Party Without Hobos!

On June 14th, 2010, MT was innocently at his grandparents house. On his grandpa’s annoying computer, he went on the PHF. Looking through the User TV Show section , he got an idea to make one using two characters he drew, Minotaur and Ryku, interviewing the members. It was a success on the forum. Days later, he shared the stories on the PHC with Hijuyo and Zey-Shomi. They started to make the shows together and even created their own blog. Hijuyo advertised the stories on the PHB giving it more fans and views than MT could even imagine. Party with Hobos grew up then not interviewing the members ( since season 2 ) and having new plots. New characters, eight seasons, new themes, new plots and much more made PWH stronger. You guys are what make the PWH what it is. Thank you, hobos. – MT

Party with Hobos is officially a year old! Can you believe that? I’m pretty much in shock that I’m getting so old. Again, thank you, hobos for believing in PWH! :)

The winning plot was – drumroll please? – THEY ACTUALLY PARTY WITH HOBOS! Hopefully you enjoy this epic filler! You deserve it, hobos. :)

When Minotaur invites a bunch of hobos to a One Year Anniversary party, they tend to be more irritating and tortilla chip-loving than they seem.

*at Zey’s mansion*
Minotaur – Do we have everything we need?
Zey – Look at the decorations! :T
Minotaur – Balloons and shiz everywhere! :D
Ryku – The cake’s in the refridgerator.
Kyan – And I bought a bag of tortilla chips and salsa!
Charles – Although, I’m the butler, I didn’t do anything! :3
Whaley – *rolls eyes, sips Pepsi*
Minotaur – So..
Zey – Soo…is this it?
Kyan – I guess.
Zey – This is PWH’s 1st anniversary party?
Charles – Don’t complain to us! Ask the party planner!
Zey – *death stares Mino*
Minotaur – *waves innocently, smiles*
Zey – Why didn’t you invite anybody?
Minotaur – I had a lot to do alright! I had to take Bradley to his soccer practice, NOT FOOTBALL. I don’t remember picking him up either. *peeks out the window* It’s also getting dark outside.
Zey – So, you didn’t have time to do it because you had to take your son to soccer practice and come here?
Minotaur – Absolutely! :3
Zey – Well, you’re going to be in charge of inviting some peeps.
Minotaur – I have no problem with that! :D
Zey – *picks up Mino, throws him out window* Cool story.
*doorbell rings*
Zey – *opens door reluctantly* What?
Minotaur – I forgot my purse! :D
Zey – …
*2 hours later*
Ryku – Is he even coming back? I think I ate all of the tortilla chips.
Kyan – Fatty.
Zey – Ryku’s got a point. Who’d want to party at 11 PM?
Minotaur – *kicks door down* HOBOS LOVE TO PARTY!
*a mob of literal hobos walk into Zey’s mansion*
Zey – I don’t want them in here! D:<
Minotaur – Why? :(
Zey – They smell like cigarettes and body odor.
Minotaur – Surprisingly, they don’t take many showers.
Charles – *rolls eyes* Drama queen.
Skull – I’m a hobo named Skull and I will not leave. HEY, IS THAT A POOL?
Zey – *facepalms*
Skull – COME ON, GANG! LET’S GO OUTSIDE! WOOOO! *guides hobos outside, does a cannon-ball in the pool*
*meanwhile, outside*
Ryku – Coming right up, you smelly piece of garbage! ;D
Ryku – *walks inside, faints on the floor* They’re SOOOOO irritating.
Zey – Of course they are. They’re using my pool, farting, and eating all of the tortilla chips. We need a plan.
Minotaur – *noms on a tortilla chip* For what?
Zey – To get them the heck out of here!
Minotaur – But they’re our friends!
Kyan – No, they’re not! Where’d you even find those guys?
Minotaur – On some train tracks, because I was playing Firefighter in some forest or something and then I gone somewhere and – *scratches head* What happened?
Zey – How informative.
Ryku – We need to focus, guys!
Zey – I doubt they even know what this party’s for.
Minotaur – Is it my birthday? :3
Zey – No, we wouldn’t throw a party for that.
Minotaur – Why not?
Zey – You already had 18,000..
Minotaur – 17,999! I forgot it was my birthday that day..
Kyan – Ay! I think I have the perfect plan! ;D
*minutes later, outside*
Roadkill – And so I was on my motorcycle with my leather jacket and my bald spot –
Skull – We’re supposed to be HOBOS not bikers!
Roadkill – You guys are hobos?
Skull – You’re a biker?
Roadkill – Hm. I just made a big oopsy.
Charles – *peeks out glass door* IT’S RAINING!
*hobos look up*
Skull – *looks at Charles* I don’t see any clouds.
Charles – It’s raining – cash?
*hobos look up again*
Skull – *looks at Charles, nods head*
Charles – *snaps fingers* Darn. OOH! THERE’S RAINING MONEY IN THE FRONT YARD!
Roadkill – No way!
Charles – Yeah way!
Roadkill – Really?
Charles – Mhm!
Roadkill – You gotta be joking me..
Charles – GET OUT!
*hobos run over Charles, opens front door, dashes into the yard*
Roadkill – I don’t see no money!
Minotaur – *locks door* I feel so naughty doing that.
Zey – I think we all learned a valuable lesson today.
Kyan – Never to party with hobos?
Zey – Exactly.
Ryku – It’s been one year, can you believe it?
Kyan – We made so many hobos around the world..
Minotaur – That feeling you get knowing that there’s a kid that checks the PWH just to read something you write..
Zey – It’s the best feeling in the world..
MT – It’s funny how I should be saying that stuff. I mean, I created it.
Zey – How the – HOW’D YOU GET IN MY HOUSE?


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

14 responses to “Party Without Hobos!”

  1. Popular Flame says :

    TORTILLA CHIPS! lol. OSHUM !!!!! and I also learned my lesson: Never talk to a hobo. :_ LOL. Jus jokin. One more thing: I sometimes get confused with MT and Minotaur. Coz, u know, MT, MinoTaur. See? But I think its gone a lil bit. :D

    • *MT. says :

      MT stands for MonkeyTacoz. Minotaur’s nickname is Mino. D:
      You could talk to hobos. Not all of them are greedy bikers with hardcore nicknames.

  2. stupidninjas says :

    In honor of the 1 Year Anniversary,I’ll be sharing some secrets that MT himself told me about PWH…>:D

    1.Ryku is afraid of people in animal costumes.
    2.He is considering a SockLicker spin-off.

  3. stupidninjas says :

    FACT:MT is planning a future episode where Minotaur meets…A GIRL.

  4. Mighty Ice says :

    The hobos are one yer old now!!!!
    I love the way whaley is always drinking something not bothered bout anything lol!
    I love all your comics and ima read every single comic all over!!
    *Grabs tortilla and stuffs into mouth*

    • *MT. says :

      I’m running out of soft drinks for Whaley. Time for random drinks.
      Don’t forget to make chips out of that tortilla!

      Also, thanks for reading all of them. They REALLY matured a little compared to the old seasons, trust me.

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