Revenge of Wolfgang

Happy Father’s Day! Give your dad a big laugh and share with him this epic excuse for an episode!

A special episode made for the PHB called Sent ‘Em To England, a part two to Season Two episode, Sharpie Broccoli, now premiered on the PHB! Read it now!

Speaking of which, it’s a coincidence that Hijuyo premiered it accidently today. There’s a brand new character in Sent ‘Em To England that happens to be a female, a tough female, who debuts in this episode. Find out who she is! –

When Minotaur feels used and unwanted at the movie theaters, he runs into a young girl who convinces him to plot revenge on his co-stars.

*at AMC Theaters*
Minotaur – *at ticket stand* 4 adults and 1 kid.
Ticketmaster – You guys all look like kids.
Ryku – Just because we have the height of a 12 year-old doesn’t mean we’re kids.
Ticketmaster – Hey, green. Is that your son? *points at Bradley*
Minotaur – Yes, it is! :D
Ticketmaster – Here’s going to be taller than you eventually. ;)
Bradley – That’s not offensive to me! :D
Minotaur – *rolls eyes* We’re going to see Bad Teacher.
Ticketmaster – *hands ticket through the little hole in the glass window*
Minotaur – *snatches them violently* Tah-tah! *walks away*
Zey – Wait! What about Whaley?
Minotaur – Yeah, he can’t come. *continues walking*
Zey – *ties Whaley to a fire hydrant* Sorry, buddy. *walks off into theater*
Whaley – *rolls eyes, sips Coca-Cola*
Ticketmaster – *mumbles under breath* Freak. Next?
Guard – *stops the boys* Whoa, whoa! I’m going to have to rip your tickets please!
Minotaur – *hands over everyone’s tickets*
Guard – *tears them a little, hands them back*
Minotaur – That’s it?
Guard – What do you want me to do? Set them on fire?
Minotaur – That would be pretty cool. :D
Ryku – *pushes Minotaur forward*
Minotaur – Okay, okay! Sheesh! Let’s go to the snack line.
*at snack line*
Kyan – *has a huge pile of candy in hands*
Minotaur – One large buttery popcorn! *turns around to Kyan* Oh good god.
Kyan – You could poof up money.
Minotaur – I’m tired of you guys taking care of my strength and powers! D:<
Bradley – What are you going to do? Abandon us?
Minotaur – Good idea! I was just going to rant!
*everyone death-stares Bradley*
Bradley – I didn’t know! D:
*outside Bad Teacher showing room*
Minotaur – Stupid people. Who do they think they are taking advantage of me like that? I’m just another green-haired powerful Greek mythological creature wearing a scarf to them.
Wolfgang – Trouble?
Minotaur – *turns around* Who are you?
Wolfgang – My name is Wolfgang. *pops bubblegum, crossing arms, leaning against wall*
Minotaur – I’m Minotaur. Sorry if this is a bad first impression, but you’re REALLY hot.
Wolfgang – I know. *blows bubble, POP!* What’s on your mind?
Minotaur – Recently, I’ve been feeling that my friends have been taking advantage of my powers. I saved their lives in a museum, battled Nyan Cat, and other things!
Wolfgang – I think that could all be solved with a little revenge.
Minotaur – Revenge? No, I’m too warm-hearted.
Wolfgang – *rolls eyes* Come on, I’ll get them off your mind.
Minotaur – *sighs* Fine then.
*inside Bad Teacher showing room*
Bradley – *sitting down with a pissy attitude* I can’t believe we had to spend all of that money.
Zey – It’s your fault.
Bradley – Zey, you’re supposed to be my best friend.
Zey – That was only one episode.
Stranger – Shh!
Zey – *turns to Stranger* Shut up, fatty. It’s just the trivia questions.
*in the waaaaaaaay back row*
Wolfgang – What do they all hate more than anything?
Minotaur – They all hate snakes.
Wolfgang – Isn’t this movie 3-D?
Minotaur – You thinking what I’m thinking?
Wolfgang – Oooh yeah!
*on screen*
Cameron Diaz – Fatty, answer the question!
Gibby – I’m just from iCarly, so..
Cameron Diaz – *throws kickball at him*
*off screen*
Wolfgang – *imitating Cameron* Snakes! *throws a pile of fake snakes on top of the PWH crew*
*they all panic*
Stranger – Calm down, it’s just 3-D!
*outside of theater, the PWH crew runs out*
Ryku – *throws off snake on shoulder* It’s so real!
Zey – *takes off Ryku’s 3-D glasses* They are.
*everyone else takes off 3-D glasses*
Ryku – You mean someone –
Zey – Pranked us? Yep.
Bradley – Who would do such a thing?
Kyan – Luckily, I brought the Mystery Gang to help us figure it out!
Fred – lol aye wats up daphne
Daphne – shuddup fred ur not gettin any of my lips*~
Shaggy – im so hungry omq scooby letz make sandwcihes
Scooby-Doo – ok lol
Velma – Think about it for a second. At the snack bar, Minotaur got into a fit and walked off to the theater without all the food feeling like he was unimportant. Therefore, he met a smoking hot chocolate girl named Wolfgang who told him that revenge was the only answer. So they plotted to throw snakes on you guys knowing that you all hate them.
Minotaur – *leaning against wall, chewing gum* That’s right. We did it.
Wolfgang – *leaning against wall, chewing gum* Mhm.
Zey – You freak!
Minotaur – That sort of insult is why you deserved it!
Ryku – Look, Mino. We’re sorry that we made you feel unimportant and taken advantage of.
Minotaur – You really mean that?
Ryku – Of course! We promise not to make you feel that way again – for now.
Minotaur – Oh you guys! *opens up arms wide for group hug*
Ryku – *moves out of the way* Is this the smoking hot Wolfgang?
Wolfgang – I’m a boy magnet. ;)
Zey – Don’t trust her! She’s dangerous and mean.
Wolfgang – You didn’t even give me a chance to express myself!
Zey – You still threw snakes on us!
Wolfgang – That was only because I felt bad for Mino.
Kyan – You only met him today and you’re pronouncing half of his name? SHAME.
Ryku – Shut up, guys. We should give her a chance. Plus, she’s HAWT. We need a new cast member anyways.
Zey – Wait, what are you doing?
Ryku – Welcome to the crew, Wolfgang! :)
Wolfgang – Thanks! Wait, what crew?
Zey – NO! *does OTL position, pounds floor with fist*
Bradley – Look on the bright side, she’s hot.
Zey – *looks up at Bradley* You’re right about that! :D

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    Just sayin.

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    So… what does Wolfgang look like?

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