish) is Born.

Roll up, roll up, and come witness the birth of something new, something fresh.
Once this rock is turned over who knows what might happen.
You never know your luck. You might even witness the birth of a new star…fish.

I’ve been a secret fan of Party With Hobos for quite some time now, and I’ve watched as it’s aged, progressed and slowly changed. Like an obscure father I have found comfort reading episode after episode till I drift off to sleep, and I’ve constantly wanted to help guide and change the series into blooming popularity. And now I can.

I am proud to announce, that I am, a new contributing writer in the PWH series. I hope I will provide as much insanity and curiosity as the series already demands. We have a grand line-up of episodes coming your way in Season 8.  And maybe after that you might start to see something a little more animated from MT and I. *wink*

Thank-you, and happy reading.


Just bein’ silly editing Codien’s post. You should check out this awesome game I found in which the creator wants it to be advertised! Knight Chrome is the name, epic is the game. – MT


About Paul Tuohy

Learning to write my counter thoughts.

3 responses to “Under Every Rock, a New Star(fish) is Born.”

  1. Max says :

    I like animation!

  2. Alpha says :


  3. *MT. says :

    You’re weird, Codien.
    lol welcome aboard, matey!

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