Party with JTX

Sorry for the late episode, guys! I had a funeral to attend today. :(

This is most likely my favorite episode I made so far. Also, remember that sneak peek? You caught me. It’s in this episode. Oh, how I love Minotaur and Bradley episodes.

When Minotaur goes off to the PWH studio, Bradley and his best friend, JTX, throw a party in his absence.

*at Mino’s mansion*
Minotaur – *eating cereal, sitting on couch, watching Family Fued*
Host – It’s time to play Fast Money! I’m going to ask you a series of questions and you’ll have to answer them before time runs out. Ready?
Bob – Gotcha.
Minotaur – I love this section of the show! The only thing that irritates me about it is that they always have at least one stupid answer. I could get it due to the pressure and everything, but you could do better.
Host – What’s a favorite holiday?
Bob – Birthday.
Minotaur – Your birthday’s not a holiday, you overweight doof! Unless Google made you your own logo on their homepage, don’t try to consider it a holiday, hun.
Host – What’s a common screenname for a random Austrailian teenager that loves online games for kids?
Bob – Codien Flame.
Minotaur – Ooh! That’s a best answer right there!
Bradley – *opens front door, peeks head through* Hey, father!
Minotaur – It is past your bedtime!
Bradley – It’s 2:30 in the afternoon. School’s over.
Minotaur – I must’ve lost track of time watching GSN all day and eating numerous bowls of Apple Jacks. God knows how many.
Bradley – To get to my point, I’d like to introduce you to my best friend, JTX! :D *goes through door with JTX*
Minotaur – *squinches eyes* Who is this?
Bradley – My best friend who is totally NOT a bad influence on me! He’s sleeping over for the weekend.:D
Minotaur – You already have straight F’s, so whatevs. How ya doin’, JTX?
JTX – Yeah, whatever. Can we go upstairs?
Minotaur – I asked you a question, punk bish.
JTX – *reluctantly looks at Mino*
Minotaur – How are ya? Hey, what does JTX stand for?
JTX – Jaiden Tiberious Xu.
Minotaur – No wonder you’d convert it into an acronym; that’s one of the ugliest names I’ve ever heard.
Bradley – DAD!
Minotaur – ‘Ay, can I be honest?
Bradley – *makes a pouting face, aggressively grabs JTX’s arm, guides him upstairs to his room*
Minotaur – *turns back to TV*
Host – ..You said Codien Flame. 60 points! You’ve won $20,000 dollars!
Minotaur – I told ’em. Leggo. OH CRAP! I’M LATE FOR WORK! Hm, at least it has a bright side. I have something to talk to about. :3 *disappears to PWH studio*
Bradley – *walks downstairs with JTX* And so I said, ‘Who do I look like to you? Bill Cosby?’
JTX – *chuckles* Nice one. I hate getting sweaters for Christmas too.
Bradley – *looks around* Hey, Daddy’s gone. Sorry for his behavior. He told me his sons mature faster than he does.
JTX – Oh, it’s alright. By the way, that was fast. It’s only been like 20 seconds. All we did was drop our backpacks off and your room and you told me a story.
Bradley – Correction: AN EPIC STORY!
JTX – BOOYAH! *high-fives Bradley* Hey, I got a crazy idea.
Bradley – What’s so crazy about it?
JTX – We throw a party inviting all our friends from school! :D
Bradley – Whoa! That could get me in trouble, JTX. How about we do something innocent and boy-like? :D
JTX – You sound like a sensitive crapface.
Bradley – I’m sorry! Just have a lot of feelings. Since Mino’s usually doing random things downstairs, I tend to be in my room thinking a lot about the world. That’s why I have so much common sense because I use my brain. *turns rapidly* JTX?
JTX – *on stool, putting up streamers* Yeah, so are you getting started on the party or what?
Bradley – *grunts*
*at PWH Studio*
Kyan – *rolls up sleeves, multiple cuts on arm*
Ryku – OHMYGAW, KYAN! Do you – !
Kyan – Own a cat? No. It’s that stupid Ke$ha living in her side apartment near my mansion. Between you and me, SHE HOARDS CATS.
Zey – You guys are silly.
*audience claps and laughs*
Kyan – *looks at audience* I forgot we even had you people.
Minotaur – *randomly appears on couch* GUESS WHAT?
*Kyan and Ryku scream like girls*
Ryku – You startled us, Mino! What? What do you want?
Minotaur – I went all Sherlock Holmes on Bradley today!
Zey – What’d  you do?
Minotaur – Turns out the reasons for his bad grades and behavior were due to his best friend GPS! He is a bad influence!
Ryku – Was he being bad?
Minotaur – No, but I made fun of his name. *paper flies in Mino’s face*
Kyan – *grabs piece of paper off Mino’s face, reads* Bradley + JTX’s Super Secret Awesome Party! You’re invited! Ssh! Don’t tell Mino!
Ryku – How secretitive.
Kyan – *hands paper to Minotaur*
Minotaur – *grabs aggressively* THEY’RE GONNA PAY! D:<
*at Mino’s mansion, Super Bass by Nicki Minaj is playing loud on the stereos*
Bradley – *chugs entire bowl of fruit punch* I’VE NEVER FELT SO ALIVE!
JTX – I told you to just relax and have fun! :D
Bradley – And you were right! I’m listening to everything you tell me to do even if it’s negative! :D
Lady Gaga – *pokes Bradley on shoulder*
Bradley – *turns around* Want something, Gaga?
Lady Gaga – What song should I play?
Bradley – Play something off your new album that the radio ruined.
Lady Gaga – *shouts across the room to band* Get prepared to play Edge of Glory, guys! *skips off to stage*
Charisma – *whispers to Bradley* PSST!
Bradley – If this is Gaga again, I’m going to ruin her carrer somehow. *turns to Charisma* Uh..
Charisma – I’m a newbie to this show and I don’t know a lot of people here. Is Kyan here?
Bradley – *shrugs* Who knows? I just threw invitations in the wind.
Oprah – *taps Bradley on the shoulder*
Bradley – *turns to Oprah* WHAT?
Oprah – Hey, honey! Are you going to miss my talk show?
Bradley – I’M NOT IN THE MOOD! *turns to find JTX, swims through crowds, notices him kissing a girl* JTX!
JTX – *gets lips off, turns to girl* You pervert! Forcing me to kiss you like that.
Bradley – I’m irritated. This party isn’t exactly as I hoped it’d be. I’m not even sure how we afforded those singers to play.
JTX – What more do you want, Bradley? Martial artists?
Bradley – *shrugs*
Jackie Chan – *drops from ceiling, landing on two feet* At my age, I’m surprised I could still do that.
Bradley – I have a bad feeling..
JTX – Bad feeling about what? Nothing’s going to happen.
Minotaur – *kicks open door* PTA, WHERE ARE YA?
*everyone stares at Mino*
Minotaur – Get out or you’ll all die Mino-style.
Random Person – Ooh! Mino-Style sounds sexy.
Minotaur – OUT!
*everybody rushes out through the backdoor*
Minotaur – I blame this on you, TMI.
JTX – What’d I do exactly?
Minotaur – You gave my son bad grades and turned him into something he’s not!
JTX – I’m one of the nicest people you’d ever met.
Minotaur – You’re just saying that knowing you’re about to die.
JTX – I’m actually telling the truth. Inferring by how Bradley describes your relationship with each other, it’s not good. You don’t seem to give him enough attention. He’s always been bad for no reason. That’s just the way he is. Turns out you’re too ignorant to accept the fact that your son isn’t the way you thought he was because you were barely affliated in his life at all.
Minotaur – I think I just got pwned by a 9 year-old.
JTX – Yep. You did. It was my idea to throw the party though.
Minotaur – YOU MONSTER! D:< *starts chasing JTX*
JTX – *runs outside the front door*
Minotaur – *locks door* We have to talk.
Bradley – No. *walks upstairs*
Minotaur – He IS difficult! :O

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