Filler: V-Neck

To understand this, you have to watch this awful video that only a 7 year-old girl obsessed with Disney Channel would like.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Doesn’t she move her mouth awkwardly? She doesn’t realize she’s not hiding her teeth very well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I’m mean. So, here’s the bad parody..

WARNING: Made with insomnia.

*in the PWH studio*
Minotaur – A-B-C 123! Ryku wore his V-Neck like me!
Ryku – What? D:<
Minotaur – I bet Kyan’s mad that I look fab.
Kyan – Uh..
Wolfgang – Mino, you’ve been bragging about that stupid V-Neck after we got back from Old Navy yesterday.
Minotaur – I can’t help it. Justin Bieber’s wearing my V-Neck. Kingsley is wearing my V-Neck. And SpongeBob is wearing my V-Neck! DOES THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU, GUYS?
Zey – Mino, could I ask you a question?
Minotaur – Sure!
Zey – What have you been smoking?
Minotaur – THE AIR LOLOLOLOLOL I learned in life that you shouldn’t care what others think. Do what makes you happy.
Zey – And your happiness revolves around bragging over a V-Neck parodying an annoying song?
Minotaur – It’s like – you know me.
Zey – *raises eyebrows* Oh, I know more than you’d expect.
Wolfgang – *gulp* Awwwwkkkkkkwaaaaarrrrrd.
And don’t forget to comment on the Angry Birds filler below! v

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

6 responses to “Filler: V-Neck”

  1. Shaggy Tornado says :


  2. Smart Kid says :


  3. stupidninjas says :

    It may sound akward,but I like that song,and I’m not a 7 year-old girl obsessed with Disney Channel.

  4. . says :


  5. Bam! says :

    I think she wore those jeans A BIT TOOO TIGHT. o.o LOLMAO at the New Blackberry part. LmAO. JEANS FREAK, Lmfao…………………….. :3

  6. Bam! says :

    P.S. I like the song. :3 Probably a 7 year old gal obsessed with Disney Channel might think shes a new popstar or sumthin. Which reminds me. IM NOT 7 either. Im 11. :)

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