Jellytastic Voyage

Happy Saturday, folks! Out of school yet?

Because these new episodes are definitely going to rock your weekend. But you may be wondering, Oh! Who’s the winner of that poll? The obvious winner is ~

Wolfgang gets captured by the Jersey Shore crew in Italy!

Expect greatness tomorrow. You guys are mean to Wolfgang. For some reason, I feel as if RavenClawGurl from the PHB voted for that option. Forever revengeful. Anyhoo, let’s get on with the description!

When SockLicker weeps about retiring on the summit of the Oddly-Specific Named Mountain, Ryku tells him about a scheme by Flamez.

UPDATE: Yes, the line in Flamez’ Secret Lair Room wasn’t Minotaur, it was MT. Sorry for the confusion. xP

Wolfgang – *blindfolded* Where are you taking me, guys?
Minotaur – Oh, you’ll know soon enough, sexy. *guides Wolfie*
Ryku – I haven’t seen this place in like, a year.
Kyan – It brings back so many memories.
Zey – I’ve been depressed lately. My creator ditched us to go to Virtual Family Kingdom under the username EverestJustin. I mean, anything but VFK? I knew he was on drugs.
Minotaur – *unfolds Wolfie’s blindfold* SURPRISE!
Wolfgang – *opens eyes* A mountain?
Ryku – Not just any mountain, this is the Oddly-Specifc Named Mountain. In Season One, Episode 5, we made a bunch of spoiled kids climb this thing with a promise of jellybeans at the top. But they wasted their time, because they already got beaten by this one girl who ate all the jellybeans before anyone was half-way climbed.
Wolfgang – My life wasn’t as exciting before I met you guys. Going to juvy, bungee-jumping, and flying in a hot air balloon everyday has its advantages. :D *starts climbing*
*everyone else begins to climb*
Wolfgang – *reaches top, hears crying man* What the heck?
Minotaur – *struggles getting up*
Wolfgang – *grabs Mino by the arm, pulls him up* Come with me, Mino..
Ryku – What about us?
Kyan – My feet hurt! D;
Wolfgang – You guys climb slow. Besides, I see someone sitting on the edge of the summit. *holds hands with Mino, walks over to man*
Minotaur – *pokes man on shoulder*
? – *gets up, turns around, gets out of shadow, wipes eye*
Minotaur – Socklicker?
SockLicker – *sniff* Oh, hey, Mino. Who’s your girlfriend?
Minotaur – This is Wolfgang and she isn’t my girlfriend. o_o
Wolfgang – *notices hands locked, blushes, extracts hand away*
Minotaur – *blushes, giggles*
Wolfgang – Nice to meet you, man. What are you doing up here?
SockLicker – I’ve been thinking a lot. *clears throat* I’m retiring from being a superhero.
Minotaur – What? You can’t!
*Ryku, Zey, and Kyan finally catch up*
Zey – Who’s retiring?
SockLicker – *sniffs, slowly raises hand*
Kyan – You can’t retire! You’re the best singing superhero ever, plus if you retire, you’ll just become an old superhero living next to us like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.
SockLicker – That’s the point! All I do is sing! Yeah, I saved you guys a few times, but I don’t help the community.
Wolfgang – *looks around, squinches eyes* Wait, where are the jellybeans?
Ryku – *face lights up with joy* SockLicker, if I could get you a villian to defeat to make you feel accomplished, will you stay a superhero?
SockLicker – *wipes eyes* Okay.
Ryku – Awesome. I already got the perfect plan.
*at Flamez’s Secret Lair Room*
Flamez – *laughs evilly* I’m still taller than you!
MT – *arms taped up, standing next to Flamez* Because you’re a freakin’ skyscraper.
Flamez – I drink lotsa milk. :D
MT – So, do you have an evil plan for today?
Flamez – I already accomplished it.
MT – And what was that, master?
Flamez – I stole all the jellybeans off the Oddly-Specific Named Mountain.
MT – I thought you already did that.
Flamez – What do you think was in that mountain? Cold rocks?
MT – Yes.
Flamez – Well, you were wrong. According to my research, it’s a rare species called Peenutboturanjele. It’s a species that has sweet carvings inside it.
MT – What happens if you steal them?
Flamez – Oh, it just melts.
MT – But that was an important landmark in PWH history! D:
*in the window*
SockLicker – *listening* That little sneaky rabbit! Wait, my friends are still on the mountain! I need to get those jellybeans! *smashes window, flies inside*
Flamez – *screams*
SockLicker – *hovering over ground* Where are the jellybeans?
Flamez – I’m not telling you! You’re old news, pathetic.
SockLicker – *enrages, shoots lasers at Flamez*
Flamez – *rolls out of way, pulls out Pokeball*
SockLicker – What’s in there?
Flamez – DRAWICON, GO! *throws Pokeball, breaks, a piece of notebook paper with pencils for arms and legs appear*
SockLicker – *busts out with laughter*
Drawicon – *rages towards SL*
SockLicker – *gulp*
*in the corner*
MT – I can’t let her do that to my creations. We still have more episodes to premiere! D:< *opens closet, grabs bag of jellybeans*
SockLicker – *crumbles Drawicon into a ball, throws in trash*
Flamez – *in the position to throw another Pokeball*
SockLicker – *grabs arm, punches Flamez, kicks her in the stomach*
MT – C’mon, SL! :D
Flamez – *smacks SL, knees him in the stomach*
MT – Darnit. *starts to tear*
SockLicker – *picks up Flamez, throws her out window*
Flamez – *lands on concrete sidewalk, defeated*
*audience claps*
SockLicker – Let’s go, MT!
MT – :D
*at Oddly-Specific Named Mountain, mountain begins to sink everyone in*
Kyan – This feels weird! D:
Wolfgang – We’re all going to freakin’ die! D:
Ryku – SL might not make it in time, Mino! Use your powers!
Minotaur – I can’t! This sinking mountain is messing with my wiring!
*a bag of jellybeans flies into the air, hits Mino in the head, and continues to fall into the melting mountain*
Minotaur – Ow! What the – ?
*mountain goes back to normal out of nowhere, everyone slides off side*
SockLicker – *at the bottom, arms crossed, raised eyebrow* Got jellybeans?
Minotaur – *bear hugs SL* MY HERO! :D
Ryku – SL, you know the deal.
SockLicker – *Mino lets go of* I honestly don’t even know why I considered retiring in the first place! :D What excitement that adventure was!
Kyan – Does this mean that – ?
SockLicker – Yep, SockLicker’s UNretired! :D
*everyone cheers and claps*
Minotaur – Wait, who threw that jellybean bag at my head?
MT – *slowly raises hand, giggles* I don’t have a good aim.
Minotaur – *grabs MT by the neck, slams his face into the mountain*
MT – Why am I okay with this? *smiles, teeth falls out*
*everybody shares a heart-warming laugh, audience claps while the camera fades to the sky*
MT – *closes book* The End. :D

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

3 responses to “Jellytastic Voyage”

  1. hland7 says :

    I ship Wolfgang/Mino.

  2. Brave Tomato/Eliza Williams the Huntress says :

    Hmm, I think I know how you got the inspiration for the villain in this episode… : ]

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