Nyan Cat Episode

Season 8 has began to make your Summer infinity times better!

When Zey declines an offer by Nyan Cat to become internet sensations, the cat turns out to be more than he seems to be.

*at PWH studio*
Kyan – *whistling That’s So Raven theme song*
Ryku – *covers ears with pillows* WHEN WILL THE PAIN STOP! D:<
Minotaur – *kicks open door with pillows tied around his head, has cover on him, shaken up, tired face* Hey, fellers..
Ryku – *starts to run to Mino, kicks Kyan in the face*
Kyan – *gets bloody nose* D:
Ryku – What’s wrong with you? :(
Minotaur – This stupid purple cat with a Pop-Tart body keeps following me with his stupid rainbows.
Ryku – *picks ear* I’m sorry, could you say that again?
Minotaur – This stupid..
Ryku – No, I heard you. What cat?
Minotaur – *moves aside to reveal a purple cat with a Pop-Tart body floating behind him*
Kyan – Aw… Can we keep him?
Ryku – *turns to Kyan* NO. It’s probably diseased.
Kyan – *pouts and whines*
Nyan Cat – *speaks in British Accent* Good day, sirs.
Audience – *gasp* WOWZERS! IT’S NYAN CAT! *applause.*
Minotaur – He’s been following me all day, talking about some stupid organization.
Nyan Cat – *throws up a giant hair ball*
Zey – Ew… Rainbow hair ball.
Nyan Cat – *floats down onto the hair ball* Follow me, gents and stand on my hair ball. I will explain my odd behaviour soon enough.
Kyan – *stares at disgusting rainbow goo dripping hairball* Ugh! How do we know we can trust you?
Nyan Cat – My accent. I’m obviously a professional. *smiles, teeth flash*
Ryku – *glares* I believe him. Anything, or anyone, with a british accent must be trustworthy.
Nyan Cat – *laughs hysterically evil* Now, follow me onto the rainbow hair ball! :D
*everyone wrestles themselves onto hairball*
Kyan – *foot seeps into hairball* I don’t like this. D: *lifts foot, rainbow goo drips off*
Minotaur – *steps back* I don’t know guys. Something smells fishy.
Nyan – Nothing to worry about. That’s only my breakfast your smelling. *pushes everyone on* Hold on tight.
*everyones shoves their hands into hairball*
*lights fade, rainbows fly-by, stars sparkle and the “Nyanyanyanyanyanya” song plays*
*at Awesome Worldwide Internet Sensations Inc.*
*everyone opens eyes*
Nyan – *death staring them down* Are you ready to look around? :D
*everybody gets up*
Ryku – What is this place?
Nyan – It’s Awesome Worldwide Internet Sensations Incorperated. It’s where all the overrated stars are made*
Rebecca Black – Guys! Do you know what day it is?
Minotaur – Time for this hippo in front of me to go back to the zoo?
Nyan – *smacks Rebecca* Shut your mouth! Go get your annoying song stuck in someone else’s head!
Rebecca Black – *puts on sunglasses* Haters gonna hate. *walks away to car, stops, has trouble finding her seat*
Nyan – Excuse these interruptions but..
Fred – HEY, IT’S FRED! :D
*everyone screams*
Fred – My videos suck now because I’m famous! :D
Ryku – I liked you better before you went mainstream. *squinches eyes*
Fred – I do too. I’m honestly not a bad guy.
Kyan – Well, you play one on YouTube. Now, shoo.
Fred – *walks away*
Nyan – Well, since MT can’t really think right now and Codien is off making his first PWH blog post, I might as well get to the point.
Minotaur – *gasps* THE POINT! :D
Zey – Hoo-ray! :D Are we gonna smack each other with whales to get internet famous?
Nyan – No!
Zey – *sniff* My dreams are forever crushed.
Nyan – But I WOULD like you both to sign up to be the NEXT INTERNET SENSATIONS!
Minotaur – REALLY?
Nyan – TOTALLY! :D
Zey – NO!
*everyone makes a puzzled face at Zey*
Kyan – What do you mean?
Zey – I like Party with Hobos the way it is. The fanbase is just right and I don’t want it to become all overrated like hipsters. It’s like an inside joke. Poptropica Help Blog and Poptropica Help Forum have helped us a lot in our journey of success. And in my eyes, we’ve succeeded.
Nyan – Is that the way you REALLY feel, Zey?
Zey – *nods head*
Nyan – Well, that’s too bad. *snaps fingers*
*whole building goes on lockdown*
Ryku – WHAT THE – ?!
Nyan – You guys are going to become internet sensations THIS INSTANT! D:<
Kyan – OKAYOKA – !
Zey – NO! We could fight him. We’re not scared of stupid, purple cats or 13 year-old singers with bad lyricists!
Minotaur – Zey’s right. Let me handle this.
Zey – And me. *pulls out Whaleyhaley*
Nyan – *snaps, Nyan multiplies*
Minotaur – You think you’re the only one that could do that? *snaps, Mino multiplies*
Zey – The battle is on.
*multiple Minotaurs run to multiple Nyans, Nyans do the same, BIG EXPLOSION!*
*PWH cast flies into wall, smacks down on the floor*
Ryku – *gets up, coughs*
*fog surrounds the whole room, clinging of swords and zapping is heard*
Ryku – Don’t give up, Mino! You have to save the PWH – again – second time this season!
*fog fades away quickly, Minotaur holding up sword to Nyan’s chin who is on the ground wounded, rainbow blood pours out*
Minotaur – You British little creep.
Nyan – I’ll let you out, I promise! D:
Minotaur – Promise to leave us alone?
Nyan – *nods head*
Minotaur – Good, ’cause I have a taste for Baskin Robbin’s and no purple cat is going to stop me. *sword turns into dust*
Nyan – *face gets drowned with dust, vomits up rainbow hair ball*
Minotaur – Let’s go, guys.
*PWH crew follows behind Mino into rainbow hair ball*
Ryku – This hair ball thing is still gross and icky.
Kyan – Thanks for saving our lives again, Mino. :D
Minotaur – Whatever, Kyan. You guys are super dependent on me for some reason and I’m okay with that. *scratches his back*
Zey – You don’t even want to take a vacation?
Minotaur – *scratches arm* Good idea. :D
*two weeks later, in dungeon*
*PWH crew tied up, dragon surrounding them breathing fire*
Ryku – You just had to open your big fat mouth.
Zey – My mouth is not fat. It’s normal sized.
Kyan – OUCH!
Ryku – *turns to Kyan* What?
Kyan – I think I got a mega wedgie..
Dragon – *prances around with underwear in mouth*
Minotaur – *scratches furiously all over* That darn cat gave me fleas!


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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

4 responses to “Nyan Cat Episode”

  1. super typhoon says :

    lol on this part :
    minotaur- * scratches furiously all over * that darn cat gave my fleas!

  2. Popular Flame says :


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