Chocolate Delights

If you’re a real hobo, you’d know this one thing: Minotaur is lactose intolerant. I’m not sure how this came to be, but I blame Codien for everything because everything is his fault, right? I have someone to blame now! :D Wait, where is Codien? Oh right, he was on break or s/t.. ANYHOO! –

When Minotaur throws a fit at a Rebecca Black themed park, he traps everyone and refuses to let anyone go unless he gets ice cream.

*driving to Rebecca’s Waterslide Park*
Minotaur – *in car, driving* I’m so excited to go here!
Ryku – Yeah, it just opened.
Zey – I heard some cool rides from Whaley. He told me that the “Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun Splashers” is a pretty great one. He also recommended the “Which Slide Can I Take”.
Kyan – That sounds so epicness.
Ryku – *turns on radio*
*Born This Way by Lady Gaga plays*
Ryku – I don’t want to be reminded of that psychopath who could’ve killed us all! D:
Kyan – *shrugs* I just like the song.
Minotaur – *stops* We’re here! :D
Zey – Cool beans! :D
*at front entrance, gates open, the cast members step forward*
Ryku – This sounds epic.
Codien with a Mustache – *walks by, licking an ice cream*
Ryku – ‘Cuse me, sir.
Codien with a Mustache – *stops* Why, yes! How do ya do? My name is –
Ryku – Don’t care. What are some good rides.
Codien with a Mustache – Go on the “We, We, We So Soaked”. You won’t regret it, aye. *continues walking*
Kyan – That guy was weird.
Minotaur – *eyes widened* His ice cream looked good though. *follows behind CwaM*
Ryku – *snatches Mino’s arm* LACTOSE INTOLERANT!
Minotaur – *starts sobbing* Why do you have to keep reminding me?
Ryku – Remember last summer?
Minotaur – Oooo…Ice cream!
Everyone – No Mino, No!
Minotaur – *licks icecream, smiles, tummy gurgles, body inflates like a balloon, floats away*
Minotaur – *crosses arms, pouts* Well, it was worth it. And since you’re not going to let me enjoy ice cream or float like a balloon, none of you are allowed! *turns around, everyone has ice ecream to mouth* HEY!
Ryku – *quickly stuffs in mouth, acts innocently, grins hiding it behind teeth* What are you looking at me for?
Minotaur – *squinches eyes* I’m beginning to think that you AREN’T the smartest person in this trio.
Zey – HEY!
Minotaur – I mean, four sided square.
Ryku – I got into Harvard and THEY invited me! And stop overreacting over ice cream!
Minotaur – First off, that’s really great, Ryku! I’m really proud of you. :) Second, I’M NOT OVERREACTING!
Kyan – From the tone people do reading what you’re saying, you’re DEFINITELY overreacting.
Minotaur – If I was overreacting, I would block the entrance until I get some ice cream! Hey, great idea. *powerful mist rises from palms, holds up to the sky, the mist quickly spreads creating an indestructable force-field around the water park*
Zey – What is this? I don’t even –
Ryku – Minotaur, you’re going too far! That one ride the mustache guy recommended really sounded cool! D:
Minotaur – That’s too flippin’ bad. And guess what?
Kyan – What?
Minotaur – The sound from the radio is now twice as loud because it’s in a tightly-spaced environment.
Zey – Oh no. They only play one song! D:
“It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend!”
Zey – *bangs head repeatedly against a wall*
Ryku – *tries to shield ears with palms* Who’s idea was it to go to a Rebecca Black-themed water park in the first place?
Rebecca Black – *walks up, standing across Mino* I heard my name.
Minotaur – *turns to RB* Hey, hippo! I remember you from that corporation ran by that purple cat! Say, got any ice cream?
Rebecca – You’re going to ask me for ice cream after isolating my water park? GTFO.
Minotaur – No, YOU GTFO!
Rebecca – *sighs* You’re difficult.
Minotaur – It comes naturally.
*It’s time for MT’s Fun Facts Hour!*
MT – Did you all know that I had a shirt that said I’m not being difficult, it comes naturally? Isn’t that very quaint, folks?
Codien – Oh! Incredibly quaint! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?
MT – OHOHOHOHOHO! There’s a joker in the room! *wink*
*!Good night, folks*
Rebecca – Ok, ok. How about I give you an ice cream, and you remove this force field blocking thing?
Minotaur – *face-palm* That, is what I’m doing this for, hippo.
*shouting from other side of force field*
Ryku – Don’t do it hippo!
Kyan – It’s not worth it!
Zey – *crawling on the ground in pain* Make it stop! Make it stop!
Rebecca – Just one ice cream?
Minotaur – *innocently nods fast*
Rebecca – And you will remove all this, right? Promise?
Minotaur – *innocently nods*
Rebecca – Alright. *heads off, returns with an icecream, hands to Minotaur*
Minotaur – *turns nose up at it* I wanted chocolate.
Rebecca – *groans* Fine. *leaves, returns with chocolate icecream*
Minotaur – *turns nose up again* With some sprinkles, and chocolate sauce…
Rebecca – *shudders, leaves, returns with chocolate icecream with sprinkles and chocolate sauce, offers to Minotaur*
Minotaur – With marshmallows, banana topping, crushed peanuts, a few lollies, a chocolate bar sticking out-
Ryku – Mmm that’s sounds good.
Kyan – Oi Mino, could we have one?
Minotaur – Yeah, and could we have 3 more-
Ryku – Extra sauce for me!
Minotaur – Extra sauce on one of them-
Kyan – Oh, could I have some liver treats on mine?
Minotaur – Liver? Alright then. And some liver treats on another.
Zey – *in strange body contortion, holds hand up, mumbles*
Minotaur – And one with the banana on the side, not on the ice cream.
Rebecca – *shudders a long shudder, slumps off, brings back 4 icecreams*
Minotaur – Yep, I’m definitely not difficult. *winks*
*Welcome back to MT’s Fun Fact Hour*
MT – The production title for this episode was So Bright. See where improv has gotten us?
Codien – That was a very quaint production title, MT.
Codien – Oop! You take that back, you quaint little s- !
*Good night, folks!*


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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

4 responses to “Chocolate Delights”

  1. Popular Flame says :

    Me want ice cream nao. :D lol. But i cough a lot. I WANT ICE CREAM NAO!!! -kills person who said that- Nuuuuuuuuuu…….X-X Good. -eats up dead body- Wut? .


    Nawh. jus jokin. :]

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