Filler: Angry Birds

I had an idea for a filler like this for a while. I honestly don’t get why it’s so overrated, mang. Can someone please tell me? It’s everywhere.

So, here’s a 15-lined filler for you folks exposing my ignorance to realize the point of this game.

*at the mall, Toys ‘R’ Us*
Minotaur – *walks in* Hey, I didn’t know they had a Toys ‘R’ Us in the mall!
Bradley – I know, right! *glances over* Oh my golly.
Minotaur – What is it, son?
Bradley – *points at basket of Angry Birds toys*
Minotaur – Now they’re making plushes of them now? They’re so overrated.
*later that night, Mino’s mansion*
Bradley – *walks in hallway, wiping eye, glass of water in hand*
*gaming noises are heard in Mino’s room*
Bradley – Dad? *creaks open Mino’s room door*
Minotaur – *turns around* Hey, son! :D
Bradley – Dad, it’s 3 in the morning. What are you playing?
Minotaur – Uh..Sonic?
You just completed all the levels of Angry Birds! Play again?
Bradley – *facepalm*

About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

8 responses to “Filler: Angry Birds”

  1. izzy says :

    i never really go the point of angry birds…

  2. hland7 says :

    I saw a bunch of those in one of those knockoff stores in China for like 50 cents.

    They were the big kind…

  3. super typhoon says :

    i like angry birds!!! and lol he pertended he was playing the sonic games!!!

  4. Hijuyo says :

    I have an Angry Birds plush pig. :D

  5. Bam! says :

    Funny. They went to Toys R Us and saw a basket of Angry Birds. I went to Argos and saw some Angry Birds. Plushies. Still cute tho. LOLMAO. :D

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