It’s Almost Here!

Codien and I have finished the first half of the season already with episodes including what you love: randomness, drama, and ACTION! Grab your popcorn with a side of 7-UP, because Golden Ticket is premiering this Friday! Can you believe that? THIS Friday! We all knew this day would come and it’s almost here ( lol just like the title huh )! :D

We’ve uncovered a sneak peek of a mysterious episode this season on a Post-It note. We used the keenest of eyes to read it. This episode will make your epic Summer worth it, although who knows what it’s called?

*at Mino’s mansion*
Minotaur – *eating cereal, sitting on couch, watching Family Fued*
Host – It’s time to play Fast Money! I’m going to ask you a series of questions and you’ll have to answer them before time runs out. Ready?
Bob – Gotcha.
Minotaur – I love this section of the show! The only thing that irritates me about it is that they always have at least one stupid answer. I could get it due to the pressure and everything, but you could do better.
Host – What’s a favorite holiday?
Bob – Birthday.
Minotaur – Your birthday’s not a holiday, you overweight doof! Unless Google made you your own logo on their homepage, don’t try to consider it a holiday, hun.
Host – What’s a common screenname for a random Austrailian teenager that loves online games for kids?
Bob – Codien Flame.
Minotaur – Ooh! That’s a best answer right there!
Get prepared for the best Summer of your life!
-MT + the PWH crew
P.S. PWH is going to be a year-old June 14th. ;)
P.P.S. I’m pretty sure we had a post titled this before.
P.P.P.S. You know PWH Forever, written by Alpha? Check out its brand new special, Computer Start-Up!

About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

3 responses to “It’s Almost Here!”

  1. hland7 says :

    Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

    I really wanna see the animations, but when you upload it, can you upload it onto some site other than YouTube?

    YouTube is blocked where I live, and I can’t find a good VPN.

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