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To The Jersey Shore

Start checking out the Saturday episodes! They seem to get the less views and they need love too! Jellytastic Voyage and Party with JTX are some epic episodes that didn’t get a lot of publicity.

This is what you guys voted for. Hopefully it’s koala tea enough for you.

This style is more dramatic and action-packed than random and funny. I don’t know if you’ll mind or if you like the randomness. I finished this quickly after a nap on the couch, so the ending is sort of fast and corny. I’m sorry if I seem so unhappy with this episode, because I like it since it expresses my opinion on the stupid things that the media have to talk about until you just get irritated.

When The Situation gets rejected by Wolfgang in Italy, Snooki plans to kidnap her to teach her that no one messes with these stars.

*somewhere outside in Italy*
Wolfgang – *at a table* Thanks for taking me here, Mino. The scenery and gross food is quite the tourist attraction.
Minotaur – Oh, it’s no problem. I just wanted to show you how much we appreciate you on the show.
Wolfgang – You’re such a sweet heart! Definitely not like the insensitive jerks.
Minotaur – *looks over Wolfgang’s shoulder*
*Jersey Shore crew looking around*
Minotaur – Speaking of insensitive jerks, there’s The Situation.
Wolfgang – Really? *turns*
Situation – *stares at Wolfgang, bites lip*
Ronnie – Got the hots for her, man?
Situation – Oh heck yeah! I’m glad I just got finished GTL’n to impress this girl who definitely ain’t no grenade. Hopefully, she ain’t got no Fred Flintstone toes. I got vibe for her.
Ronnie – Go after her, man!
Situation – Aight. *walks over to Wolfgang*
Wolfgang – *turns back to Mino* He’s coming over here! What do I do?
Minotaur – Make him go away without telling him to go away. Just like say things that’ll make him feel unwanted.
Wolfgang – Solid plan, bro.

Jellytastic Voyage

Happy Saturday, folks! Out of school yet?

Because these new episodes are definitely going to rock your weekend. But you may be wondering, Oh! Who’s the winner of that poll? The obvious winner is ~

Wolfgang gets captured by the Jersey Shore crew in Italy!

Expect greatness tomorrow. You guys are mean to Wolfgang. For some reason, I feel as if RavenClawGurl from the PHB voted for that option. Forever revengeful. Anyhoo, let’s get on with the description!

When SockLicker weeps about retiring on the summit of the Oddly-Specific Named Mountain, Ryku tells him about a scheme by Flamez.

UPDATE: Yes, the line in Flamez’ Secret Lair Room wasn’t Minotaur, it was MT. Sorry for the confusion. xP

Wolfgang – *blindfolded* Where are you taking me, guys?
Minotaur – Oh, you’ll know soon enough, sexy. *guides Wolfie*
Ryku – I haven’t seen this place in like, a year.
Kyan – It brings back so many memories.
Zey – I’ve been depressed lately. My creator ditched us to go to Virtual Family Kingdom under the username EverestJustin. I mean, anything but VFK? I knew he was on drugs.
Minotaur – *unfolds Wolfie’s blindfold* SURPRISE!
Wolfgang – *opens eyes* A mountain?
Ryku – Not just any mountain, this is the Oddly-Specifc Named Mountain. In Season One, Episode 5, we made a bunch of spoiled kids climb this thing with a promise of jellybeans at the top. But they wasted their time, because they already got beaten by this one girl who ate all the jellybeans before anyone was half-way climbed.
Wolfgang – My life wasn’t as exciting before I met you guys. Going to juvy, bungee-jumping, and flying in a hot air balloon everyday has its advantages. :D *starts climbing*

Filler: V-Neck

To understand this, you have to watch this awful video that only a 7 year-old girl obsessed with Disney Channel would like.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Doesn’t she move her mouth awkwardly? She doesn’t realize she’s not hiding her teeth very well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I’m mean. So, here’s the bad parody..

WARNING: Made with insomnia.

*in the PWH studio*
Minotaur – A-B-C 123! Ryku wore his V-Neck like me!
Ryku – What? D:<
Minotaur – I bet Kyan’s mad that I look fab.
Kyan – Uh..
Wolfgang – Mino, you’ve been bragging about that stupid V-Neck after we got back from Old Navy yesterday.
Minotaur – I can’t help it. Justin Bieber’s wearing my V-Neck. Kingsley is wearing my V-Neck. And SpongeBob is wearing my V-Neck! DOES THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU, GUYS?
Zey – Mino, could I ask you a question?
Minotaur – Sure!
Zey – What have you been smoking?
Minotaur – THE AIR LOLOLOLOLOL I learned in life that you shouldn’t care what others think. Do what makes you happy.
Zey – And your happiness revolves around bragging over a V-Neck parodying an annoying song?
Minotaur – It’s like – you know me.
Zey – *raises eyebrows* Oh, I know more than you’d expect.
Wolfgang – *gulp* Awwwwkkkkkkwaaaaarrrrrd.
And don’t forget to comment on the Angry Birds filler below! v

Filler: Angry Birds

I had an idea for a filler like this for a while. I honestly don’t get why it’s so overrated, mang. Can someone please tell me? It’s everywhere.

So, here’s a 15-lined filler for you folks exposing my ignorance to realize the point of this game.

*at the mall, Toys ‘R’ Us*
Minotaur – *walks in* Hey, I didn’t know they had a Toys ‘R’ Us in the mall!
Bradley – I know, right! *glances over* Oh my golly.
Minotaur – What is it, son?
Bradley – *points at basket of Angry Birds toys*
Minotaur – Now they’re making plushes of them now? They’re so overrated.
*later that night, Mino’s mansion*
Bradley – *walks in hallway, wiping eye, glass of water in hand*
*gaming noises are heard in Mino’s room*
Bradley – Dad? *creaks open Mino’s room door*
Minotaur – *turns around* Hey, son! :D
Bradley – Dad, it’s 3 in the morning. What are you playing?
Minotaur – Uh..Sonic?
You just completed all the levels of Angry Birds! Play again?
Bradley – *facepalm*

Revenge of Wolfgang

Happy Father’s Day! Give your dad a big laugh and share with him this epic excuse for an episode!

A special episode made for the PHB called Sent ‘Em To England, a part two to Season Two episode, Sharpie Broccoli, now premiered on the PHB! Read it now!

Speaking of which, it’s a coincidence that Hijuyo premiered it accidently today. There’s a brand new character in Sent ‘Em To England that happens to be a female, a tough female, who debuts in this episode. Find out who she is! –

When Minotaur feels used and unwanted at the movie theaters, he runs into a young girl who convinces him to plot revenge on his co-stars.

*at AMC Theaters*
Minotaur – *at ticket stand* 4 adults and 1 kid.
Ticketmaster – You guys all look like kids.
Ryku – Just because we have the height of a 12 year-old doesn’t mean we’re kids.
Ticketmaster – Hey, green. Is that your son? *points at Bradley*
Minotaur – Yes, it is! :D
Ticketmaster – Here’s going to be taller than you eventually. ;)
Bradley – That’s not offensive to me! :D
Minotaur – *rolls eyes* We’re going to see Bad Teacher.
Ticketmaster – *hands ticket through the little hole in the glass window*
Minotaur – *snatches them violently* Tah-tah! *walks away*
Zey – Wait! What about Whaley?
Minotaur – Yeah, he can’t come. *continues walking*
Zey – *ties Whaley to a fire hydrant* Sorry, buddy. *walks off into theater*
Whaley – *rolls eyes, sips Coca-Cola*
Ticketmaster – *mumbles under breath* Freak. Next?

Party with JTX

Sorry for the late episode, guys! I had a funeral to attend today. :(

This is most likely my favorite episode I made so far. Also, remember that sneak peek? You caught me. It’s in this episode. Oh, how I love Minotaur and Bradley episodes.

When Minotaur goes off to the PWH studio, Bradley and his best friend, JTX, throw a party in his absence.

*at Mino’s mansion*
Minotaur – *eating cereal, sitting on couch, watching Family Fued*
Host – It’s time to play Fast Money! I’m going to ask you a series of questions and you’ll have to answer them before time runs out. Ready?
Bob – Gotcha.
Minotaur – I love this section of the show! The only thing that irritates me about it is that they always have at least one stupid answer. I could get it due to the pressure and everything, but you could do better.
Host – What’s a favorite holiday?
Bob – Birthday.
Minotaur – Your birthday’s not a holiday, you overweight doof! Unless Google made you your own logo on their homepage, don’t try to consider it a holiday, hun.
Host – What’s a common screenname for a random Austrailian teenager that loves online games for kids?
Bob – Codien Flame.
Minotaur – Ooh! That’s a best answer right there!
Bradley – *opens front door, peeks head through* Hey, father!
Minotaur – It is past your bedtime!
Bradley – It’s 2:30 in the afternoon. School’s over.
Minotaur – I must’ve lost track of time watching GSN all day and eating numerous bowls of Apple Jacks. God knows how many.
Bradley – To get to my point, I’d like to introduce you to my best friend, JTX! :D *goes through door with JTX*
Minotaur – *squinches eyes* Who is this?
Bradley – My best friend who is totally NOT a bad influence on me! He’s sleeping over for the weekend.:D
Minotaur – You already have straight F’s, so whatevs. How ya doin’, JTX?
JTX – Yeah, whatever. Can we go upstairs?
Minotaur – I asked you a question, punk bish.

Party Without Hobos!

On June 14th, 2010, MT was innocently at his grandparents house. On his grandpa’s annoying computer, he went on the PHF. Looking through the User TV Show section , he got an idea to make one using two characters he drew, Minotaur and Ryku, interviewing the members. It was a success on the forum. Days later, he shared the stories on the PHC with Hijuyo and Zey-Shomi. They started to make the shows together and even created their own blog. Hijuyo advertised the stories on the PHB giving it more fans and views than MT could even imagine. Party with Hobos grew up then not interviewing the members ( since season 2 ) and having new plots. New characters, eight seasons, new themes, new plots and much more made PWH stronger. You guys are what make the PWH what it is. Thank you, hobos. – MT

Party with Hobos is officially a year old! Can you believe that? I’m pretty much in shock that I’m getting so old. Again, thank you, hobos for believing in PWH! :)

The winning plot was – drumroll please? – THEY ACTUALLY PARTY WITH HOBOS! Hopefully you enjoy this epic filler! You deserve it, hobos. :)

When Minotaur invites a bunch of hobos to a One Year Anniversary party, they tend to be more irritating and tortilla chip-loving than they seem.

Read More…

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