Sorry Codien, but I like Monster better than Night of the Living Pizza. :D Monster’s like one of my favorite songs. :D

During an epic movie night, Minotaur accidently brings evil life to a pizza that threatens to kill them all.

*at Mino’s mansion*
Minotaur – ROLL CALL! Ryku!
Ryku – *holds up popcorn* Check!
Minotaur – KYAN!
Kyan – *struggles holding up a pile of DVDs in both hands* Check!
Minotaur – ZEY!
Zey – *holds up phonebook* Checkers!
Minotaur – MINO! Check! We’re all ready for movie night! Ryku, do you have the junk food?
Ryku – Yep. I brought microwavable popcorn for us to share! :D
Minotaur – *facepalms* That’s it?
Ryku – Would you prefer chocolate? I could drive back to my mansion..
Minotaur – No, no, no. It’s okay. SOME people are smart and bring phonebooks to find a local pizza place’s numbah.
Zey – *blushes, opens phonebook to pizza section* Round Table’s number is 555-5555.
Minotaur – *dials number* Hm, that’s ironic. *puts phone up to ear* Yes, do you have any specials going on? ..Eh, that sounds gross. Let me get two extra large pepperoni pizzas with breadsticks. And Sprite. Okay, bye now. Oh, I love you too. Well maybe you could come over later and –
Ryku – MINO!
Minotaur – ..Yeah, gotta go. *throws phone at wall* Do you guys have $60 on you?
*everyone nods no*
Minotaur – I’m dependent on you THIS ONE TIME! D: Meh, I could just poof up some money.
Zey – *whistles with pockets obviously full of cash*
Minotaur – So, which movie are we watching first?
Kyan – Easy A.
Minotaur – OH MY GOODNESS! Awesomesauce! :D
*50 minutes later*
*everyone laughs*
Minotaur – Oh, Amanda Bynes! You are a delight!
*doorbell rings*
Minotaur – Oop! Pizza man! *poofs up money, goes to door*
Pizza Man – *knocks*
Minotaur – *opens door, grabs pizzas* Thanks!
Pizza Man – *puts breadstick box on top of pizza boxes*
Minotaur – *struggles* This is getting pretty heavy..
Pizza Man – *puts Sprite bottle on top of pizza boxes*
Minotaur – *loses breath*
Pizza Man – *slithers money out of Mino’s hand* Can I have a tip?
Minotaur – NO! *closes door with his powahs, throws pizzas at Kyan*
Kyan – *falls over, hits head on coffee table, whispers under breath* Why couldn’t you have just “poofed” up some pizza you great big-
Minotaur – Me no habla English! *walks over to pizza box, opens, eats slice in one gulp*
Zey – Mother of gah, Mino.
Minotaur – That pizza tasted like shizzledips. This wasn’t their best.
*everyone else walks overs and grabs a slice*
Ryku – *chewing* Mmm It’s missing something…
Kyan- A pleasant taste?
Minotaur – No.  It’s missing an exploding, exciting taste.
Minotaur – What?
Ryku – You told me your powers don’t work effectively when you’re weak!
Minotaur – I’m not weak. I’m just worn out from carrying all that stuff. Here goes the taste!
Ryku – NOOO!
Minotaur – *zaps pizza pie*
Ryku – *covers eyes with palms, peeks through*
Minotaur – *looks at Ryku* See? Nothing happened.
*pizza pie comes alive getting out of box behind Mino*
Ryku – *watches pizza pie behind Mino while he’s talking, gulps*
Minotaur – Hey! *follows Ryku’s eyes with head trying to block what he’s seeing* What are you looking at?
Ryku – *points behind Minotaur* THAT!
Minotaur – *turns around*
*giant pepperoni pizza monster overshadows the room*
Minotaur – *waves quietly, smells air* Mmm I did a good job.
Monster – *shoots pepperoni from mouth at Minotaur*
Minotaur – Whoa! *rolls out of the way*
Monster – *chuckles*
Minotaur – *panting* AHW, COME ON! I just finished battling a purple cat! Now this?
Monster – You are a fool, Minotaur.
Minotaur – How do you know my name?
Monster – It’s in the script. *holds up PWH script*
Minotaur – *turns to MT with a threatening look*
MT – *innocently waves* :)
Minotaur – *face-palm* This is ridiculous. Alright, here goes nothing. Check this out: Giant Pizza-cutter! *attempts to conjure up a large pizza-cutter*
*poof, a small fork appears*
Kyan – Woah! Minotaur, your powers, they’re weakening…
Minotaur – No, they’re fine. *clenches fists and tries again*
*poof-ffrhv…fizzles out, nothing*
Minotaur – *panting* No. This can’t happen to me! *squeezes eyes closed, shakes violently* ANYTHING!
*poof-frghv… nothing*
Minotaur – *falls to the ground*
Everyone – *gasp* Mino!
Monster – *chuckles* Pathetic mortals. Time to show your beastly friend here what shizzledips really taste like. *bends down, wraps Minotaur up in long stretchy mozzarella arms, lifts him up, holds him above mozzzarella like tendrils flicking and licking the air around its gaping mouth* Oh, I’m going to dislike eating this filthy thing. *lowers Minotaur into mouth, stops* Hey! Quit that!
Zey – *chomping on Monster Pizzas leg, pauses, looks up at pizza, speaks with food in mouth* Oh, sorrwy.
Ryku – Zey! You’re a genius!
Zey – Uh, I know that…
Ryku – No. Eating him. We can eat him to death!
Minotaur – *starts to nom on mozzarella arms*
Monster – No! Stop it. Get off me. *mozzarella tendrils scream and quiver*
*everyone lunges at the pizza with chomping mouths*
Bradley – *walks out of bedroom, wiping eye* Daddy, I’m hungry.. *looks up at pizza monster* NEVER MIND! :D *clings to monster and starts chompin’*
*morbidly obese versions of the crew rolling on the floor tired*
Ryku – I haven’t ate like that in a long time, Mino.
Minotaur – See how I randomly cause problems that ALWAYS get solved? *picks teeth*
Bradley – *yawns* Time to go back to my race car bed with Mr. Fluffers! *rolls back into his bedroom*
Kyan – Who’s Mr. Fluffers?
Minotaur – A cat or something. I’m not that involved in Bradley’s life.
Kyan – Well, that’s never been established before.
Zey – *burps* I’m thirsty.
*everyone stares at Sprite*
Zey – IT’S MINE!
Minotaur – NO!
*everyone rolls over to recieve it*

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

7 responses to “Monster”

  1. hland7 says :

    Easy A? Really? I didn’t expect them to like watching those movies.

    But they’re really unpredictable, so wtv.

    This reminded me of morbidlyobesepizza.

    • *MT. says :

      You still remember that monstorous thing? D:
      J/K I liked that episode of Buh-Lay.

      If you think they’re unpredictable now, look out for the future episodes this season.

      • hland7 says :

        I have good memory.

        I shall follow this…………… TV show?

        What is this called again?

      • *MT. says :

        It’s called a “User TV Show”, because it premiered on the Poptropica Help Forums.

        You could call it Script Stories, or simply stories. Your choice.

  2. super typhoon says :

    lol mr.fluffers!

  3. LEWIS says :

    This reminds me of a Jimmy Neutron episode where Jimmy made a machine for slumber-parties and his friend tries to get a pizza, but the pizza is evil.
    -Lewis :)

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