To The Jersey Shore

Start checking out the Saturday episodes! They seem to get the less views and they need love too! Jellytastic Voyage and Party with JTX are some epic episodes that didn’t get a lot of publicity.

This is what you guys voted for. Hopefully it’s koala tea enough for you.

This style is more dramatic and action-packed than random and funny. I don’t know if you’ll mind or if you like the randomness. I finished this quickly after a nap on the couch, so the ending is sort of fast and corny. I’m sorry if I seem so unhappy with this episode, because I like it since it expresses my opinion on the stupid things that the media have to talk about until you just get irritated.

When The Situation gets rejected by Wolfgang in Italy, Snooki plans to kidnap her to teach her that no one messes with these stars.

*somewhere outside in Italy*
Wolfgang – *at a table* Thanks for taking me here, Mino. The scenery and gross food is quite the tourist attraction.
Minotaur – Oh, it’s no problem. I just wanted to show you how much we appreciate you on the show.
Wolfgang – You’re such a sweet heart! Definitely not like the insensitive jerks.
Minotaur – *looks over Wolfgang’s shoulder*
*Jersey Shore crew looking around*
Minotaur – Speaking of insensitive jerks, there’s The Situation.
Wolfgang – Really? *turns*
Situation – *stares at Wolfgang, bites lip*
Ronnie – Got the hots for her, man?
Situation – Oh heck yeah! I’m glad I just got finished GTL’n to impress this girl who definitely ain’t no grenade. Hopefully, she ain’t got no Fred Flintstone toes. I got vibe for her.
Ronnie – Go after her, man!
Situation – Aight. *walks over to Wolfgang*
Wolfgang – *turns back to Mino* He’s coming over here! What do I do?
Minotaur – Make him go away without telling him to go away. Just like say things that’ll make him feel unwanted.
Wolfgang – Solid plan, bro.
Situation – *slides up to Wolfgang’s side* Ay, girl. There seems to be a situation here. *pulls up shirt*
Wolfgang – I think the real situation is your face. Why don’t you lift your shirt over your head and maybe I’ll be interested in what you have to say.
Situation – *pulls shirt down* What’d I do to you?
Wolfgang – If by you, you mean the world, you ruined reality shows.
Situation – You beefin’.
Wolfgang – You overrated.
Situation – Fine then, hater. *walks back to small crowd of his co-stars*
Deena – What’d she say?
Situation – She was callin’ me ugly and overrated.
Snooki – She can’t do that!
Vinny – What do you mean?
Snooki – You’re being a wimp! You need to show her who’s boss!
Pauly D – You’re not suggesting –
Snooki – Kidnapping her? I actually am.
Sammi – You’re crazy, Snooks! You can’t just force her to fall in love with Mike!
Snooki – We’re not going to force her to be in a relationship with Mike. We’re going to teach her no one rips on the Jersey crew and gets away with it.
*everybody huddles up*
Wolfgang – *turns back to Mino* I think I want to go.
Minotaur – Alrighty then. We should go sight-seeing more first.
Wolfgang – Nah, we could do that anytime.
Minotaur – Whatever you say. *gets up and starts to walk*
Wolfgang – *gets out of seat and starts to follow behind Mino*
JWoww – *grabs Wolfgang by the arm, throws her*
Wolfgang – WHAT THE – ?
Ronnie – *catches Wolf in his arms, covers mouth with duct tape, hands over to Pauly D*
Pauly D – *runs off along with the rest*
Ronnie – *creeps up behind Minotaur*
Minotaur – I think the best thing about this place is that it’s open to everything. Like eating disgusting things like snails. I mean, how nasty is that?
Ronnie – *taps Minotaur on the shoulder*
Minotaur – *turns around*
Ronnie – *knocks out*
*3 hours later*
Minotaur – *still on sidewalk, gets up, looks around* Where’d Wolfgang? *stops* Oh no..
? – *in the shadows* You figured it out.
Minotaur – Figured what out? Who are you?
? – *walks out*
Minotaur – *gasps* Angelina, former co-star of Jersey Shore?
Angelina – That’s right.
Minotaur – Why are you betraying your co-stars?
Angelina – They hate me. I’m practically their arch-nemesis.
Minotaur – Oh.
Angelina – Yeah..
Minotaur – So, do you know where Wolfgang is?
Angelina – Of course, I do.
Minotaur – Wait, how do you know?
Angelina – It wasn’t really hard to figure out. Plus, I witnessed the whole thing and their convos.
Minotaur – You stalked them?
Angelina – Does this really matter right now?
Minotaur – I suppose not.
*at the Jersey Shore*
Pauly D – *running, holding Wolf against his chest*
Wolfgang – *raised up leg, kicks him in the head*
Pauly D – *falls to the grond*
Wolfgang – *stands*
*Snooki and JWoww raging towards her*
Wolfgang – *pulls hands out, knocks their heads together*
Minotaur – *poofs up next to Wolfie*
Wolfgang – MINO! *hugs tightly*
Minotaur – How’d you guys get here so fast?
Wolfgang – It’s a Jersey thing.
*Vinny and Deena run with their fist pumping*
Minotaur – *rolls eyes, shoots lasers at them*
*they both turn to dust*
Wolfgang – *stares at The Situation*
Situation – Yeah, I’m just going to – *runs off*
Wolfgang – *starts to run*
Minotaur – *grabs her arm*
Wolfgang – *stops, turns to Mino, smiles* Thank you.
Minotaur – You’re very welcome.
Wolfgang – You have no idea how much you mean to me. I mean, if you just disappeared, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.
Minotaur – No one’s ever told me that before.
Wolfgang – There’s always a first.
Minotaur – *chuckles*
Wolfgang – *kisses Mino on the cheek*
Minotaur – *stops*
Wolfgang – *tugs Mino’s wrist, runs off* Come on! We have to tell the guys!
Minotaur – lololol ohhhh okaaaay *sleepy voice*
MT – *closes book* And they lived sort of ever after. I, coincidentally, am sick and tired of the Jersey Shore. This one is for the haters – of the Jersey Shore.  Goodnight. :)

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

12 responses to “To The Jersey Shore”

  1. Lewis says :

    Whoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Good Episode!!!! Ps: This Episode deserves a Jersey fist pump. :D Sorry, I only watched one episode, but now I know all the STUPID things about this show. Im so glad they will be kicked off, but the BAD news is the show will still be on. :(

  2. stupidninjas says :

    I have an idea for something to add on to the end.It uses a bit of the original episode:

    MT – *closes book* And they lived sort of ever after. I, coincidentally, am sick and tired of the Jersey Shore. This one is for the haters – of the Jersey Shore. Goodnight.

    Situation:(walks out) Hey,bub! Howza ’bout bringin’ that girl back for another round?

    MT:Okay…(opens book)

    Situation:(looks in book)

    (Wolfgang’s leg pops out of book,kicks The Situation in the face)

    Wolfgang:(pokes head out of book) You’re welcome,America!

    • *MT. says :

      That’s great, but it’s already premiered so I don’t know what you’d want me to do with that. o_o

      • happyfishblog says :

        There’s a feature on WordPress where AFTER you premiere an episode or publish a post,and you wanna make some changes,you can go to that post,put the changes on,and press “Update.” I wanted my suggestion added on to the end of this episode. :D

      • *MT. says :

        And I want to famous.

  3. hland7 says :

    I like this episode, because I freaking hate Jersey Shore.

    PWH pwns Jersey Shore.

  4. Super Thunder ain't logging in says :

    I, also, hate Jersey Shore. Go PWH!

  5. Brave Tomato/Eliza Williams the Huntress says :

    I live in New Jersey, and I went to the Jersey Shore, but I never watched Jersey Shore.

  6. Strange Clown says :

    My older cousin watches JS.She let me see one part,and it was sorta funny.Sorta.

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